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Starting Out On the Ground

Afterwards know what a long day at work I finally got out and sat down to dinner.  There was something I needed: I had to sit and clear my head and enjoy a couple of drinks and some good food, and to do it without a lot of noise or interruption around me.  And I did just that.  I was the new outfit and I was feeling pretty good for the first time in a week.

I pretty much look it, too.

I pretty much look it, too.

Afterwards I made another appointment to get my nails done–this time for sure!  I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning at 10 AM, after which I don’t know what I’ll do.  Probably a little writing. I for sure not going to drink as much this weekend as it did last weekend, but the biggest problem finding these days is I get bored easily.  Follow no, maybe I need to get out more.

I did run into a friend last night–she works at the restaurant where I was eating–and she, one of her coworkers, and I agreed that one of the things we all three need to do is come into the same restaurant and set the bar wearing mermaid tales.  It would be funny as hell to see three women sitting at a bar having drinks, flapping their mermaid tales all while.  Of course we have to be careful because, at some point, you gotta get up and go in the bathroom…

Lori about that problem we come to it.  I would just like to be a mermaid for a few hours, because it seems to be something I’m starting to obsess about.  Yeah, I’m experiencing my second childhood.  Speaking of childhood–

My kids are still at the Eiffel Tower.  Only it now seems that with midnight approaching, they’ve been joined by a few of their friends…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Where are they?” Penny glanced around, trying to pick out Annie and Kerry in the thinning crowd at the base of the Eiffel Tower. “They said to getting there at twenty-three fifteen and here we are.”

Alex wasn’t all that concerned. She was in Paris standing under the Eiffel Tower near midnight on a comfortable evening, and from what she could see their wasn’t the thing to complain about. “They’re not going to leave this waiting for long. If Annie said to be here at twenty-three fifteen, she’s somewhere nearby.” She gave Penny an unconcerned look. “It’s not like them to ask us to meet them somewhere and then not show.”

Penny shrugged. “You know me: I get antsy waiting around.”

“Hey.” Elisha pointed toward the south base. “Isn’t that them?”

Penny shot a quick look and Elisha and Anna, both of whom had been rather quiet while they were out eating, before turning towards where the Turkish girl was pointing. Both Annie and Kerry were just stepping out from beneath the awning that extended from the south base into the area under the tower. Both were dressed rather nicely and Penny saw that Kerry was even wearing dress shoes—something she’d only seen him do during his A Level Samhain Dance. “What the hell?”

Anna laughed. She knew was the entrance to a restaurant in the tower because Elisha and she had walked by the entrance not long after they arrived. “Now we know where they had dinner.”

The couple approached hand in hand, smiling and in a good mood. They stopped when they were a couple of meters away and Annie sat her arm around Kerry shoulders before dressing her friends. “I’m sorry were a little late, but I wanted you to arrive before twenty-three thirty so that you wouldn’t be late.”

Alex shrugged. “It’s okay. We’ve only been about ten minutes.”

“Yeah.” Whatever aggravation Penny felt a few minutes before was gone, replaced by gladness brought on by the arrival of her friends. “Did you guys actually eat up there?”

Kerry gave a half grin. “It was our anniversary and we wanted something special.”


To get an idea of what the area looks like I found a few pictures that will help set the scene.  First let’s take a look towards the south base, which where the entrance to the Le Jules Verne is located.

It's that awning thing right there.

It’s that awning thing right there.

Now the others aren’t actually standing in the location the picture was taken: they’re more toward the center, which means it be a bit more to the far right of the picture.  The above picture was taken this month, so we have a pretty good idea of what the tower looks like now. I don’t imagine it’s changed much in the last three years.

Where they are heading is in this direction:

Go North, Young Witches.

Go North, Young Witches.

The north base is the one on the right.  Makes sense, as it is directly opposite the south base.  All those white markings in the center of the picture are about where Penny, Alex, Anna, and Elisha are standing.  Which means are in a pretty good spot, because if they look up…

This is what they see.

This is what they see.

While I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower I was never there at night, which is one of the great disappointments of my life.  So if I ever get back Paris is my intention to visit the structure late in the evening, because I want to see this view so bad.

And that last picture is an indication of where this story is headed–


Annie also half smiled. “It doesn’t get much more special than this in Paris.” She adjusted her purse on her shoulder. “Now that were all here you can share in the rest of our anniversary with us. Please, follow us.” She took Kerry by the hand and led him toward the north base with the others following close behind.

They were halfway to the base when Penny spoke. “Where are we going?”

Annie glanced back over her right shoulder. “The second floor.”

“Oh.” She turned to Anna and smiled just a little before looking back toward Annie. “What’s up there?”

Annie look straight ahead. “You’ll see.”

They approached the ticket station but Annie and Kerry continued walking toward the elevators. Alex slowed up for just a second. “Don’t we need to get tickets?”

“I already have them.” Annie patted her purse. They entered the back of the short queue waiting for the lift and were heading upward two minutes later.


My kids are in Paris so it only makes sense or going to visit the Eiffel Tower.  But we may not know is that there something special involved–


3 thoughts on “Starting Out On the Ground

  1. You’re looking good , my friend.

    Annie and Kerry still having a good time…. and now , much better. They are with friends. Oh, wait, there’;s a new one… Alisha. Will she figure much in later novels ?

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