Leavings to Greetings

It took a run of one thousand, one hundred, and forty-three words to do so, but last night I finally passed the eighty thousand word mark.  In fact, I passed by almost 500 words: four hundred fifty-three to be exact.

All the words right here.  And then some.

All the words right here. And then some.

It is a tricky section to write because I was having become the information on time spells, and that’s one of those things where you really have to think through the physics of magic when you’re putting it together.  If there is such a thing. Which there has to be.  Because I said so.

Checking my statistics I see that I had passed the seventy thousand word mark eleven days earlier, which means between seventy and eighty thousand words I average nine hundred and ten words a day.  Going back and checking my statistics, I actually passed the seventy thousand word mark on the first day I started the scene where the kids were flying out of de Gaulle airport: that day I wrote twelve hundred and seventy words.

So during the last eleven days I completed four scenes for a little over ten thousand words.  To the days I wrote I produce less than five hundred words, which is ultimately what dropped me below a thousand words a day for the stretch.  As today is 9 December, it is entirely conceivable that I could reach one hundred thousand words by New Year’s Eve, 2016.

Now there is a goal to shoot for.

Oh, and I should point out, I finished the first scene of Chapter Seven as well.

I was as busy as all get out last night.

I was as busy as all get out last night.

Currently I am about five thousand, five hundred words ahead of where I am in the excerpts, so today I’m going to finish up the excerpt I’ve been waddling along on–with my kids still in bed somewhere in thousand meters over the Atlantic–and then begin the last scene of Chapter 6, where they finally arrive at the School of Salem.  It’s Friday, amid a good mood, and it’s time to party.

So let’s end one leg of the trip–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The door slid open and Laverne stepped inside a private cabin. She waited for the door to close before she spoke. “I see you’re both wake.” She held up a small, flat container she held in her right hand. “Would you care for a hot towel?”

Annie nodded. “I would love one.”

Kerry sat up. “As would I.” Laverne remove the individual towels from the container by hand and handed them over.

Annie pressed the towel against her face letting me heat soak into her skin. She pulled away and breathed deeply. “I love that feeling.”

Kerry mumbled his agreement but had a question for the hostess. “How far out are we?”

“We are approximately two hours from a landing at Logan International.” Laverne took both used towels and place them back in the container. “We are approaching the eastern shore of Newfoundland Island and should cross it soon. We’ll fly over the center of the island and the eastern side of Nova Scotia before making a final approach in the Boston.”

Kerry looked at Annie. “Just like when I came home last year from the first camping trip.”

“Quite so, my love.” She turned to Laverne. “How soon before you come around with dinner?”

“We’re preparing for that now. We’re handing out menus the rest of the students now, but—” She pointed to the entertainment system. “You can find the dinner selection on the menu and request what you like. I would suggest ordering within the next twenty minutes.”

Annie nodded. “Thank you, Laverne. We should have our order placed within the next ten minutes, fifteen at the most.” As soon as the hostess was out of the cabin Annie leaned over and hugged Kerry. “Would you bring up the menu and find the dinner selections, my love? I need to use the bathroom and change my pad.”

He nodded. “Not a problem, Darling.” Kerry waited until Annie was in the bathroom before he voice commanded the system on and found the dinner selections.

He didn’t look them over, however. He got out of bed, went to the nearest window, and open the shade. It was still light outside though the sky was somewhat gray and cloudy.  For now there was nothing but ocean, but in a while they’d see the first signs of land since leaving France. And it wouldn’t be long after that moment that they land in Boston and jaunt back to school.

Kerry braced his arms against a bulkhead and rested his chin upon them. He stared down the ocean without speaking, but his words were in his mind—

We’re nearly home, Salem. And we can’t wait to see you.


The kids are out of bed preparing for a quick meal before finally touching down in Boston.  Oh, and were reminded once more that Annie is having her period and we see Kerry is no longer touching Annie’s breast.  All the cool things happen when you’re traveling on Foundation Airlines.  If only the rest of us got that kind of treatment.

And here we begin the last scene of Chapter 6.  And my kids are finally back at school:


The moment they arrived at Salem’s ground-floor jaunt station Annie and Kerry grabbed their luggage handles and stepped off the platform. It wasn’t necessary for them to vacate quickly as they were in the last group to arrive at the school, but there were things they needed to do now that they were back and they were eager to get to work.

However, they would need to say a few hellos first.The jaunt station was being operated by Tamara Berube, one of the school’s security staff. Standing next to the console was Isis Mossman, the Director of Security, and her partner Wednesday Douglas, the school’s Mistress of Spells. Isis’ face broke into a broad smile the moment she saw the two advanced students. “Welcome back. Did you miss us?”

Annie stopped and stood alongside her luggage. “We missed everyone.” She stepped forward and hugged Wednesday, then Isis. “It’s so nice seeing you all again.”

Wednesday looked toward Kerry and spread her arms wide. “What, are you too old to give your instructor a hug?”

He came up and hugged their Advanced Spells instructor before turning to Isis, unsure what he should do. “Should I—?”

“You think you’re getting away without giving a hug?” Isis wrapped her arms around the boy. “In a situation like this you can hug all you like.” When she finished she dismissed Tamara and watched the last of the students set their luggage by the door on the way out of the room. “Did you guys have a good holiday?”

Kerry gave the answer. “I didn’t; she did.”

“We both had our good and bad moments over the summer.” Annie took Kerry’s hand. “Kerry had a difficult time with this parents—which became a bad moment when he left for Paris.”

Wednesday’s expression seen exceptionally inquisitive. “Oh?”

“I’ll tell you about it over the weekend.” Given they just returned to school Kerry wasn’t in the mood to go over everything that happened while he was home for the summer holiday. He turned to Isis. “Did you get my note from Penny?”


It’s not often you get a personal greeting from the Director of Security for the school, so we have one more indication that Annie and Kerry it treated a little differently than the rest of the students.  Probably because they are different than the rest of the students.  After all, the and all the advanced classes, most of their friends or instructors, and their little Guardians in Training.  The fact that Wednesday and Isis revealed the relationship to Kerry back when he was still an A Level shows they were already thinking of him, and by extension Annie, differently.  Ergo, it’s the reason they’re getting hugs after everybody else walks out of the room.

And as will soon find out, hugs are the only thing that getting…