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Finally Settling In: The Resolution

Upon arriving home last night I found myself in a position where I had to take care of business before getting down to the other business of writing.  So, it turns out, by the time I began writing I had a little over a half-hour before American Horror Story:  An Hour of Shit aired.  What’s a girl to do, then?  Voice Recognition, which is becoming my go-to writing.

In about a half-hour I scratched out five hundred and one words and not only finished the current scene, but Chapter Four as well as I’d forgotten it only had three scenes.  That mean when I start up tonight–well, we’ve worry about tonight in a bit.

Right now, let’s see how Annie handles Kerry’s worry.  And as you might expect, she does exactly what you know she’d do–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie’s eyes widened with surprise. She’d never thought of Kerry as being anything but loving, yet here he was worried that he was going to turn out to be an unloving, incapable of affection giving, father.  Suspected, however, that something was bothering him that lay far deeper than a dream.  I’ve never known him to be capable of anything but love. For him to imagine that he might not be able to show affection to our children tells me something else is bothering him.

“Oh no, my love.” She turned toward him and held left hand between hers.  “Don’t ever think of yourself that way. It isn’t possible that you’ll ever be anything like your parents.  It can’t ever happen:  I won’t allow it.”  She leaned in and kissed him gently on the cheek.  “I know you’re capable of great affection, my love: you show it to me all the time. Because that’s how you are, full of love and affection.”

She move closer and snuggled against him.  “Just because your parents are cold and indifferent to you doesn’t mean you’re going to turn out the same way, my love. our home will be warm caring and affectionate, and filled with a tremendous amount of love.” Annie raised Kerry’s hand to her lips and planted a warm kiss upon the back.   “While I won’t allow you to be that way, my love, I don’t believe for one moment that I’ll need to do anything to remind you:  you’ll simply know.”  She chuckled as she rested her head against his shoulder.  “You already know how to act better; you already know how to love.  All we now need are children to prove I’m right.”

Kerry laughed along with Annie as the meaning of her statement hit the both. He sniffed back a few tears as he wiped his face with the back of his hand. “I guess that’s true. It’s just…” He cleared his throat trying to clear the congestion. “I don’t know anything about raising kids.”

Annie answered in a deadpan tone. “Well, of course you don’t; you’re only thirteen.”

This time Kerry laughed even harder. “Listen to the expert.”

“Not yet, I assure you.” Annie gave him one more kiss and then stood. “Now that we have that out of the way, are you interested in doing something?”

“With you?” Kerry nodded. “ Always. What do you have in mind?”

“First, we need to put our things away. Then I’d like to freshen up a little getting in touch with Penny and Alex.”

He nodded toward his backpack. “I’ve got Penny’s number on my phone—”

“And I have Alex’s on mine. All we have to do after we contact them is call down to the front desk and find out which room Alex is in.”

“Sounds good.” Kerry stood and moved in front of Annie. He took her hands in his. “And then?”

Annie smiled broadly as her gaze softened. “And then I believe time to introduce everyone to a Parisian lunch—”


I like to say that my witches grow up fast and these two are living that life.  Thirteen year old kids who are Normal are thinking about getting a new phone or some game they want to play when they get home from school:  mine are thinking about what sort of parents they might be once the baby witches arrive.  Of course, there aren’t any Normal thirteen year old kids currently booked into a hotel in Paris and sharing a room–at least not that we know of–so it’s established that my kids are working on a whole new level.  Man, being a teenage witch can be exhausting.  Imagine if these two were using time travel to get to class…

Chapter Four is done and I’m on to Chapter Five–

Pass it off, baby.

Pass it off, baby.

–and this new chapter has seen the addition of two scenes in the last week.  Why?  ‘Cause they were needed.  But if the first scene is any indication, it appears Annie and Kerry found all their friends–


2 thoughts on “Finally Settling In: The Resolution

  1. Having fun with buddies is what 13 year olds do, not talk about how they they are going to raise their future children. Knock it off, you two. You can only be 13 year olds once in your life. * pondering * I wonder , do Penny and Alex know of Annie’s and Kerry’s sleeping accomodations ? Or , do they have the same accomodations ? O_O

    • You’ll discover that Penny and Alex are sharing a room just like they do at the school: their boyfriends are on two different continents thousands of kilometers away. You’ll have to see if they know Annie and Kerry are in the same room.

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