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The Retelling After Lunch: It’s What We Know

If you asked if I did a writing last night, don’t bother.  I came home from work and did my shot–by the way, I use the wrong needle so I ended up with this big hole in my leg–then kinda took a nap.  After I woke up I headed down to get something to drink a little something to eat.  I met a woman named Tammy and we conversed until about 10 PM.  Then I sort of wandered around for a while looking or something to actually eat, and ended up getting a chicken gyros from a street vendor.

See?  Pretty lights.

See? Pretty lights.

I returned home about 11:30 and didn’t get to bed until about a quarter after one morning.  It’s rare I do that sort of activity, but I was in the mood to do something besides around the apartment all night.  So I went out.  And though it may not seem like I did a lot, it still was a good time.

Fortunately, I had a whole lot of words in the bank that I could show here.  And that’s what you getting now: the aftermath of what happened during the revelation that people at school, and at the hotel, know about Annie’s and Kerry’s cohabitation habits.  It also seems that it’s not only the students who know…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Erywin gave a nonchalant toss of her head. “I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I hadn’t known.”

“And who else knows?”

“Oh, well.” She ran a fingernail lightly over her lower lip appearing to be deep in thought. “Um, I’d have to say…” She said her hands in her lap. “Nearly all the instructors. Nearly all the staff as well.”

Kerry resisted the urge to gulp. “Nearly all the staff?”

Deanna glanced up toward the ceiling for just a moment. “All the staff that matters.”

Erywin shrugged. “Which is to say all.” Before either student could begin feeling worried she continued onward. “We’ve known about these things since you started doing them back in your A Levels. Or, I should say, we’ve suspected most of your nights together; we only have proof of one or two, however.”

Deanna decided to put their fears at ease. “If there was a problem at school concerning this, Mathilde they would’ve spoken with you by now.” She slowly drew in a breath next help through her nose. “As I know you heard some of us say, we’ve taken an interest in your lives when you’re at school. We’re not spying but when, but—” The smile she had shown when she first entered Annie’s and Kerry’s room returned. “Let’s say your actions remind some of us of when we were your age, and we’re reliving some of those moments vivaciously through you.”

Erywin decided that they meandered long enough from the reason they were here.” Now, may we get back to the discussion?”


Now we hear another truth: that some of the instructors watching Annie and Kerry together, and it makes me think of their own times when they were young witches at Salem.  Coraline has mentioned once in a while that she is reminded of her times as a young romantic which whenever she sees them, but now we learn it’s not just the schools doctor who feels this way.

It’s not hard to understand this way of thinking.  These six years are extremely stressful for all involved, particularly the students.  This is also where they’re going to have their first romantic experiences, which is going to leave an emotional mark upon them.  Given that all of the instructors are former students of Salem, it makes complete sense that they would see this young couple walking hand in hand through the hallways and down the paths, and something inside of them would go, “I remember when I used to be that way.”

Nothing wrong with living vivaciously through your students.  In a way, as adults we tend to do this from time to time when we see someone younger doing things that either we had done, or we wish we had done.  And in the case of the Witches of Salem, it’s likely a little of both.

With this little secret out of the way it’s time for something else.  And what would that something else be?

Kerry shrugged and relaxed. “Sure, may as well.”

“Excellent.” She turned toward Deanna. “If you will, please?”

The young coven leader opened up one of the drawers and removed a medium-sized plastic shopping bag. She stood and handed it to Kerry. “This is for you.”

He was afraid to look inside the bag. “What’s in here?”

Erywin answered this. “What you going to change into for we take to the hospital. In there’s repair of black leggings, a black cami, and a robe—it’s in teal, I hope you don’t mind.”

He barely shook his head. “No, I don’t mind at all.”

“I didn’t think so.” Erywin knew this had to be distressing Kerry and her natural inclination was to sit next to him, tell him everything would be all right, and give him a hug. At the same time she figured that Annie would get his mind off this event during tonight’s dinner. Her comforting will go a lot further than mine. “Oh, and there is one other thing in there—”

Kerry finally opened the back and looked inside, as did Annie. She was the first to react. “You got him Uggs?”

Erywin gave a slight nod. “Figured she could wear them as slippers.” She turned back to Kerry. “All those items are designed to fit a girl slightly smaller than Annie, since we know your physical stature as a cisgirl is that way. Additionally, everything is enchanted so that it should form fit your body the moment you put them on.”


So there you go; a nice little present likely from both the instructors.  After all, you can expect to take Kerry to the hospital wearing his pajamas, can you?  Not to Erywin’s way of thinking.  Once Kerry has transitioned and they need to take her to the hospital, the instructors want to make certain that she’s wearing something that’s the least female appropriate.

How appropriate is it that Kerry’s first outfit as a girl is about as basic as it comes?  And by that I mean, they’re pretty much dressing her up as a stereotypical Basic White Girl.  Now all that needs to happen is for Fall to arrive and they can put the Kerry in a big comfy sweater and start giving her pumpkin spice lattes and let her frolic in the leaves.  It won’t be long before she fits in with all the other pasty white girls at school drinking coffee–

"Um... thanks?"

“Um… thanks?”

Trust me Kerry, there are worse lots in life.  At least at school you have people who love you, regardless of your gender.  I mean, Erywin and Deanna wouldn’t have bought something like this for him if they didn’t care.  They want him to feel comfortable as a her and this is one of the ways to do that.

Given what we’ve seen so far in this novel, it’s a hell of a lot more than his mother has done for him…


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