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The Retelling After Lunch: Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

Falling under the title of “It’s Still Writing Even If I’m Not Writing”, I didn’t write very much after returning from the phone bank last night.  In fact, I probably wrote the least amount I’ve ever written.  But that’s okay, because I spent most of the evening working on something important. Something that related to the story.  Something that has been mentioned from time-to-time in the last two novels.

I had to set up the location of The Foundation’s headquarters.

Yes, after all this time I finally decided to show, at least to myself, where The Foundation did all their main business, and where there CEO, and other members of their Board of Directors, worked.  And since I worked on it last night, I really should figure out where The Guardians and The Protectors have their offices in Amsterdam and Berlin respectfully.  Because that’s the way I work.

But again, that’s the way I work, I should know the location of all these headquarters.  Oi.  Guessing getting lazy in my old age.

Oh and, I actually found something that Deanna had said in the B Level novel that was not made reference to in this novel, so I had to fix that.  *Le Sigh*.  Like a said, getting lazy.

So… where is The Foundation’s HQ?  Since you asked, it’s right, um, let me think–

Look, it's around here somewhere...

Look, it’s around here somewhere…

All I will say about the above picture is that The Foundation’s headquarters is nearby that intersection.  But I’m not going to reveal the location here, not now.  That will likely happen sometime this week, but for right now it remains a mystery.

You will just have to wait.

What you won’t have to wait for is to discover who is knocking on Annie’s and Kerry’s hotel room door.  If you find out who that is… right now–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Professor Deanna Arrakis stood in the doorway. She wore jeans and sneakers along with an orchid colored tee shirt with three-quarter length sleeves. She held her hands in front of her stomach, gripping her left wrist and right hand. She smiled immediately upon seeing Kerry’s look of confusion. “Hello. May I come in?”

“Sure.” He stepped back and held the door all the way open. “Please, come in.” As soon as the coven leader was in the room quietly shut the door and turned to her. “Um… You don’t have to take your shoes off because I don’t really have anything for you to wear.”

Deanna stopped with the right foot and half way up toward her hand. She stopped what she was doing and gave Kerry a slight nod. “You have to excuse me: it’s an old habit.”

“Not a problem.” He stood before her and returned her smile. “As-salāmu ʿalaykum.”

“Walaikum assalam. Did I ever tell you that I do enjoy having you greet me that way?”

He shook his head. “No, but I figured it was the proper thing to do.” Even though there’s been many times over the last two years that Professor Arrakis had told both Annie and Kerry that she didn’t consider herself a practicing Muslim, she rarely objected whenever either of them reading her in the traditional fashion. “So, what’s up?”

Deanna gave the room a cursory examination and turned back to Kerry. “Where’s Annie?”


It should come as a surprise that Deanna is there.  After all, she is a coven leader and has been seen in Europe before escorting students back inmate states–she was on Annie’s and Kerry’s A Level flight, remember?  Also, she is a member of the Brain Trust, the group of instructors that came together to figure out what was going wrong with Kerry during the later half of his B Levels and who are privy to his biggest secret.

Being a chaperone also means she knows what room he’s staying in–oh, sorry: I mean what room they are staying in.  And now that she’s asked about the other occupant of the room…


The sound of a toilet flushing could be heard in the bathroom followed by the running of water. A few seconds she stepped into the room. “Hello, Deanna. So nice to see you again.”

“So nice to see you again, Annie.” She looked around the room again although now she took her time, appearing to examine everything. “So…” A half grin appeared upon her face. “How are you enjoying Paris? I heard you and your friends were already out for lunch.”

“That’s correct: Penny, Alex, and Anna joined us for lunch over on the Seine.” Annie stepped up next to Kerry. “I hope you are getting out and doing some sightseeing.”

“Yes, I plan on doing some tomorrow. Though you have to understand this isn’t my first time in the city.” She turned away for a moment and chuckled. “I’m only about three hours from here via the TGV.”

“And it’s much faster if you decide to jaunt.”

“Exactly. What are your plans for the rest of the evening?” Deanna seemed to be watching them both closely. “Assuming you have plans, of course.”

Kerry decided to do more than just stand there and answered the question. “We were planning on taking a short nap and then getting together with the other girls and going out for dinner.”

Deanna nodded twice. “A sound plan: you really don’t want to go out for dinner until it’s the least after twenty hours.”

Annie glanced at Kerry. “That’s what I told him. After all, I’ve had experience doing this here.”

“I’m sure you have.” The frivolous demeanor Deanna had shown vanished as she became semi-stern. “If you not doing anything right this moment, I’d like for you to come down to my room. There’s something I need to discuss.”

Both Annie and Kerry have turned their heads toward each other and cast a quick glance before turning back to the young instructor. Annie was the one with the follow-up. “What’s your room number?”

“Room 104.” Deanna sidestepped toward the door. “Come down in about five minutes?”

Kerry squeezed his shoulders together appearing to shrug. “Sure.”

“Great. I’ll see you in a few.” Deanna departed, stepping quickly into the hallway and pulling the door gently close behind her.


First off, let’s get to where Deanna lives.  I’ve had her home pegged for some time.  Why?  Oh, reasons, why else?  I actually know were few of the instructors live.  Because of the offer they made I had to figure out were Erwin and Helena live; I know were Wednesday lives; I know were Isis lives; and I know just about what Jessica lives.  I also have Coraline’s location pretty much locked down as well.  I haven’t necessarily done all this because they’re going to play important parts in this and/or later novels, but simply because it’s nice to know where they live.

And as far as where Deanna lives, I actually had her in two other locations before choosing her current location.  Because as other locations just simply did not seem to work for her.  See, I sound like a real estate agent: I want to make certain my instructor is happy with their location before I put them down there.

Second–what’s up with this meeting?  I mean, if Deanna wanted to speak to these two, why didn’t she just do it here?  Well, there’s… reasons.  And is a good likelihood all get to those reasons tomorrow.  Or we start to get to those reasons tomorrow.

Or who knows?  Being this is Paris, maybe I’ll give you a good recipe for ratatouille–


4 thoughts on “The Retelling After Lunch: Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

  1. I’minterested in why Deanna’s face suddenly turn semi- stern ? And I mean,suddenly. Didn’t she approve of their sleeping accomodations , and she deemed it too tempting for Annie and Kerry ? She is after all the expert on divinations and foretelling the future.

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