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Art For Art’s Sake

So, here we are.  Today’s the big day and I’ve already got my outfit laid out and going to where.  I intend to finish getting ready by at least six thirty sidewalk next door and get in line for the polls, though I doubt very much it will be the big line.  But again, I could be wrong.  There could be a lot of people waiting to vote today.  I guess I’ll find out a little over an hour.

But last night, as far as my volunteer work was concerned, it pretty much came to an end.  I snapped this photo as I was heading out:

that second hashtag is not a lie: I figured it out last night figured I made just over four hundred and ninety calls, possibly five hundred, in the last four days.  That’s on top of all the other stuff I did as well.  And I’m going back tonight to help with one last push to get out the vote, which means there’s a good possibility I may even be knocking on some doors this evening.

One way or another it’s all over tonight.  I’m sure I know which way it’s going to go, and I know there are people who are certain that spending go their way as well.  But we had the organization and we had the push, and that’s more than half the battle right there.

Meanwhile, let’s talk writing–

Actually, let’s talk art.  The kids are in Paris, hanging out at the Musée d’Orsay, so when you are there, you were there to see art.  And that is exactly what my kids are doing today.  They are seeing art and apparently they are enjoying themselves…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


She wasn’t worried about that now: at the moment, her focus was on the beauty around her.

Annie was always surprised by how interested Kerry appeared in the artwork of the great Masters. He had been like this in Amsterdam when they visited the Rembrandt Museum. She remembered how he stood before the painting The Night Watch and examined it for close to fifteen minutes by saying next to nothing. She saw that he was mesmerized by the work any move to at least a dozen different places throughout the gallery where the painting was kept so that he could see it from a difference perspective each time. After they left the museum and went to get something to eat, Kerry looked up the painting using his computer to browse the Internet, and read through various articles close to another fifteen minutes.

When she asked him later why he was so taken with the painting, he said that he’d never seen anything like that before, and whatever he had seen artwork of that nature, it had always been informal picture that he found online or in a book. He told her that even when they lived in San Francisco, his parents had never taken him to museum, art or otherwise. He said that the Rembrandt museum was the first one he had ever visited and if they ever had the opportunity in the future, he wanted to visit here again. Annie showed him that would happen—

And given that they were now in one of the most museum-laden cities in the world, was the least they could do to visit one while they had the time.

She was by his side as they examine various paintings. He stopped to examine the Courbets, mostly lingering over The Painter’s Studio. He marveled at the wonder that was Alexandre Cabanel’s The Birth of Venus. They track down all the Cézannes and Monets. They spent a lot of time with two of Edgar Degas’ work, The Ballet Class and Rehearsal on Stage, as well as L’Absinthe.

But there was one artist in particular that they were most eager to see–


So here the paintings described above–

The Night Watch:

The Painter’s Studio:

The Birth of Venus:

The Ballet Class:

The Rehearsal on Stage:



You would never take Kerry as an art aficionado, but maybe being around Annie has helped bring that out a bit.  Remember, that’s the whole idea behind the School of Salem: to push you in new directions.  It’s likely that Kerry has always had an appreciation for our, but his parents never figured out that they needed to encourage it.  Now he has a girlfriend who only understands these things, but who appreciates art and pains as well.  It helps to be in love with someone who understands you, and with whom you share a mutual interest.

And while I’m certain Kerry’s parents wouldn’t understand why he would enjoy an afternoon here when he could be out doing anything else, Annie understands and completely.

I will promise to be any writing posted tomorrow: in fact I’ll just get a right now, I’m likely not going to have time to write anything tonight.  But there will be a post, of that you can be assured.

Will just have to see what it is.

And you’re going to have to wait until Thursday to find out who the artist is that Kerry is there to see.


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