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Finally Settling In: The Worry

Well, yesterday was interesting as was the night.  Tonight will likely be even more interesting since last night I was asked to work the desk by the door and not only do my phone bank calls, but set up people coming in to do phone banking since I already know the routine.

Yeah, I’m just full of comments, aren’t I?

Yesterday we saw Annie and Kerry check in, but at least Paris isn’t like the Hotel California and they’ll be able to check out after checking in.  And now Kerry is relating a dream he had of them where Annie is in–how do I say it?  In a family way?  But there’s more–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Really?” Annie was somewhat happy that Kerry wasn’t looking up as he spoke, because he couldn’t see the surprise she knew her face registered. This is the first time he’s ever mentioned us having children. I’ve brought it up a few times, but he’s only spoken of it after I have. “What happened in your dream?”

He looked up and alternated his glances between the wall directly in front of him and Annie. “We were going out someplace, I’m pretty sure of it. I know I was wearing something nice, maybe a suit: I’m not sure. You were wearing this metallic blue dress—it was gorgeous.I also noticed that you had shoes to match.” He chuckled. “I caught that right away.

“Anyway, I’m in a bedroom fixing my tie and you walk in. You were putting earrings in and you walked right up to me, so I couldn’t help but notice—” Kerry placed both hands in a semicircle about eight centimeters from his own belly. “You had a bump.”

Annie couldn’t keep the smile off her face. “A baby bump.”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah. I have no idea how far along you were, but there definitely was—” He placed his left hand on Annie’s belly. “You had one of our little witches in there.”

She seemed pleased with this news. “And how did I look?”

He finally turned to look at Annie and when he did, there was a light film of tears in his eyes. “You were beautiful: you’re always beautiful.” Kerry turned away as he sniffed. “I don’t think there’s anything that could happen to you, or anything that you would wear, that would make me see you as anything but beautiful.”

Whenever Kerry became emotional like this, Annie found it impossible not to fall even further in love with him. She knew that she was the center of his world just as he was a center of hers, but no matter how many times she heard Kerry describe her in various glowing endearment, whenever he described her appearance something inside her heart seemed to seize and she grew light-headed. Just as I want to hear him say everyday that he loves me, I love it when he tells me that I am beautiful.

There was something about his crying, however that bothered her. She touched his chin and turned his face toward her. “My love, what’s wrong?”

Kerry cleared his throat twice and sniffed back tears once before answering. “Annie, do you think—” He sniffed once more. “—do you think there’s a chance I’ll treat our children the way my parents treat me?”


Notice how Annie is really kinda chill about the idea that one day she’s not only going to be a wife but a mother as well?  Then again, she decide she wanted to get married about the time she was six, so why should we be surprised?  Once more you have to wonder where this is leading…

"Hey, Kerry?  This book on visions says dreaming about your girlfriend being pregnant before you marry is...  Hey, do you like big families?"

“Hey, Kerry? This book on visions says seeing your girlfriend pregnant before you marry is a sign of… Do you like big families?”

I’m sure Annie will be a lovely person while pregnant and never once turn into a raving she-devil full of crazy hormones lashing out one moment and crying the next.  I also gotta wonder if she’ll be given something to keep her from using magic during this time because damn, that could be bad.

Lastly however, Kerry is losing his shit over the possibility he’ll end up like his parent and turn into a cold, unfeeling person.  We know why he’s feeling this way but Annie doesn’t, so you can rest assured she’s gonna have something to say about this…


7 thoughts on “Finally Settling In: The Worry

  1. Either he turns out like his parents, or completely and totally the opposite….. but , without any doubt whatsoever , Kerry will turn out to be completely the opposite of his parents. He is a naturally kind – hearted person and I’m 1 million percent sure he’ll never ever allow his children to experience the kind of life he had with his parents. The danger here is he may get too protective of his own kids.

    • Annie would be the balance to his check. She would never allow him to get overprotective and I’m sure he’ll come to understand that. Dad will teach flying and how to use transformation magic to your advantage, Mom will teach the proper spells young witches need to protect themselves. It’ll be a completely different way of life for them, particularly for Kerry.

  2. I feel kind of bad for Kerry here. In my experience, people who come from difficult families either end up being exactly like their parents or they overcompensate and become the exact opposite. Neither option is exactly ideal.

  3. Oh, no! No! No! Kerry! Not an insecurity you should have. No. I refuse to believe you’ll be like that. No. Not at all. Not with Annie around. Nope. Not gonna happen. *crosses arms* I refuse to believe it.

    • He’s coming off of what happened to him just an hour before. Of course it’s in his head because he’s flashing on a time when he will be a father–he just doesn’t want to be *his* father. Annie is never going to let that happen because she is not his mother.

      That’s why I say, Annie is probably going to have issues with her MiL and they likely won’t be pretty.

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