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Before the Starry Night

Yesterday was the first anniversary of me being me and I did get out and party.  Yes, I partied on my own, but a party is still a party.  There was drink that I don’t have a photo of, but you can be assured it was consumed.  And there were more than one.  There was also food:

There's always food.

There’s always food.

And I get a picture of myself outside restaurant to show there was actually there.

See?  Me.

See? Me.

Since I was slightly drunk when I returned home I had to wait a while before I could write. But I did write.  And I wrote well.  About as well as I could considering the events of the twenty-four hours preceding the writing.

But that the kids still in the museum and Kerry found the artist he was looking for:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


They eventually found the area that held part of the museum’s Vincent van Gogh collection. Kerry immediately went to his self-portrait before moving on to The Restaurant of the Siren with Asnières. He examined Roses and Anemones then quickly made his way to The Church at Auvers. He seemed to scrutinize it for several seconds before turning to Annie and the others and saying he could find no evidence of a krafayis. While it seemed that no one got the joke, Penny rolled her eyes as she shot a smile in his direction.

But it was the next painting that held Kerry’s attention: Starry Night Over the Rhône. His eyes followed the outline of the frame turning in the lower left-hand corner working up towards the top center before heading down to the lower right-hand corner. He took a step back staring at the painting, slightly shifting his weight from left to right back every ten seconds, while everyone else regarded the painting silently.

Alex was supposed to say something. “This doesn’t look like Starry Night.”

“It’s not: The Starry Night is in the Museum of modern Art in New York. This is Starry Night over the Rhône.” He glanced over his left shoulder at Alex. “This completely different. He painted The Starry Night when he was in Saint-Rémy. This one—” He tilted his head a little to the left. “He painted this one about a year before checked himself in.”

Elisha gave him a quizzical look. “Checked into what?”

Kerry half turned towards the Turkish girl. “He checked himself into an insane asylum.” He turned back toward painting. “That was when his mental health was beginning to deteriorate”

Annie enjoyed experiencing Kerry’s interest in art up to this point, but there was something in the way he spoke that last sentence that made her take notice. She cast several sideways glances at his face and saw that it was a near expressionless mask. She had seen him like this before, when he was deep in thought, but on their trips to art museums in Amsterdam, and now here, he’d never looked this way. With every of the painting had ever seen it shown a great deal of expression: now, he showed nearly nothing.

She barely touched his left hand with the right fingertips. “Kerry?”

He seemed as if he wanted to say something but all that came out were a series of low mumbles. After a few seconds of silence he finally spoke. “It’s so beautiful.”

And that was when the tears began falling.

Annie wasn’t the only one that noticed this. Penny cleared her throat as she took a half step forward. “Are you all right, mate?”

“He’s fine.” Annie look back toward Penny and Alex before turning toward Anna and Elisha. “Could you give us a few moments alone, please?”


Before we get into anything else, let’s take a look at the paintings the kids saw.  They are–


Self Portrait:


The Restaurant of the Siren with Asnières:


Roses and Anemones:


The Church at Auvers:


Starry Night Over the Rhône:

And just so you have some comparison, here’s the painting that Alex was looking for–

The Starry Night:


The bottom painting is probably one of the most famous the world, and one might think that being that famous, it would end up in the museum in Paris.  Wrong.  It’s been in New York since the 1940s, though I do believe both paintings have been exhibited together time to time–I’d have to look that up.  But as the top starry night that Kerry wanted see, though I imagine he’ll end up seeing the bottom one sometime as New York is only a couple of hours away by broom.  Maybe Annie and he will fly down that weekend before they start school.  Maybe they can take everyone else with them!

But what is happening with Kerry at the end of the scene?  Not only does he seem transfixed by the painting, but Annie has noticed tears and that’s not a good sign.  Seeing as how I don’t have a lot to do tonight–any the less to do tomorrow since I don’t have to work–I guess that means you’re going to find out what Kerry’s predicament.

I mean, what sort of person would I be if I left you hanging?


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