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Not Writing but Writing

So, were about to enter into a long weekend, though for me it won’t be that long as I’ll be working part of the day on Friday.  Tomorrow–in case anyone was wondering–I will actually be going out to a local microbrewery for Thanksgiving.  They’re going to be open, they’re going to have food, they are going to have beer, and there is the promise that at least one woman serving beer will be dressed in a turkey costume.  Why wouldn’t I go?

This also means I have plenty of opportunities to write what I’m not napping or watching television.  I watched a little television yesterday after getting home from dinner, but I got right into the writing.

Only, it was more of that not writing but writing writing.

One of the things I’ve need to do for novel is set up the attendance.  Now, I’ve had the attendance and place for some time, because I started figuring it out in the A Level novel and continued through the B Level novel.  But now, I needed to know something else that I hadn’t kept track of in the B Level novel, that is the names of the B Levels.

Therefore, but I finally sat down to write, I got to working on attendance so I can determine where the B Levels were from and their names.  It also gave me the opportunity to figure out who graduated and who got left behind so that I can adjust the total number of students at the School of Salem.

Just like anything else it goes in the world building this all took time.

One of the things I did was remove the F Level characters because they graduated.  Once I removed those from all five covens, I went ahead and adjusted the level markers so that everyone is where they should be.  Then I went through and decided what countries my new B Levels were going to come from and started not only looking up towns and cities within those countries, but finding those students names.

So let’s take a look at how my favorite Coven of the Horned God looks:

Pretty good, actually.

Pretty good, actually.

Everyone is where they should be.  Now, Cernunnos was actually easy, as I already had all the B Levels figured out, but what I need to figure out was who’s going to go and who knew was coming into the coven.  Under Cernunnos I have a (21) to (18) designation set up.  The 21 indicates how many students I had at the end of the B Level novel; the 18 indicates how many existing students were going to attend the new school year.

But, what about that second “to”?  That one’s easy: that’s how many students are going to be in the coven after the new A Levels finish their E and A.  In the picture above I have that area blank as well as the entire A Level section blank, because I don’t want you to see how many new students are coming into this.  You know I figured this out last night–

The breakdown for the covens is pretty simple.  Åsgårdsreia, Blodeuwedd, and Ceridwen lost eight students each.  Cernunnos lost the fewest, three, while Mórrígan lost the most, eleven.  Remember, I included graduation in those losses, but Erywin’s coven definitely took a hit.

Tonight I’ll go through and figure out the names of all the A Levels, as well as the names of all the other students I had figured out in the last novel.  Then I’m pretty much done with attendance until the next novel, when all I have to do is figure out the losses and gains.  Like I said, it’s not really writing but it is, because I’m building my world and that takes time.  And one of the biggest reasons I’m taking time to do this is because, in the upcoming scene, and mention is made of the B Level students that are in Europe with Annie and Kerry.  And not only do I need to know who those students are from their coven, but I need to know who they are from the other covenants.  Because eventually I gotta get all those kids on the bus–

And get them back to their school.


8 thoughts on “Not Writing but Writing

  1. Beer. Food. Turkey costume. Sounds better than great. We’ll be looking for photographic documentation after the fact. (Do I have a turkey costume fetish–hmmmm? I wonder.) Have a good thanksgiving.

    • Then again, it’s part of the world and it adds to the story later down the road. In a way it helps you get that word count. Now I can have a conversation between two people about all the new students and how many people will attend this year.

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