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Let’s Talk About Everything

It’s Saturday.  It’s time for my video.  It’s time to talk…

19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Everything

  1. In the Philippines, they use the metric system.I can’t get used to it, like, when I asked my friend how tall she was… she said 165 cm. Good thing I have an idea…. because manga.

    • I’ve said before that, up until the end of the B Levels, he’s about 5′ 2″, is beginning to develop some upper body strength from working his broom but he’s not muscular, pale, green eyes, bright red hair. You’ll find out he’s grown a couple of inches over the summer.

      To be honest I see Kerry in my mind, but he doesn’t really look like any actors I know.

      • Yeah, I know all that, including the height at age 12…… I’m wondering , is he good-looking, cute, or what…. ordinary , Irish – looking boy ( I know he’s not Irish…. he’s Scottish ? Eh, I don’t really muscular.

        • He’s Irish-Welsh-American. He’s not muscular, but his upper body isn’t flabby because he uses it all the time when flying/racing. He’s good looking, probably more cute than handsome.

          If I had to really pin him down, I’d say a ginger, freckled, green-eyed Neil Patrick Harris back in his Doogie Hoswer days.

          • Hmmm, the genius boy doctor ? Hmmmm…. yeah, somehow, I can imagine Kerry looking like him.

            Eh, as I said, I don’t like muscular. And he should look a bit nerdy, well, because he is….. I like nerdy – looking type, anyways.

    • I have to see them in my head and understand how they act. I love that they’re actually growing both physically and emotionally in each novel. They are not much like they were in the first novel.

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