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Preparation to Destination: Westward Bound

All was good on the writing side last night.  For the first time in a long time I cleared twelve hundred words.  Sure, it took writing in the morning and writing at night to get that, but it was done.  And in doing that much I not only finish the scene, but I finished the chapter, and I finished Part Two.

The proof is always in the posting.

The proof is always in the posting.

So 30,000 plus words written for Part Two: not bad.  Slightly more was written for Part One, but then, everything that happened in Part Two took place over the course of few days and consisted of a lot of Kerry moping.  Kerry moped a lot in Part One, too, some sensing a pattern.  Don’t worry, is away from the parents so is going to be a much happier boy soon.  Though, at Salem, happiness is relative.

Oh, something else: after three years I finally hung up art work.  Both are pieces by Karen Hallion, and artist whom I love.  I have one hanging over my computer–

That would be this one.

That would be this one.

–and another will be peeking out behind me the next time I do a video, so you’ll get a chance to see it.

And speaking of scenes finished, here you get the rest of the scene of the kids leaving Paris.  You want to see what happens?  Here is.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


While Kerry slipped on his robe he examined Annie’s pajamas. They were much like she’d seen her wear during their stay in Paris: white yoga pants and a matching camisole over which she wore a silk floral print robe. “I can see your—” He touched himself just over his heart.

She nodded. “I noticed that when I was putting them on.” Annie shrugged. “None of the other students are going see it, and I’m certain that, just like on all the other flights, the hostesses are APs and it’s not as if they’re going to say anything.”

There was a buzz at door and Laverne entered carrying a tray with two flutes of champagne. She had one to Annie before giving the other to Kerry.  “Compliments of the flight crew. It’s not as if you can leave Paris without having a little champagne.”

“Thank you.” Annie sat her glass upon the side table. “We had some for dinner one night: it’s good to have a nice reminder of that evening as were leaving.”

“Then you have more to enjoy.” The hostess moved closer to the door. “We’ll be pushing back momentarily.”

Kerry sat Annie’s right as he always did.  “Champagne for dinner; champagne for take off—” He took a sip. “This is really going to spoil me.”

Annie chuckled. “You’ll have to tell your parents to stock a good vintage when you return in the summer.” She raised her glass and clinked it against Kerry’s. “To our first visit together to Paris.”

“And to many more to come.”

As they took a sip the pilot came on the intercom and informed everyone they were pushing away from the gate and preparing for takeoff. They fastened their seatbelts and sat back and enjoyed the quiet in the private cabin. They said nothing as the huge A380 taxied around the airport and join the other aircraft waiting to take off. It was only when they were all those in position for takeoff that Kerry took Annie’s hand and kissed it. “Sorry I was such a butthead, Darling.”

“I understand, my love. When we come here again I know you will be in a much better mood.” She leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss. “And we do know where we’ll stay.”

“That’s for sure.” As the engines wound down into silence he squeezed Annie’s hand. “Here we go.”

The engines opened up and the A380 leapt forward. Annie and Kerry continued holding hands as they rocketed down the runway, seeming completely content content. As the aircraft nosed up and left the ground Annie raised her glass and looked out the window. “Au revoir, Paris. Nous vous reverrons.”

Kerry raised his glass and looked at the vanishing city beyond the windows. “See you, Paris. We’ll be back—” He turned to Annie, who turned to him. “I promise this with all my heart.”


So they have it: the kids are finally winging their way out of Europe and returning home–home, of course being the school of Salem.  Not much there to do except watch them kick back and enjoy champagne in the pajamas.

In a way it’s kind of nice to be two scenes ahead of what I’m posting.  Now I feel as if I can take a break and not have to worry about getting something out.  It will also give me a chance to do something this evening–do a couple of things, actually.  But now, what I need to do, is post this get ready for work.

As usual, I’m already wondering what I’m going to wear…

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