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FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ FINALE, “Chapter 10” Recap

It’d OVER!

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FX's 'American Horror Story Roanoke,' Season 6, Episode 10, finale, Lee, Mason and Flora [Image via FX] Holy shit! American Horror Story: Roanoke is FINALLY over!

CF:Free at last, free at last!

Here’s what I thought of Episode 10 (entitled “Chapter 10”) of the Season 6 finale of FX’s American Horror Story: Roanoke.

So, it’s PaleyFest and FX are being all condescending as fuck about Comic-Con fans. Nice one FX, I hate you even more now. It is a Q&A panel with the cast and producer of My Roanoke Nightmare. It is after the first season and before everyone dies in the second one. Fans ask really dumb questions and it ends with a hug-a-thon and autograph session.

We learn nothing new from this scene.

CF:We do learn that Cuba Gooding, Jr., wants to get hugs when everyone else is getting hugs.  And I get the feeling that the way Evan Peters’ character acted when he went to get the…

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