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Le Parti des Cinq: Catching Up With the New Girl

So much to do today and so little time in which to get it all done.  Get the post out of the way, head home, go do the phone bank, come home and do laundry, get dinner, write some…  Just another manic Sunday that’s making me sleepy just thinking about it.

Now, something a little different today.  This last week I’ve went on about how I was playing with voice recognition software and how I was beginning to enjoy the way it helped me be a bit more productive.  Yesterday I took the plunge and bought Dragon software and after a short learning curve I ended up writing almost eight hundred and fifty words for this scene and nearly twenty-one hundred words for my Black Mirror recap.  Total time spent on both projects was about three hours, so if I can come home and write a thousand words in about ninety minute, I’ll be happy.

In this excerpt part of it was written by hand and transcribed through VRS.  I can even show you where the split happens:


Penny took a sip of her drink before speaking. “I had to as well.”

Alex nodded in agreement. “Same here. But then I guess it’s our parents natural inclination to think we’re lying when we say we’re witches.”


How do I know the first line was written by hand and the second was done in Dragon?  Because when I write by hand I stick to the old habit of putting two spaces after the period, whereas Dragon sticks with the modern habit of using one.  And since I can see the change in Scrivener–where everything still goes–it’s easy to spot.

Now, this doesn’t work well in a noisy pubic place, and even at home there’s issues when I’ve got music playing.  So now I’m considering investing in a bluetooth headset to help with noisy backgrounds–

"This will help so much--wait, I didn't want to type--dammit, stop. No, I mean don't type--stop, stop! Oh, Mic Off! I thought this would be easy..."

“This will help so much–wait, I didn’t want to type–dammit, stop. No, I mean don’t type–stop, stop! Oh, Mic Off! I thought this would be easy…”

Don’t worry:  I got this.

Now that my kids are ready for lunch, what’s happening?  Well–this:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The drinks came and Penny immediately took a long sip from hers. “Oh, this is so good. I didn’t know if I was gonna ever enjoy dining on a Paris sidewalk.”

Alex reached over and patted her roommate’s hand. “When you hadn’t arrived by eleven we began to wonder if you were coming.”

“I was beginning to wonder myself.” Penny slid her glass to one side and sat back. “Sodding case worker showed right before ten my time, told me she got caught up in some shite in London and couldn’t break away.” She folded her arms across her chest. “I’d of been pissed if I’d missed this.”

“We weren’t about to leave without you.” Kerry had discussed the matter with Annie and Alex and all decided they’d wait for their covenmate. “You should have given me a call:  I’d have asked my case worker if she could have picked you up instead.”

“I didn’t think about that; I was kinda in a panic.” She smiled across the table. “Thanks for the offer, though.”

“No problem.” He took Annie’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Anytime.”

Penny glanced from Kerry to Annie and back before deciding whatever she was going to ask could be saved for another time. She looked down to the girl at her far right. “How’d your summer go, Sabb?”

Anna Lasker—whose nickname “Sabb” was a diminutive of Sabine, her middle name—smiled and gave a quick nodded before answering. “It went well. Better than I hoped for at the end of our last level.”

Kerry stared down into his drink. “I hear that. How’d the coming out go?”


Now we’re seeing Anna starting to fit into the group which is something of an interesting fit as she’s really the first person it Annie’s and Kerry’s school level they’ve allowed into their Inner Circle.  Sure, she was aligned with the Evil Lisa as an A Level, but come the B Levels she turned into a trusted racer who decided to stop being played for a fool and look for new friends.  Also, she was the one who witnessed the Emma/Kerry collision during the Katahdin Race and said it looked to her as if Emma didn’t try to avoid a collision, which finally led to Annie and Kerry calling out the Bolder Ginger.

Sure, she has a way to go before she can be trusted with some of the Party of Six’s secrets, but she’s starting off on the right foot.  And it helps that she’s went through an experience that Kerry also went though…


“It went fairly well.” Anna ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “At first, my parents weren’t sure if I was telling the truth or not.  I had to craft a couple of spells for them to show them it was all true.”

Kerry nodded slowly. “Yeah, I had to do the same thing.”

Penny took a sip of her drink before speaking. “I had to as well.”

Alex nodded in agreement. “Same here. But then I guess it’s our parents natural inclination to think we’re lying when we say we’re witches.”

“And that’s perfectly understandable.” Anna sat back and stared across the street for a few seconds. “As soon as they saw me craft spells, however, they grew a little tense. It’s one thing to have someone in your family say they can do magic, and something completely different when they can.”

Annie had remained silent up to this point, for this was, once again, an area where she had no expertise. She was, however, curious as to the outcome of Anna’s ordeal. “Then I take it everything at home is good?”

“Yes, all is good right now.” Anna curled her fingers around the glass and looked down at the table for a moment. A slight grin played upon her face for just a moment. “You could say my first coming out was better received than my second.”

Silence fell over the table as Anna’s last statement was comprehended. Penny was the first to break the silence. “What you mean, Anna? Did you come out, come out?”

The German girl nodded slowly as she looked up, smiling. “Yes.”


…Okay, maybe Kerry didn’t have the same experiences.  Given that she sort of hinted during the goodbye in Boston that her romantic interest might not be heterosexual, it now seems like she confirmed to her parents that the possibility of future boyfriend is likely non-existence.

The only way to know for sure is to check back tomorrow and see what was actually said.


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