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The Retelling After Lunch: Secrets and Locations

Last night I had several hours in which I could write uninterrupted and it took advantage of the moment.  For the first time in a long time I wrote over one thousand words: the final total was actually one thousand, one hundred, and fifty-five words.  Yes, I had to struggle with Dragon little bit; the still learning curve ongoing software and there are times when it just doesn’t recognize what I’m trying to say, probably because of my voice.  But I know if I tried typing by hand last night, I likely would only written about half.

And that simply would not have done.

There was one amusing moment when I was writing.  I had to teach Dragon to understand when I was saying Kerry’s name and Erywin’s name: it seems I have to know exactly how to say it for Erywin’s name, and in Kerry’s case it kept trying to spell his name with a C.  But when I mentioned Mathilde’s name, he got it right the first time–though it seems be having some trouble with it now.  Should probably go ahead and that all these names to the dictionary so when I say them, the program will know who they are.

Since I have so much to share now, getting a rather large excerpt.  Like, just over nine hundred words large.  And as well, you going to get to find out where the Foundation headquarters are located.  Not that you ever going to go there, but if you ever happened to be in the neighborhood, you can always stop in and say, “Hey, I heard there’s a supersecret organization that controls the world and they’re in this building.”  I’m sure that will get the police called on you.

With that said, let’s find out with Erywin has to say about what are likely to be three nerve-racking nights in Kerry’s life:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Erywin sat on the end of the twin bed across from Annie and Kerry, while Deanna leaned against the chest of drawers below the television. “First off, should you transition here, we’re not going to send you back to Salem: The Foundation has decided to put you up in one of the local hospitals with whom they have an agreement.”

Annie glanced at Kerry then turned back to Erywin. “Where do they want to take him?”

“The Centre Médical Auber. It’s a hospital near The Foundation headquarters.”

The grim visage that had taken hold of Kerry from the moment he walked into the instructor’s room vanished as he smiled. “Doesn’t The Foundation have a medical facility within their headquarters? Seems kind of strange that they wouldn’t.”

Deanna crossed one arm over her stomach and used it as a brace for her other arm so she could lightly stroke her chin. “Some headquarters have their own medical facilities, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. Here in Paris The Foundation actually shares a building with a number of Normal companies, so they need to maintain the illusion that there is nothing unusual about them.” She lowered her hands and let them rest gently against her lower belly. “As far as anyone is concerned, The Foundation is a large charitable foundation that maintains an extremely low profile, all while doing good for a lot of people around the world. And as such, were they to have a medical facility of any kind inside the building, it would arouse suspicion.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s easier to set up reciprocal agreements with other Normal entities around the city rather than draw attention to themselves due to something that would, to an outsider, look strange and unusual.”

While Kerry didn’t say a word Annie understood the situation perfectly. “Where is The Foundation’s headquarters?”

Erywin shifted on the end of the bed. “On the Rue la Fayette a few blocks northeast of the Galeries Lafayette. It’s not unusual to see people from the headquarters shopping at Galeries or having lunch outside the opera house.” She half covered her mouth with her fists as if she were going to belch and chuckled instead. “Now that you know where to look—more or less—you can walk by there either tomorrow or Wednesday.” She turned back to Kerry. “May I continue?”

He stared down at the floor, the smile still upon his face. “Sure. Go ahead.”


So now you know where the Foundation is located:


In the building right in the center of this picture.

In the building right in the center of this picture.

Yep, that’s it: the one with the green on the roof.  As stated, there are number there are a number of Normal companies that occupy office space within this building, including a bank.  But among the organizations that maintain office space, one of them is known as The Lucy Foundation, which was the name Mr. Mayhew gave to Kerry’s parents for the first met.  On the surface they look like any other charitable organization that conducts business worldwide–but we know better.

This is what World Controlling Power looks like from the street.

This is what World Controlling Power looks like from the street.

The hospital Kerry will be taken to is about a five minute drive from this building and it can be any number of reasons why The Foundation has a contract agreement with this organization.  You never know when you might have someone in town who is in immediate need of medical attention–or, perhaps, you’ve got to take care of someone who switched cisgenders in the middle of the night.  Either way, you want some place to put them so that they can get better… or undergo testing out of sight of prying eyes.  Both tend to work.

You can even have your attending physician come in not only from out-of-town, but out of country–


“Thank you. Now, if at any time either tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday night, you transition, here’s what’s likely to happen. If you transition and the thirty minute time limit passes without either of your noticing, Coraline will get notified and she will turn around and notify Deanna and me. While she is contacting Jessica, we’ll will come up, get you ready for transport, and then move you to the hospital. By the time we arrived there, Coraline and Jessica should be waiting for us. We will take you directly to your room once we arrive: The Foundation maintains a suite of six private rooms there. Coraline has already pre-admitted you under a Jane Doe—”

Kerry winced when he heard the admissions name. “Jane Doe?”

“Would you rather go in under your real name?”


“Didn’t think so. Now, should you transition and one of you wake up before the thirty minute time is gone by, give me a call and let us know what’s happened: because of the same steps, except I’ll contact Coraline and let her know what happened.”

Annie didn’t bother to hide her half-smirk. “Is that why you put us in the same room?”

Both Deanna and Erywin laughed before Deanna answered her question. “We put you in the same room because we knew it would be futile to keep you apart. Given you had the same sleeping arrangements in Berlin, I imagine it doesn’t seem that unusual to you.”

Kerry picked up on something in Deanna’s comment right away. “You said ‘we’; did one of you make the reservation for us?”

Deanna nodded. “Erywin and I reserved the rooms and we decided early on that you two would share one. Only part of the reason for having you together has to do with your situation, Kerry: the rest is because if we put you both in separate rooms, well, one of you would simply move into the other’s room before long.”

“And as has been pointed out, you shared accommodations in Berlin.” Erywin chuckled. “You didn’t cause any problems there, so we can see any reason to believe it cause problems here.” She glanced to Deanna, a slight smile playing across her lips. “It’s not as if it’s a secret you two are sharing a room.”

A quick look of interest passed through Annie’s eyes. “So there are students who know we’re sleeping together—in the same room, that is.”

Erywin rolled her eyes. “Oh, for god sakes, of course there are students in this hotel who know you’re sharing a room. You really think that your activities at the Midnight Madness go unseen by the rest of the school?”

Kerry seemed a bit perplexed. “We don’t do anything there.”

“Other than fall sleep nearly every night.”

“But we don’t do anything.”

Erywin scratched her right elbow. “As I’m sure you don’t do anything when you fall asleep on the sofa in the Cernunnos Commons.”

Annie and Kerry shot a quick look at each other before turning back to Erywin. Annie’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You know about that?”


I’ve had to field a few questions concerning the occupancy arrangements set up for Annie and Kerry, and a lot of the questions seem to come down to this: do people know they’re sharing a room?  Now you know.  Erywin and Deanna put them together, and it turns out nearly all, or all, of the students in the hotel notice.  They know this because they know these two tend to sack out a lot together during the Midnight Madness–

And they are finally getting a confirmation that at least Erywin–and by extension since she’s in the room–Deanna, know about the little snooze outs on the sofa in the Cernunnos Commons.

It’s a given that the two adults in the room are probably not the only ones who know about this…


4 thoughts on “The Retelling After Lunch: Secrets and Locations

  1. I’m just wondering, Cassie….. why does Kerry need to be brought to the hospital when he transitions ? Will there be a medical problem when he does ? Can he transition back by himself or on his own, or will there be medical issues ?

    • This was mentioned in the last novel: Coraline will want to do a full physical examine on her, which will include drawing blood work, getting bioreadings, and taking pictures–The Foundation wants to know everything. Since Kerry will need to wait almost a day before transitioning back, it’s a private place for her to wait: no prying eyes. Remember, Annie’s the only student who knows about this.

      And Coraline will want to do a quick examine of Annie and see if she was affected.

      An if anyone asks about Kerry not being at the hotel: he got sick and had to go to the hospital. Simple.

        • It’s also likely to be one of the most stressful moment of his life because he’s had months to worry about wonder about this and once it happens he’ll have to wait to see when it’s possible to transition back. I know, he fought a monster and was almost killed three times, but those things happened fast and he didn’t have time to think about what he was doing, though they carry a bit more baggage in the PTSD category.

          And if he does start stressing out–or even panicking–Coraline can “medicate” the lass (yeah, we can sling that Irish lingo) and get her chilled out. Which might happen anyway because it’s better to rest during the afternoon than to keep waiting around.

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