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[Image via Netflix] [Image via Netflix] Well, it’s a sort of happy birthday to me as we now know the release date for not only the Sense8 Christmas special, but the premier of Season 2!

On Thursday, 1 December, Netflix confirmed that a two-hour special would air two days before Christmas, 23 December, 2016.  Yesterday, a little after 5 PM EST, Netflix posted the following image on their Facebook page:

The story continues. #Sense8   [Image via Netflix] The story continues. #Sense8    [Image via Netflix] That’s right, Season 2 begins two days after my birthday, so I’ll have a very “Sense8ful” birthday weekend ahead of me!

A couple of observations.  First, there is almost nothing known of the Christmas special.  We know the 8 August cluster will be shown once again, but that’s it.  A Christmas Special is also supposed to be the title of the episode, which tells us even less.

Second, the number of episodes has been cut from twelve…

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Preparation to Destination: Traveling in Private Style

Well, yesterday was a rather full day.  I did a bit of running around, with one of the high points of the day involving a nail repair–

Looks good as new, yeah?

Looks good as new, yeah?

Also, as it is December and I usually get something pierced I had thin rings permanently set in each ear:

Yes, it's right there.

Yes, it’s right there.

I should also point out that in two weeks time I am going to treat myself to a full-day spa treatment because it’s Christmas and if I don’t give myself a present, no one will.  So I am going in for a good five to six hours of pampering ’cause I need it bad.  I’ll get pictures ’cause I’m sure there’s a few of you wanna see what I look like while wearing a facial mask.

Not as much writing last night as expected because who knows, right?  I was just short of five hundred words so no chance I’ll bust eighty thousand words this weekend, but by next weekend it’ll be mine.  Mine, I’m tellin’ ya!  And I’m still shooting for one hundred thousand words by the end of the year.  It is doable.

Now, my kids…

It would seem they have a private cabin–yes, you heard that right.  Not only did they share accommodations in Paris but it seems they are being elevated to “VIP Status” when returning to school.  Is there a reason for all this butt kissing?  Well–yeah, but I’m not saying why.  One could say it’s because there’s fear that Erywin and Deanna don’t want him transitioning in the middle of a flight in front of dozens of students, but that’s not the reason.

Am I gonna tell you what it is?  No.  Because I’m a bitch.  I mean, you can’t have all my secrets.

With that said, let’s learn a bit more about these New Digs in the Sky:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Indeed it is.” Laverne stepped around both children and stood in the center of the compartment facing them. “We were requested to give these to a few students traveling as couples, and both professors Sladen and Arrakis said that you should have this one. The cabins behind you are unoccupied and there’s nothing forward of your area but a few hostesses and the flight crew.

“The chairs here—” She pointed to her right towards the aft of the aircraft. “—are designed like a sofa, though we recommend you keep your seat belts on while in flight. Across from you is a ninety-two centimeter screen for your entertainment system. The area underneath the entertainment center can be used for the storage of small items like your backpack, Mr. Malibey.”

Laverne moved closer to the outside bulkhead. “All the private cabins moved along one side of the aircraft so that you would have an outside view.” She pointed at the door situated between the bulkhead and the seats. “This is a closet where you can hang your clothes—” She moved closer to Annie and Kerry and pointed at another door located between the exit to the court and the seats. “This is the entrance to your private lavatory.”

Kerry’s eyebrows shot upward. “We have our own bathroom?”

“It wouldn’t be much the private compartment if you didn’t have your own bathroom.” Laverne folded her hands together and held it before. “There are two pair of pajamas in the closet. They are unisex, though one is slightly larger than the other. That should approximate your body sizes, but they are enchanted to mold correctly to your forms once they are worn. There also two pair of slippers that act much the same. We will be pushing off from the gate approximately fifteen minutes, so if you wish to change I would do so as soon as I have left.

“Approximately thirty minutes after takeoff someone will be in to convert your seats into a full bed: that will take about five minutes and during that time you may relax in the lounge. About ten minutes after that dinner will be served and as you know from past flights, within thirty to forty-five minutes after the start of dinner service everyone will be asleep in an adjustment. Don’t worry, someone will tuck you in should it become necessary.

“As in the past you should wake up approximately two hours before we land in Boston. Thirty minutes before we touched down someone will be around to remind you to change back into your street clothes if you haven’t done so already.” Laverne gave her best smile. “Do either of you have any questions?”

Annie and Kerry exchanged glances before she turned to the hostess. “No, thank you, Laverne. You’ve told us everything we need to know.”

The hostess nodded. “I’ll leave you to get comfortable; I’ll return momentarily with a snack.” She stepped into the corridor and press the outside keypad: the door closed with a whisper.


While my cabin is a bit more opulent, it’s based upon an accommodation offered by Singapore Airlines for first class passengers traveling as a couple.  Price for that cabin is $23,000 USD and up, and while that seems like a lot of money, there are some accommodations aboard an A380 that run more.  That’s called having money to piss away.

For $23,000 that better be a great bottle of champagne.

For $23,000 that better be a great bottle of champagne.

Now, the difference between what the kids have and what’s shown above is that their cabin is set so they have a widow view, there isn’t a partition between the seats, their video monitor is a single, and they have their own small closet and bathroom.  There aren’t any windows allowing people to look in on them, either, so they are completely sealed off from the rest of the aircraft.  Pretty nice way to cruse if you ask me.

Oh, and if they pass out from whatever stuff is in the food that makes them fall into adjustment, someone will come along and get them all tucked in the right way.  Now that’s service!

Now that they are alone–again!–it’s time to get comfy:


As Annie opened the closet Kerry slipped his backpack off and set it down. “I’ll change in the bathroom—”

I’ll change in the bathroom.” Annie handed him a hanger with pajamas and a robe. “You’ll be done changing two minutes; I’ll need at least five.” She stopped in the open doorway of the bathroom. “Please get my slippers?” She flashed him a bright smile.

He smiled back. “No problem, Darling.”

As she’d anticipated Kerry was in his pajamas in about two minutes. He noticed they weren’t so much pajamas as comfortable lounging pants and a slightly loose tee shirt. He placed his clothes on the hangar and put them in the closet, then grabbed the slippers and set Annie’s by the bathroom door before putting on his own. He was just about to sit down when Annie emerged from the bathroom. “Here, let me take that.” He took her clothes, already on the hangar, and hung them next to his.

Annie put under slippers been stretched. “Oh, I love traveling this way.” She sat on the sofa and crossed her legs. “And this is delightful.”


There they are:  changed into their PJs and ready to fly.  All that remains is for the plane to take-off and for the kids to get to adjusting.  And for them to wake up somewhere outside Boston–where, I’ve been told, they’ll have a rather interesting conversation because the voices in my head are telling me so.  But they’ll get some shut eye in before that happens–

Will there be rose petals?  Tell me they'll have rose petals...

Will there be rose petals? Tell me they’ll have rose petals…

Not telling.  You’ll find out tomorrow.