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FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke,’ “Chapter 8” Recap

The biggest problem so far is that too many characters are still alive…

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FX's 'American Horror Story Roanoke,' Season 6, Chapter 8, Audrey and Lee [Image via FX] Okay, American Horror Story, we need to have a chat. I know you said only one person survives Season 6, but, please, could you just kill them all? And in Episode 9 as well? Because I am done with watching Roanoke.

Regardless, here’s my recap of Chapter 8 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

TL;DR: Not enough people die, another character appears at the end. There is absolutely no reason for this episode other than to compete with other B-grade movies you would rather be watching.

ALSO: I apologise for the shitty screen captures this week. I blame FX for going all Blair Witch on our arses.

CF:  The video on this episode was like something I’d shot on my old camera phone, at night, while returning from my favorite restaurant drunk on my ass.  Man, it was pissing me off.

RT:Visually, I usually…

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