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Paris For the Confused

A funny thing happened on the way to the novel writing last night.  Actually did something I’d never done before: I started writing a scene that wasn’t the next to be written.  I’ve had my mind on the scene in this chapter for some time now and I sat down start writing after got home last night, I actually started working on that scene instead of the one I was supposed to write.

Yeah, it’s probably me wanting to get into that scene as quickly as possible.  Go figure, right?

Anyway, I was just over four hundred words into that scene when I realized my mistake and I went back and started on the current scene.  And I ended writing all four hundred words there as well.  Ah, it’s so much easier to do things when you have Dragon working for you.  It allows you to make a mistake–such as writing ahead when you shouldn’t be–and then go back and write where you’re supposed to be.  Actually, I was half tempted in your writing with the scene I started last night, but then you miss out on all this wonderfulness.

And speaking of wonderfulness, where in Paris are my kids today?  Glad you asked as I’m about to show you–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie strolled through the Musée d’Orsay with her hand settled lightly to Kerry’s. She reflected on how good the day had been so far. Kerry and she had had a wonderful breakfast at the restaurant across from Place de la République. They met up with Penny and Alex for lunch after making plans to meet with Anna to view some art in the afternoon.

The best part of the day, however, was when Kerry returned her charm bracelet tour during breakfast. The day before it asked the hotel concierge if it could be sent out to have a charm attached to be back in time for breakfast the following morning. It was waiting for them as they were leaving the hotel, but Kerry decided to make a grand show of re-fastening the charm bracelet around her wrist—this time with the additional “B” charm attached, meant to signify the completion of their B Level.

As much as it hadn’t been necessary for Kerry to make a grand show of returning her charm bracelet, and he was glad he had for today was a special day: it was the two-year anniversary of the first physical meeting. She was also happy that Kerry had presented her with another gift, something she’d feared might happen before arriving in Paris—

That didn’t mean she didn’t have something planned for later today.


The Musée d’Orsay was a train station completed in 1900, just in time for the Exposition Universelle.  Up until 1939, this was the terminus for all train routes from south of France.  In the 1970s the city was going to demolish the station when someone came up the idea to turn it into an art museum, and the structure was given a new lease on life when it was open as the museum in 1986.

There she is, all nice and pretty.

There she is, all nice and pretty.

The museum sits across the Seine River from Paris, other well known art museum, the Louvre.  And while the museum may not have the same sort of reputation as the Musée du Louvre, it possesses some of the most famous artwork in Europe.

It has such and open, airy feeling.

It has such and open, airy feeling.

You have to figure that Annie has probably been here at least once with her mother, but this is for sure the first time Kerry has ever visited this museum.  It’s probably the first time Penny and Alex have visited here as well.  Difficult to say if Anna has ever been here before–probably not.

And looked: something else this happened…


When they arrived at the museum in the company of any and Alex, Annie found another pleasant surprise: Anna hadn’t come alone. Elisha Tasköprülüzâde, a member of Åsgårdsreia and a coven mate of Anna’s, was with her. She exchanged guarded glance Kerry the moment they saw the two together and she instantly drew upon the memory of yesterday’s lunch, where Kerry had asked Anna if it was true she’d admitted to liking a girl.

Annie knew little of the Turkish girl other than she was good with Formalistic Magic, she was well skilled in transformation magic, and was taking Advanced Flight Two with Kerry this year—though she didn’t do the Mile High Flight with them due to a hard concussion she sustained a few days earlier that kept her grounded for almost a week and decided not to attempt at a later time. She was also a Christian who came from a predominantly Muslim country, though Annie had once heard her say that she often fasted during Ramadan only because it became a habit from hanging with her Muslim friends and she was already a coffee drinker for the same reasons.

It wasn’t difficult to see that Elisha was probably the girl in whom which Anna was interested. As they walked through the museum Annie noticed some of the glances that Anna gave her friend and wondered just how aware Elisha was of the German girl’s feelings. As much as she was growing like Anna, and he feared that she could be heading toward tremendous heartbreak if she weren’t careful.

She also wondered if Elisha would accompany them all this evening…


Not much has been said that Elisha, and one of the things that Annie left out of her remembrance is that she’s the one who asked about being able to change the color of your fingernails when they were acting as minions during B Level Sorcery–and which Kerry demonstrated so admirably.  She is a member of the Christian minority living in Turkey, though it seems apparent that she has many Muslim friends.  And she drinks coffee, which is probably going to come in handy when she participates in the Polar Express later in the school year.

So why are the kids here?  Well, I hope you get to that tomorrow.  See, I’m going to do one last night phone banking tonight, for tomorrow is the big day.  This is my last chance to push to Get Out the Vote and I’m not going to miss it.  I can afford only get a few hundred words written tonight; I can afford to screw up history.

Tune in tomorrow I want see where I’m at with our trip to the art museum.


One thought on “Paris For the Confused

  1. Writing a scene out of order was not a “mistake:” it was what your subconscious was ready to release to your conscious mind for writing at that particular time. The only “supposed to” in creative writing is to write what it feels good to write, when it feels good to write it. Writing ahead can capture creativity when it’s at its freshest. Have faith: The holes between scenes will all eventually zip themselves shut. If you do advance outlining, that’s fine, but don’t let the plan shackle you. You’ve been writing long enough to relax and trust your creativity.

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