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Preparation to Destination: The Arrival

Today has been a bitch of a day and I’m ready to start drinking early.  For now I’m stuffing my face with soup and mashed potatoes, which isn’t a good combo but it’s filling.

In the meantime…  the scene I’m starting today was finished last night, and since I’d mentioned that I wanted to do three days in a row where I wrote a thousand words a day, I started on the next scene, the penultimate one of the chapter.

Right here, right now.

Right here, right now.

Sure, I was sixteen words over a thousand, but that counts.  And this new scene I started–yeah, there’s something in there I thought I’d never write, but it came out and you’ll see it eventually.  Let’s just say Annie is becoming a big girl…

In the meantime–airport!  Let’s go!


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Compared to the facilities at Amsterdam, Berlin, and Boston, Paris’ de Gaulle Airport was like a small city in of itself. Getting around the other three airports was relatively simple: drive up to arrivals, enter the terminal, enter the gate. At de Gaulle they drove past the most obvious departure point, Terminal 1, then passed two more terminals and a train station before arriving at their final destination, Terminal 2E.

Even then they had to reach their final final destination. After passing quickly through security—they were “pre-boarded and security checked” before arriving at the airport—they headed down to the station where their awaited the people mover that would take everyone to the next terminal where their airplane awaited.


De Gaulle is a monster that covers a whole lot of space:

Doesn't look like a lot from here, but it is.

Doesn’t look like a lot from here, but it is.

So the kids come in from the highway in the bottom left and drive up to where that pip says “Terminal 2”–and they still have to take a little people mover to their actual terminal, which is the area just above Terminal 2.  Like stated, this airport is a little more all over the place than the last few international airports they’ve visited.

And when they get there they discover they’re gonna lose a few people–


It was only while waiting for the people mover but they discovered not everyone was flying back to Salem. About a half-dozen students were met by a Foundation escort who would take them to the Paris jaunt station, and among those students were Penny and Alex. When Annie asked them why they were electing to jaunt back rather than fly, Penny told Kerry and her that their boyfriends would either be waiting for them or already there when they arrived at the school and after adjustment they would have a a few more hours together then they would otherwise. And as Alex pointed out, Annie and Kerry were already together: when they woke up their significant other would be in the seat next to them.

It made complete sense to Annie and Kerry that their friends would want to do this and didn’t begrudge them their departure. There were goodbye hugs and well wishes, and just as the people mover was pulling in Kerry handed Penny a list and asked if she give this to the kitchen when she arrived at school. Both Annie and Kerry waved to their friends as the people mover departed and headed toward their final destination: Hall L of Terminal 2E. None of the remaining students understood why they needed to come to this somewhat remote section of the airport to reach their chartered flight back to America.

As soon as they reached the departure gate and saw the aircraft outside, some of them—Annie and Kerry included—understood.

The aircraft they were taking back to the United States was a brand-new Airbus A380, a two level plane with twice the seating capacity of a 747. Kerry had seen pictures of these on the ground and at least one video of them in flight, but this was the first time he’d ever seen one of them up close. After staring at it for nearly five seconds he turned to Annie, who was staring back at him. “That’s impressive.”


It makes sense that Penny and Alex wanna get back to the school now because of their boyfriends.  Penny’s relationship is a year older and Alex is creeping up on nine months, so time to rekindle those suckers.  And as they point out Annie and Kerry are together, so there’s reason for them to fly home and get all adjusted in the coven.  It likely won’t be long before these two do the same.

Finally, they are riding in style on the biggest passenger aircraft built, the A380.  There’ll be more on that tomorrow, but for now just know–

It's big.  It's really big.

It’s big. It’s really big.

If you’re going home, this is the way to go.


2 thoughts on “Preparation to Destination: The Arrival

  1. Flew out of De Gualle last fall. I honestly don’t remember what it looked like, lol. It was o’dark stupid in the morning…or was it night? HA! Either way, looking at it in that picture… WOW! I couldn’t imagine trying to navigate that as a 12 year old. lol. Even if I had magical powers.

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