Trump Announces Open Season On U.S. Jobs

And we can expect a lot more of this in the future.

Mike the Mad Biologist

23-trump-steaks.w710.h473More five-star sizzle on a one-star steak (boldface mine):

Carrier, the company that changed its plans to shutter a plant in Indianapolis and shift production to Mexico after talks with President-elect Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that it would receive financial assistance from the state of Indiana as part of the deal to keep the plant open.

“Today’s announcement is possible because the incoming Trump-Pence administration has emphasized to us its commitment to support the business community and create an improved, more competitive U.S. business climate,” a statement from the company read. “The incentives offered by the state were an important consideration.”

The deal does not affect another United Technologies facility in Huntington, Ind., which also is scheduled to close as production shifts to Mexico. That plant has about 700 employees.

This is nothing more than the ongoing race-to-the-bottom tax cuts for jobs that Kenneth Thomas keeps writing…

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