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Joyeux Anniversaire, Mon Amour: To the Tower

Part of what I wanted to do over the weekend was accomplished: part was not.  Unfortunately, most the weekend was also spent kind of in a semi–drunken stupor and right now I’m doing my best to get over that.  It was a lot of fun and I don’t really intend to do it again, because you get that out of your system the first time, it doesn’t take long to get it out of your system again.

The one thing I did, however, was spent a lot of time writing.  Between recaps–the next of which I won’t have to do for another six weeks or so–and work on my novel, it’s likely I wrote about five thousand words over the weekend.  And by weekend I mean Saturday and Sunday, as I didn’t do any writing on Friday evening.  That’s quite an accomplishment, one that I haven’t done in some time.  So, yay Dragon software, you’re helping me be more productive.

And believe me when I say I would’ve been able to write that many words, by hand, in the semi–boozy state I was during those days.  That helps even more.

Now, where are we?  The date and time you’ll find out soon enough.  As for the location…

You are in for a huge surprise.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

The maître d’ of Le Jules Verne restaurant watch as the young couple approached his station. Their attire didn’t seem out of place: the girl wore a beautiful print dress and flat, metallic bronze flats, while the boy wore a polo shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. What perplexed the maître d’ the most was that they seem to be unaccompanied by adults. As they grew closer he expected them to wait for a moment to allow their parents to catch up, but it was only when they were a few meters away that he understood they were on their own.

They both stopped directly before the station and stood staring. It was only when the girl arched one delicately sculpted eyebrow that he realized she was waiting for him to greet them. “May I help you?”

The girl adjusted the purse slung over her shoulder; it was only then that the maître d’ realize it was a Louis Vuitton. “We have reservations for twenty-one thirty. You’ll find them under the name Kirilova.”

The maître d’ resisted the urge to roll his eyes. It was unusual than anyone this young managed to make it this far while pretending they had a reservation for the evening. Nevertheless, he checked his computer terminal with the intention of being able to give them the bad news—

Just as the girl said, there was a reservation for two under the name of Kirilova at twenty-one thirty. “You do seem to have a reservation.” He looked around the entry space. “Are your parents inside, or are they coming?”

Annie tilted her head slightly to one side. “Our parents are not with us. The reservation is for my boyfriend and myself. Now, if you will please show us our table?”

The maître d’ checked his seating chart and was surprised to see the table they had secured. He examined the two children before him again. “You are aware of our prices?”

Annie’s nostrils flared, an indication that she was losing patience. She took one step closer to the maître d’s station and spoke to him in nearly perfect though slightly accented French. “Are you expecting me to pull a thousand Euro from my purse and show it to you so that we may secure our table? Is really your intention to embarrass us in front of the other customers? If that is your intention, I’m afraid I will need to lodge a complaint with your management.” She narrowed her eyes just enough to show her displeasure. “You don’t want that.”

Given the seriousness of the young girl’s demeanor—and slightly incredulous look young man with her was giving him—the maître d’ gave the situation thought for a few more seconds before tapping his display and stepping back from his station. “If you will follow me, Mademoiselle and Monsieur.”


By now people should know not piss off Annie–especially snooty maître d’s at French restaurants.  Ah, but Le Jules Verne isn’t just any French restaurant, it’s actually one of the most spectacular in the city.  It carries one Michelin star and it’s head chef is one of the best-known in the world.  There is, however, something even more special about Le Jules Verne and you notice it the moment you walk up to the front entrance:

Hum...  What's with the metal all around the entrance?

Hum… What’s with the metal all around the entrance?

Yeah, there’s a reason for all the stone and metal around the main entrance.  Because this joint is in the most special location in all of Paris…


Annie followed the maître d’ into the restaurant proper with Kerry close behind. They moved quickly past the rest of the diners and headed toward their table: one next to a window. She nodded politely at the gentleman before Kerry held the chair and allowed her to sit. He waited until the maître d’ had walked away before taking his own seat across from her.

Kerry turned to his left and examined the scenery beyond the window. “This is—” he chuckled. “Breathtaking.”

“It is, indeed.” Though she’d been here twice, she was still taken with the view of Paris at night as seen from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, one hundred and fifteen meters above the Champ de Mars.

Getting here had been a work in progress for some time. During their last lunch in London Annie told Kerry to bring something slightly dressy as she wanted to dine in a nice Parisian restaurant during their stay. She even stated that he should bring dress shoes, which he fortunately had remembered. She didn’t tell them where they were going to have dinner, only that it was going to be somewhere special.

Though The Sphere restaurant in Berlin was higher, this was Paris and that in itself made this experience far more significant. Plus, that dinner had taken place the day after their anniversary, whereas tonight was the second anniversary of the first meeting face-to-face and she wanted the moment to be as special as possible.

As hoped Kerry was completely mesmerized with the view outside the window and with the court around them. “This is incredible. How many strings did your parents have to pull to get this reservation?”


Yes, leave it to Annie to figure out that they could have their anniversary dinner in Paris in a famous restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.  In case you’re wondering, 115 meters works out to 377 feet, which means Annie and Kerry are dining a little more than a football field length above the park below, which is going to allow them some spectacular views.  As she points out, the restaurant they ate at in Berlin was higher, but that was Berlin: this is Paris, and that in of itself makes this dinner special.

So what is the place look like?  Well…

A little like this.

A little like this.


And a bit like this.

And a bit like this.


Yes, it has something of an old world/steampunk feel to it, which is why dining here is such a special experience.  And as you probably guessed, getting a window seat is a highly sought after endeavor.  How sought after you learn and the next excerpt, but right now you gotta figure it’s a big deal.

And it is here our Lovey Dovey Couple have a table for the evening overlooking the city below.

Probably like this one with the same mood lighting.

Probably like this one with the same mood lighting.

Oh, and don’t think the dining experiences spoiled is because you got a girder partially blocking your view.  It’s actually said that having the girder work in front of you enhances the dining experience.  After all, what lets you know you’re dining in the Eiffel Tower more than having some metalwork arcing across the window before you?

By the way, the picture above shows a view to the northwest looking toward the Trocadéro, also known as site of the Palais de Chaillot.  I know this well because when I visited the Eiffel Tower, I approached it from this location mainly because I was aware of the view one would have as you walked out on to the plaza.

Unfortunately, so did this asshole.

Unfortunately, so did this asshole.

So they’re going to have a great view with dinner–assuming, of course, they are sitting there.


But for now, let's just assume they are.

For now let’s just assume they are.

So how many strings did Annie’s parents pull to get this reservation?  You are going to be surprised.  You’ll also be surprised what comes soon after that reveal–


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