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Finally Settling In: The Surprise

Last night, using voice recognition software and a bit of hand editing, I wrote nine hundred and sixty-four words for a scene, half of which you are getting today.  It still took about ninety minutes, mostly because I had to go back and edit as I went along, but it taught me a bit about what do when writing by spoken word and showed me how it’s really necessary to get your thoughts in place before you say something.  What was really nice was being able to rattle off twenty words in a row and have it down in the computer at about the same time I was finished speaking–yeah, you can’t beat that sort of efficiency.

Therefore it does look like Dragon is in the works for this computer.  I mean, almost a thousand words last night and all I had to do was talk?  Well, think and talk.  Well, think creatively and talk.  But you get the idea.

Oh, and also I spent about an hour doing research on something that concerns something Kerry will do during his C Levels.  Don’t worry:  it’s nothing dangerous.

But now let’s get these kids in their room and see what awaits:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie stepped about two meters into the room and stopped. She said nothing to Kerry until she heard the room door close. Before she spoke she sensed Kerry standing next to her. “Do you see this?”

Kerry set his luggage aside and looked about the room. “Yeah, I see this.” He glanced at Annie. “What does it mean?”

“I’m not certain.” Annie meant that, for she was rarely at a loss for words…

There was a queen size bed set against the middle of the wall.  To Annie’s left was the entrance to the bathroom.  Across the room, on Kerry’s right, were drawn gauze curtains hiding a set of double doors leading to an outside balcony.  The walls were painted a light beige, the ceiling eggshell white.  On either side of the bed where end tables with lamps; across from the foot of the bed was a large writing table, and above the table a flat screen TV was affixed to the wall.

Kerry spoke before Annie could utter a word. “Well, now we know what city we were flying into during our vision last year.”

“Yes, we do.” She left her luggage where she was standing and sat on the foot of the bed. “It’s not often I find myself a bit shocked, but…”

“But it’s not often you find yourself in the same hotel room that you’ve not only had a vision of, but dreamt about.” Kerry set next to Annie. “I gotta admit, I’m a bit freaked out.”

Annie didn’t want to consider herself, as Kerry put it, ”freaked out”, but she wasn’t certain how to process what she was before her. She lay her right hand on Kerry’s left thigh. “This certainly wasn’t what I expected to find upon checking into our hotel room; at least it wasn’t on my mind when I awoke this morning.”


Remember I said there would be a surprise awaiting them in Paris?  Surprise!  Yes, this looks to be the very room where Kerry seemed to help Annie remove her top after they flew into a city and the in one of their shared dreams where they woke up in a rather natural condition.  And while they’ve seen places in their visions and dreams, this is the first time they’ve visited a place they saw in a vision while at school–which is why Annie’s lake house doesn’t count, as that came about because of a dream she had before attending Salem.

Coming face-to-face with a place you’ve seen in your mind is a bit shocking and it’s not always easy to get past that moment.  But wait!  There’s more!


Kerry set his left hand atop Annie’s. “So does this mean our vision isn’t coming true during this visit, but our dream from last summer might?”

“I don’t think either will come true during this visit.” Annie turned her head enough that she could see Kerry without needing to turn her body. “I don’t believe that anything we don’t want to happen here will happen here.”

Kerry nodded. “It wasn’t like we were planning anything.”

Annie chuckled. “Do we ever plan anything?”

He followed with a chuckle of his own. “At least we don’t try planning anything.”

She sensed a touch of nervousness in her soul mate’s voice. “Is something the matter?”

“Yeah.” Kerry slowly looked about the room. “This reminds me of something.”


He looked down as he nodded. “The day I got my travel package—the same day I had the discussion with my mother—that night I had a dream. we were in it; we were in a bedroom.” He looked up at the television and sighed. “It was after we got married.”

Annie shifted her weight around so she was nearly facing Kerry. “Are you sure?”

“That we were married?”


“Um…” Once more he look down at the floor and this time he spoke in a low, soft voice. “You were pregnant.”


What?  Kerry’s dreaming of Annie with the bun in the proverbial oven?  Well, this is… interesting.  I wonder how Annie is going to take this news?

"I see nothing here about the care of little witches. Everything I wanted to know about babies, my butt."

“I see nothing here about the care of little witches. Everything I wanted to know about babies, my butt.”

I guess we’ll discover her feelings tomorrow.  Yeah, I’m sure of it.


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    • The dream where they woke up together, that was when Annie took Kerry to her grandparent’s house. The reason you don’t remember Kerry’s dream is because I didn’t write it down: you’re hearing it now.

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