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Le Parti des Cinq: il est Temps Pour le Déjeuner

If you haven’t guessed by the title of this post, my kids must be in Paris, cause I used this same sort of language thing for titles back in the B Level book when the kids were in both Berlin and Vienna.  And if it kinda worked there, it’ll work here.

Right off the bat I will say there is a little bit of personal info in this excerpt and you’ll see it below.  Right now, however, we have to get to that part where Annie said they needed to go out for a Parisian lunch–and that is exactly what they’re doing…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Getting to lunch took a little longer than expected. Part of that reason was due to a late arrival of one of the members of Parisian version of The Party of Five, while another had to do with the restaurant Annie wanted to visit not opening until noon. Neither of these events led to insurmountable difficulties, so by 11:25 they were out the door and on their way to the République subway station. They caught the 11 line to the Hôtel de Ville station, arriving eighteen minutes later. After that they only need seven minutes to walk the half a kilometer to Restaurant Le Trumilou on the Quai de l’Hôtel de ville, which opened only ten minutes before their arrival and was still nearly empty.


On my first full day in Paris I visited Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre, so to get there I walked from the Hotel du Nord to the République subway station and caught the 11 line to the Hôtel de Ville station.  Wow!  It’s like those kids were reading my mind, or something.

From right to left you can follow the route.

From right to left you can follow the route.  It’s not that hard.

Now I didn’t eat where the kids are eating, but there’s this thing called “research” followed by “making shit up” that writers do quite a lot, so I got down on that trip and got the kids down to eat:


Annie had eaten here a few times before with her mother when they’d come into the city for shopping. She found the food delicious and well worth the price, which she felt was reasonable for an eatery on the River Seine in the middle of Paris. While Kerry wasn’t concerned about the prices, he wondered if Penny and Alex—who didn’t live in big cities—might think the food was a bit expensive. That was when she informed him that her mother had given her €5,000 before leaving home and Annie would use this opportunity to treat the girls to lunch.


So Annie has some walking around money:  “Mama, can I have some money to take to school?”  “Certainly, dear.  Will €5,000 be enough?”  “Yes, that should be good until I’m home for Yule.”  And in case you were wondering, the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate for 8/26/2013 was 1.3367, so €5,000 was $6683.50.  Yeah, I think she’s got this.

"How do you say 'Lunch is covered, bitches' in French?"

“How do you say ‘Lunch is covered, bitches’ in French?”

But what about the eatery?  Now that you ask–


While the day remained overcast the temperature had risen to almost 20 C, so everyone decided to sit outside. Annie sat with her back to the street: she’d seen the view many times before and thought the girls would enjoy it far more. Kerry sat so that Quai de l’Hôtel de ville was to his left, allowing him to sneak a peek of the city every so often. Penny sat to Annie’s left, though she was position so she could look across the right with a slight twist of her neck. Alex sat to Penny left and was positioned with the restaurant behind her and the street before her.

Anna made up the fifth member of the group and both Annie and Kerry had made the decision to invite her into their circle of friends during their last lunch in London. They felt she was eager to put her connection to Lisa behind her and move on, so asking her to lunch with their other friends was an easy way to allow her to develop connections at school. And, as Kerry pointed out, it helped that she’d made a good impression of herself as a racer during the last season, and having three racers in the group would make the girl from Åsgårdsreia Coven feel far less self-conscious about trying to fit in.


Here’s how the restaurant looks from the street:

You can almost image five girls sitting out there--oh, sorry: one of them hasn't made that switch yet.

You can almost image five girls sitting out there–oh, sorry: one of them hasn’t made that switch yet.

And here is what Kerry and Penny and Alex and Anna are pretty much seeing:

Cathedral in the background beyond the lovely row of dumpsters.

Cathedral in the background beyond the lovely row of dumpsters.

The New Party of Five is ready to eat.  Or… are they?  They’re kids:  they’ll probably talk first.



10 thoughts on “Le Parti des Cinq: il est Temps Pour le Déjeuner

  1. Oh…. Anna. I remember her giggling while Lisa was bullying Annie. Hmmmph. Wouldn’t it be awkward ? Maybe , maybe not, although not nearly as thick – skinned as Lisa, I think she’s thick enough to take the awkwardness. If I were Annie, I wouldn’t give my 100 % trust to her.

    • Though she did apologize. That goes a long ways towards patching things up. And she wouldn’t take action against either Annie and Kerry when it looked like Lisa wanted her to, so that’s a plus as well.

      Annie probably doesn’t give much of a shit about someone who giggled at her because another person was saying things about her. At that time Anna believed–well, *things* about Lisa and when those were burned she started thinking for herself.

      You’ll just have to see how this works out. Given time, I think Annie will end up far madder at Kerry’s mom than at something simple that Anna did 18 months ago.

      • I guess I’m always putting my own persona into either Annie or Kerry. It’s always difficult for me to give trust to anyone who has done me wrong. I ‘ve always believed in the saying, ” Betrayal ( or cheating or any harm that has been done to any human being ) is a choice, not a mistake.

        And that says much about one’s true character.

        But, we’ll see. She may turn out to be her best buddy. It happens. Not. One way or another, her true character will reappear.

        • Keep in mind they we first getting together and they were all 11 and 12, so they were going to act a lot different than they’d act a year later. And since Annie–and Kerry, too, but more Annie–is on a first-name basis with Anna’s coven leader, it would be easy to find out if Anna was gaslighting them. Considering they’re on a first-name basis with two coven leaders and friendly with two more (Holic and Jessica), ANYONE trying to gaslight them might rue that day.

          • Gaslighting is when you try to convince someone of something that isn’t true, and use you a combination of lying and manipulation to make another person question their memories and, at times, even their sanity. If Anna is trying to be evreryone’s friend by using lying and manipulation to make their doubt that she was ever–well, she was never mean, so indifferent is more like it–it would be easy to figure out if she’s doing all this just to spy on Annie and Kerry.

            Riv, the captain of Anna’s race team, would know of the troubles between those two. Deanna would know of coven issues, and if she did move them Isis would know of it as well because she’d have to set up the security. Also, by bringing Anna out for lunch with Penny and Alex, it makes it harder to fool people because there’s a larger group. Anna would have to be a full-blown sociopath to sneak into this friendship without someone feeling things are a bit off.

          • Hmmm.

            I don’t think Anna is mature enough to do such nefarious means . Maybe she realized it was better to be with nice people for once. Lisa does get her in trouble , and maybe now she thinks it’s nicer to be with the good guys .

          • That’s pretty much it. She’s always been a bit of a loner and now she wants to fit in. She’s a teenager and if you want to be popular, best to be friends with the cool kids.

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