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Some Post-Election Thoughts

Mike the Mad Biologist

In no particular order:

  1. This is a disaster. For those who remember the Reagan era, every branch of government will be run by the 2016 versions of James Watt.
  2. Twenty years ago, when Republicans stymied Clinton and the Democrats, I thought there was time. Maybe we would get things today, but twenty years later, we would make progress. We might be looking at another twenty years. I will literally be an old man before we turn this around.
  3. The Supreme Court stays conservative for another generation.
  4. We will have a serial groper as president. Say what one will about Bush 43, I never thought a fifteen year old girl would be in danger if she were in a room by herself with him.
  5. I think we’ll see increased violence against minorities, ethnic and religious (which includes me).
  6. Right-wing cops have just been given the green light to be awful.
  7. I…

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3 thoughts on “Some Post-Election Thoughts

  1. Don’t let you be sized down like this, America… you are stronger, show it by staying upright and continuing to confront each day the way you did until today. Giving up because a lunatic got some help from “up above” is the way loser’s act. Don’t let anyone chop your wings… We all are strong, don’t we? All over the planet, we have to fight against big idiots telling foolishnesses and nonsense… but we are a multitude, don’t forget that… Be positive, don’t let you put down on your knees.
    Don’t forget the words of P. Hawken… and keep writing, dear Cassidy… doesn’t matter who the hell is the president!
    Serenity :-)claudine

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