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The Future Abstaining

It’s finally getting cold enough outside to start feeling like winter all the time.  The last couple of mornings it started out in the 30s and hasn’t actually gotten much over the mid 40s by late afternoon, so I guess one can assume it won’t be long before we start getting snow around here.  I’m got the mukluks ready to go–now all I need is the snow.

Writing last night was kind of strange.  Didn’t quite get to a thousand words, but I did make it three quarters of the way there.  It was like a kept having problems figuring out what I was going say, even though I knew what I was going say.  I even found myself repeating stuff I’d already said that having to go back and make certain that I didn’t do that.  I’ve had this happen before, but it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with this.  Could be I’m tired: could just be a lingering bit of depression.

Whatever.  I’ll cross eighty thousand words tonight, and once I do that I will only be one hundred and seventy thousand words away from a huge milestone: a million words written for this series.  Yeah, quite a lot there.  I should have a party on the cross that finish line…

"I never thought I'd get here.  But I'm always thinking that."

“A million words!  All unpublished!  Um…  yay!  Time for tacos!”

Speaking of tacos I can use us right now–

So, what is Annie and Kerry thinking of at this moment?  Annie’s done worrying about Emma and Kerry and she have made affirmations of love once more.  But Annie isn’t about to let that last one go–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


He raised his head up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Do that and we miss out on whatever we’re going to get from The Three Bindings.”

“I know.” Annie allowed her shoulders to droop as she sighed. “I know we’ve done well when it comes to not fooling around that way, but sometimes—” She stared at Kerry for a good five seconds. “I want my husband to make love to me and I don’t know if I can wait five more years.”

“Don’t I know that.” Their burgeoning sexuality was something they didn’t need to discuss: they were both aware of the changes in each other’s bodies and the effects it was having upon them. They kept reminding each other that at their age intercourse was out of the question, but Kerry knew the more they mention that, the more they were only reinforcing the fact that their astral binding—and by extension the other two bindings that would eventually lead to the mythical The Three Bindings and whatever gifts it would bring—had become barrier to engaging in actions that they knew other kids their age were doing at school.

Kerry wrapped his arms around Annie held her tight. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to that one of these days. And when we do, it’s going to be fantastic.” He lowered his voice and spoke in a soft murmur. “Besides, our visions showed that the first time we do that, we’re in the loft at your lake house. We want those visions come true, don’t we?”


Annie has always been the more mature of the two in this couple.  She shown that emotionally and of late she’s begun to show it sexually.  It’s a simple fact: girls develop faster than boys and a lot of different areas, and when it comes to sexuality they usually have a better understanding of what and who they like earlier on.  Emotionally, Annie was in love with Kerry at a very early age and the same situation is beginning to present itself here, with Annie developing a more mature outlook on their coming sexual relationship.

Kerry, however, seems aware of it as well.  This is not the same kid who flew off to Boston two years earlier: Kerry has matured emotionally as well, though he still a bit behind his sweet little cabbage roll in that regard.  And, in a way, where it comes to their sexuality he seems to spend time trying not to think about it, whereas Annie is thinking about it and doing what she can to repress it.

It was only a short time ago that Deanna told them that in the way she felt sorry they would have to go through this whole situation of having to fight against their instinct to be together.  If they were normal witches it would probably be a done deal: they’d have “done it” already and continued on with their relationship in a fairly normal fashion.  Although, with these two, is there any such thing as normal?  No, not really.  They’re not like all the other witches and likely never will be like them.

And that just makes everything that much harder.

Speaking of visions and sexuality, there are a few more thoughts shared between them on the matter:


“Of course we do.” Annie kissed him then whispered in his ear. “But we both know, visions can change and sometimes not come true.”

Because of all the reading he had done Kerry knew this was true as well. There was another variable to put into play, however— “You built your lake house because of a vision and you included that loft because you know something happens there on one particular night.”  He touched the tip of Annie’s nose. “I don’t want you to miss out on that, Darling, because I know if you don’t get to live that vision, you are going to feel disappointed.” He set his hands upon her shoulders. “And I will do everything I can to keep you from being disappointed that night.”

Annie reached up and took hold of his left wrist with her right hand. “The only way you could disappoint me as if you weren’t there that evening.” A mischievous gleam formed in her eyes. “Or if you drink too much wine and you’re, you know…”

Kerry didn’t need it spelled out for him. “I promise I will not drink too much that night. Though if your parents have champagne—”

The cabin lights flickered and came on under low illumination. They both knew what this meant: the hostesses would be coming around to check on the students and see who had come out of adjustment and who was still under. For those who were still under they could administer a reactant that would wake them after five minutes, at which point all cabin lights would come to full illumination.

Annie looked about their private quarters. “The hostess will be here in a few minutes.”

“Yeah, fun time’s over.” Kerry looked toward the door and let out a sigh. “We could just lay here like this; the hostess won’t say anything.”

A slight grin began forming on Annie’s face. “In that case you might want to stop touching my breast.”

Kerry immediately pulled his right hand away when he realized his hand had slipped from her shoulder and was touching her there. “Sorry.”

Annie appeared ready to come back with comment when a slight chime sounded through the private compartment. She rolled off Kerry and faced the door, propping herself up on her right elbow. “Come in.”


You gotta love Annie: and I getting married for at least another five years and already she’s telling Kerry, “You better not get drunk at our wedding reception, because I don’t want to have to deal with that on our wedding night.”  By that time in their lives the probably be good enough with transformation magic that they can purge the majority of the alcohol out of their system and not have to worry about a possible fiasco that evening.  Still, one could look at what Annie is saying and remark, “Man, she starting to nag him already.”  Just make sure you don’t remark too loudly around her.

Tomorrow I should be ready to finish the scene.  What I mean by that is I should be ready to finish showing you the scene: the scene’s been finished for quite some time.  And once that’s over, I’ll be ready to take them home.

Really, it’s been such a long time in coming.

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    • Just because those visions haven’t happened doesn’t mean they *won’t* happen. Three occur after the kids get married and Kerry’s happens–somewhere. It’s all stuff they haven’t gotten to yet.

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