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The Retelling After Lunch: Promises Once More Told

As promised I got into some writing last night.  It took a little longer to write what I want right, mostly because I was teaching my Dragon–or should I say I was training my Dragon?– some of the proper names I needed to use, and I had to stop learning how to talk like I had marbles in my mouth from time to time.  It was a little bit frustrating because I seem to be spending a considerable amount of time going back and fixing text.

Once I got that out of the way I was able to get down and do some serious work.  Actually it didn’t feel like work, mostly because I wasn’t getting frustrated having to type and miss things that I was typing and having to go back and correct it all.  That makes a huge difference when it comes to getting your work out.

Also, I just had to go over and fix certain parts of the text as I wrote, because I do all my editing as I go along.  Even then, I miss a few things–which is one of the reasons I have to go back through the text and fix things up in the morning before do this post.

What is this all mean?  Given what I wrote last night and the few changes I made this morning, I wrote one thousand and two words.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually done a thousand words of the day, and it felt good.  It means that I’m just over eighteen hundred and fifty words in the scene, and that means I have enough here that I could spend three days after this getting excerpts out.

Ah, yeah: it’s good to be a writing gangsta.

Needless to say, the kids are back at the hotel.  And there back in the room.  And that means Kerry has to do something that he more or less promised Annie.  Which is where we pick up…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Why didn’t you tell me when you first arrived?”


“Because why? Were you afraid I would be mad?” Annie stood looking at Kerry, fists clenched at her side, and rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t have been mad—”

The sound Kerry made seemed almost like a chuckle. “Like you’re not right now?”

“I’m not mad.” Annie made a point of unclenching her fists. Well, I’m not as angry as I should be at this moment

After lunch The Party of Five walked over to Notre Dame Cathedral for a bit of sightseeing; because of the time spent there they didn’t return to the Hotel du Nord until almost 17:15. As soon as they were in the room Annie asked Kerry about his departure from Cardiff. As promised Kerry told Annie what happened when he left home that morning. He looked at her as he spoke, keeping his voice calm and level, and left out nothing—

It was good that neither of his parents, particularly his mother, were present in the room as Kerry explained what happened: Annie couldn’t be certain that she would’ve been able to prevent herself from doing something bad…

“You are mad, just a little.”

Annie regarded Kerry with half-open eyes. “Yes, I am mad, my love. Because your parents—” Once again she clenched her right fist. “They didn’t even say goodbye to you. They abandoned you. I can’t…” A look of disgust crossed her face as she looked away from Kerry for a moment. “You can’t imagine how much I loathe them right now.”


Annie is not a happy girl.  She says she’s mad, even though we know when she gets mad there’s blood involved.  Since Kerry is the only one in the room, it’s a given she’s not to bleed him out because she’s angry.  But if I were her parents, I would tread lightly around her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  You know, the one they don’t know about yet?  Yeah Kerry, you have to get this one out in the open as well one of these days–

But that’s another novel.

Needless to say Annie is angry.  So angry, in fact, that she says she loathes his parents.  That’s a pretty heavy statement to make–

Annie wouldn't probably  look like this at the moment--okay, she might if Kerry had said Emma left him.  Yeah, definitely.

“I could have said I wanted to see them dead; would that make you feel better?”

Never mind, you scary little Dark Witch.  You probably have plenty of opportunities to say just that in the future.

So Annie knows what happened Kerry: but she doesn’t know is why he wouldn’t tell her about it when they first met.  Naturally, Kerry has an answer–


Kerry continue looking towards the floor as he nodded slowly.  “Oh, I have a pretty good idea how much you loathe them.”

“Then why—?” Annie sat next to Kerry. She reached over and gently touched the back of his hand. “My love, why didn’t you tell me what happened when you arrived?”

Kerry gave a loud sniff and when he turned to Annie there were tears in his eyes. “Because I didn’t want to ruin your time here. This is your favorite city in the whole world and—” He looked away while sniffing back tears. “I figured I would tell you when we got to the school; I didn’t want to bring it up while we were in Paris because I want us to have a good time while we’re here. I wanted to be the best time, Darling. This is our first time in the city together and I didn’t wanted to be a bad one.” He bowed his head and began crying in earnest, tears dripping off of his cheeks on to his legs and the floor.

In this moment she had never felt more love for Kerry and more disgust what his parents. He wanted to keep all his hurt, all the torture he was feeling, he wanted it to remain inside because he didn’t want to ruin my time in this city with him. Now she wanted the hold him, to comfort him, to caress and kiss him. She wanted to do all these things but knew that now was not the time for those things—

What was needed now was healing.

“My love.” Annie rested her head against his shoulder. “You fill my heart so. Ti si moyata polovinka, sŭprugŭt mi, lyubov moya.” She looked up and struggled to keep her own emotions under control. “We are enjoying in far more ways than only our astral finding, and you are affected, so am I. When you are sad, I am sad. When you hurt, I hurt. And when you are in pain, I am in pain.”

A smattering of tears appeared in her eyes and begin to trickle down her cheeks. “I told you two years ago that you are worthy of love and that as long as you live I would tell you I love you every day.” Annie leaned in and kissed Kerry on the cheek. “You are even more worthy of love now and I promise, I will always tell you I love you, every day—and I will never leave you. I will never abandon you.”


I don’t mind pointing out that Kerry has shit parents.  They don’t understand him, and they don’t seem to show him any affection.  A lot of this stems from his mother, Louise, who seems to have the most disregard for the boy.  Well, we know you wanted a girl Louise, are you going to be happy when you find out you have one?  Probably not.

Also, are you going to be happy when you discover that your daughter-in-law is quickly developing the feeling that she should just bleed you out in the middle of the kitchen and watch your body fall to the floor and disgusting heap?  You have to wonder if now that Kerry’s mother knows that he is a witch, and that he’s dating a witch, if she’s thinking about the future and what that’s going to mean for her?  Is she thinking, “Oh, this is going to be just like in Harry Potter: they’re not going to be able to use magic that would hurt another person.”  Or is she wondering if they will just Avada Kedavra her ass and walk away cackling wildly.  You can be sure Annie will probably play at that later as much as possible the first time she needs the new family.

But most importantly, receiving Kerry is bringing Annie to tears.  Not a lot of tears, but just enough that the rest of the school were to ever see her in this sort of emotional state, all the stories about the Bulgarian Ice Princess would probably go right out the window.  Then some of the mean which girls at school would start making fun of Annie the Crier, and this would do nothing more than just piss off Annie and make her go after people.  Yeah, probably a good idea no one sees that–

Particularly the personal going to meet next.


2 thoughts on “The Retelling After Lunch: Promises Once More Told

  1. Oh, my … Lisa ?

    Loath is such a strong word. I hate Kerry’s parents. However , there’s one thing Annie should be grateful for…. Kerry’s parents gave her Kerry.

    • Lisa’s in the US: no way she’d be in Europe. She wouldn’t even know where staging for this group is located.

      Yes, Louise birthed the Ginger Hair Boy and his life line attached to that of the Chestnut Girl and all is good now. She gives him love and he gives her the same: she makes him feel good and he’s the only one who can bring her to anything resembling tears. They really are made for each other.

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