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The Retelling After Lunch: Specializing That Special Moment

I take it everyone made it through Guy Fawkes’ Day yesterday.  No one fell into a bonfire or blew themselves up?  No one bought a funny mask made in China and started calling everyone “Sheeple”?  Good.  ‘Cause it would have been tragic for any of those other things to happen.

As for me–phone banking.  A lot of it.  Just about six and a half hours of it.  By the time I was finished I’d made two hundred and sixteen calls and was more than a little punchy by the time I rolled out of there at six-thirty in the evening.  Then I had to wash a coat that took two hours to dry, which meant I didn’t get out to eat until about a quarter to ten last night.

Let me show you just how I was:

Four hours down, a little over two to go.

Four hours down, a little over two to go.

That was after about one hundred and thirty calls and you’re seeing me, in public, without my glasses and, more importantly, no makeup.  It is a rare moment when I run out to get something and I don’t bother getting on a little of my face, but this was an all-day thing.  Not quite doing it today, but I’m still pretty minimal.

I'm also wearing my Mother of Dragons tee shirt, 'cause I may need to burn someone down by the end of the day.

I’m also wearing my Mother of Dragons tee shirt, ’cause I may need to burn someone down by the end of the day.

This scene was finished up last night–no, that’s not right.  I actually finished it this morning with a little over a hundred words added to make a certain point clear.  But it’s finished and as such, you get it all today.  So let’s continue living through Kerry’s discomfort:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry closed the bag and set it on the floor. “So after I change you’re just gonna jaunt me outta here?”

Deanna finally sat on the bed next to Erywen. “No, we’re going to walk you out the front door and put you in a car.”

Annie seemed more curious than puzzled. “You are?”

Erywin gave a slight smile. “Jaunting directly to the hospital is impractical and we wanted to avoid going through the headquarters. Given that your transition will happen late at night or early in the morning, we felt it best to simply send a car and and drive you to the hospital. You’re both aware that there are no Normals staying in the hotel for the next three days, yes?”

Kerry finally perked up. “Ms. Rutherford told me when we arrived.”

Annie nodded in agreement. “Mama heard about it from one of her friends Sunday night.”

Deanna crossed her legs and leaned forward slightly. “The Foundation has done this sort of thing before. Sometimes it’s easier to keep prying eyes away from the children than it is to tell the children to behave themselves in a semi-private environment.”

Erywin stepped in to finish the statement. “In this case, however, they felt since Kerry’s transition could occur during his stay here, it would be far easier to rent out the entire hotel for the three days and nights we’re staying rather than to deal with the possibility that someone might notice a ginger girl coming down the stairs and being hustled out to a waiting automobile in the early morning.”

Kerry slowly turned toward Annie and locked his case with hers for a few seconds. “That makes sense. I mean, I know I’ll feel better with fewer prying eyes.” He turned back to Erywin. “So they did all this for me.”

A slight grin formed upon Erywin’s face as she half closed her eyes. “They certainly did.”

“I kinda of feel honored.”

“I suspect they’re somewhat honored that you’re going to allow them to follow your development throughout your future.”

Deanna shifted around the bed; she, too, was grinning slightly. “What they will learn from you in the next few years is well worth the expense of reserving a small hotel in Paris for three days.”


It ain’t the fear of young witches on the loose in Paris that prompted The Foundation to rent out the whole hotel for three days:  it was the fear that someone might see a certain ginger haired witch whom no one has seen before.  And it’s a bit of an ego stroke to know that a secret organization that’s teaching you how to be a good witch is going out of their way to keep your stay safe and part-way secret.

Nice to know someone cares about you.

Now for the final ingredients on this secret sundae:


Though he felt down at the start of this conversation, Kerry now privately admitted that The Foundation–as well as Erywin and Deanna–really was looking out for his best interest. “Thanks, guys. I hope they get what they want from me.” He gave Annie a quick smile and patted her thigh returning back to the Formulistic Magic instructor. “So what happens with this car?”

“As soon as we know you transition, I’ll give Coraline call.” Erywin shifted slightly on the bed. “She’ll contact The Foundation headquarters here and they’ll send a car right away: it should take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to get here. I’ll accompany Annie and you to the hospital; Deanna is going to stay here for the evening in case anything should arise with the remaining students and join us in the morning. Coraline and Jessica will be waiting for us when we arrive: Coraline has been listed on your admissions as your attending physician.”

Annie felt the plan was well thought out, although there was few parts that were puzzling… “Won’t there be someone on the desk at night who may see us?”

“Yes, someone will be on the desk. However, the person who normally watches it has been given a three-day paid holiday and someone from The Foundation will work it instead.” She gave a sly grin. “The hotel was told it was to keep an eye on students returning late, but the truth is we wanted someone on the desk who wouldn’t report on unusual departures.”

Annie understood this immediately. “There’ll be an AP on the desk.”


“Makes sense: they’d never say anything. Now, something else: won’t the hospital think it’s strange that The Foundation is not only keeping an admissions open for three days, but they also have the name of the physician who’ll be looking after the patient listed as well?”

Erywin shook her head. “The Foundation does this every so often with visitors to the headquarters. They’re merely taking the precaution of being able to get someone to the hospital and into a bed as quickly as possible in the instance of a medical emergency, while not having to worry about a lot of legalistic red-tape.”

Deanna stood and positioned herself midway between the bed and the chest of drawers. “In this instance there making it known that there be a visitor in Paris for three days, and that during that time they may require medical assistance which would require at least a twenty-four hour stay in the hospital.” Her grin grew wider. “None of what they’ve told the hospital is exactly a lie.”

Kerry nodded. “True that.”


Here’s the car route as I lay it out last week:

From HQ to hotel to hospital.  A lot of H's there.

From HQ to hotel to hospital. A lot of H’s there.

There you have it:  should something occur in Paris it’s fifteen minutes from the headquarters to the hotel and about another thirty from there to the hospital.  And who wouldn’t like a night time trip in the back of a large car through the streets of Paris?  Though most of us aren’t imagining doing that wearing leggings and a cami for the first time ever.

Speaking of which…


Erywin looked to Deanna. “I think we’ve said just about all there is to say.”

“Um, hum.” The seer touched the corner of her mouth with her little finger. “We have.”

“So, then…” Erywin rose and begin backing toward the door while Annie and Kerry stood a moment later, realizing the discussion was over. “Just remember to contact us as soon as anything happens.”

Kerry clutched the clothing bag before him. “And if you know something first you’re going to come get us.”


Erywin held the door open for the two students. “Enjoy your dinner.”

Annie look back as they walked away. “We will. Thank you.”

Neither of them said a word until they returned to their room. The moment the door was closed Kerry said his clothing bag on the bed and looked inside once more. “Well…” He pulled out the cami and held it before him, examining it closely. “My first outfit for the other me.”

Despite her soul mate’s grave tone, Annie couldn’t help but smile. “Though likely not your last.”

Kerry dropped the cami on the bed and turned to Annie. “And I’m sure you’re going to help me.”

“Why would I?” Annie spun around and sat on the bed before peeking inside the bag. She folded the bag closed and looked up at Kerry. “I do have good taste in outfits: why wouldn’t you want to be dressed by someone who probably knows how to dress you?”

Kerry sat next to her, sighing as he hit the bed. “I can tell you’re gonna have a lot of fun with this in the future…”


Oh, Kerry:  you have no idea.

And if you think that means what you think it means–yes, Annie will find a reason to take her “girlfriend” shopping for clothes.  Because Annie does have good taste and she does love to shop–though she’s real particular about with whom she shops.  I can’t give details, but it’s a done deal.

Though in the next scene shopping is the furthest thing on her mind as Kerry and she do some find dining in one of the famous locations in the world–


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