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Good Friends and Bad Girls

No thousand word moments yesterday, though I was close by getting up to twelve words short of the Big K.  It’s cool:  I was struggling a bit to get to that word count mostly due to not feeling the writing magic.  It happens, you know.

This morning is different, however.  While I haven’t been writing I have gotten my editing groove on and cleaned up some stretches from the last couple of days.  It’s been a somewhat productive morning, mostly helped by a drink that’s a combination of eggnog and coffee.

You should always write with high-powered eggnog at your side.

You should always write with high-powered eggnog at your side.

In my current time line I’m about ready to send my kids out to Memory’s End because the scene I’m working on at the moment is nearly over.  Back in Excerpt Time we’re with my kids and Isis and Wednesday talking about stuff and lists.  And what does that look like?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Isis nodded. “Yes, I did, and I passed the information along to the kitchen. They assured me hours ago that everything you both need is in the coven kitchen.”

“And the B Levels?” Annie had made certain that Soroushi had been among the first to jaunt back to Salem once they had arrived in Boston as she didn’t want her separated from the other new B Levels.

“The moment your Iranian B Level jaunted in I sent her to the dining hall to wait with the rest of your new B levels. How did you make sure she’s get here before you?”

“There was a jaunt station in the plane. We let her go first.”

Isis looked as if she was about to say something then caught herself. “Right, you guys came in on one of the A380s, didn’t you?”

Kerry seemed to take pride in answering Isis. “We did. Jaunt station was in the back on the lower level.”

“Man…” Isis glanced at Wednesday. “I can’t wait to ride one of those.”

“Same here.” Wednesday turned to Annie. “So, what do you guys have planned for them?” She stuck her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. “Something good, I hope.”
Annie gave a quick nod. “Oh, we do. We want to make sure we’re on the second floor before they get there, though.”

Kerry finished the statement. “So we can give them a proper Cernunnos welcome.”

Isis was suitably impressed. “I knew there was a reason I liked you guys other than the fact my little dumpling here thinks you guys are great witches.”

Wednesday chuckled. “Well, your little dumpling has good taste when it comes to students.” She turned back to her friends. “We’ll give you about a five minute head start before we let them go. That should give you enough time to get ready for whatever it is you have planed.”

Kerry smiled. “Thanks, guys.” He cast a glance at all the students luggage lined up against the wall. “I hope we’re not keeping you from doing something else.”

“Nah, not really. I got a text from Holoč saying they were about thirty minutes out from Rockport, so there’s still plenty of time to get ready for the A Levels coming from Europe, Africa, and Western Asia.” Isis appeared slightly nervous. “Still…”

Something in Isis’ tone told Annie there was a problem. “What is it?”


Remember, Isis has to go great every busload of A Levels and give them the “Welcome to Salem!” greeting and shower a little information–very little, actually, as she’s not supposed to give away the game at this point–and after that’s all over she takes the new kids down to the lower levels and introduces them to the “school counselor” who’s going to conduct their intro interview–

And this last part is what’s got Isis a bit worried…


“The E and As.” Isis made certain the door to the West Transept was locked before continuing. “Phee is being a bad girl tonight. Three kids had to visit Coraline for reasons from ‘shook up’ to ‘scared shitless’, and two more are in the hospital for the night.”

“What?” Because of stories he’d heard and read over the last two years Kerry was aware Evaluations and Assessments could get a bit nasty should The Phoenix—the school spirit that conducted the interviews—decide to turn on an incoming A Level. “What happened to them?”

“One girl ended up with a concussion, broken arm, and three broken ribs, and we found the other girl unconscious due to what Coraline says was a massive case of blunt force trauma. Phee beat the hell out of her.” Isis shivered. “Every time those doors open on their own and no one steps out I worry about what I’m gonna find inside.”

“I don’t understand: why would she do that?” Annie shook her head slowly. “It doesn’t make sense.”

“None of the shit Phee does makes sense. There’s absolutely no reason for her to go off on any student and yet we know she does. Why?” Isis shrugged. “Shits and giggles, I suppose. Since no one remembers their E and A I’ll just assume she’s being a vicious twat because she can.”


I mentioned a while back that someone was being a “bad girl” and now we know who:  The Phoenix, the Protector and Benefactor of the School of Salem.  Most of the time she’s not being too bad because in those instances she’s merely interested in pushing the kids through mental, emotional, and psychological terror.  Tonight, however, she’s got some astral bug up her ass and she’s acting like a right bitch–

Though let’s be honest:  she’s usually like that.  She fucked with both Annie and Kerry during their E and As, and in Kerry’s case she allowed him to suffer for the better part of a school year and when she did fix the situation she just checked her nails and hand waved off that shit with a “Me?  I didn’t do anything.  He’s the one who was going crazy” attitude.  Which you can totally do when you’re a powerful spirit who answers to no one.

Phee wants people to think she’s like this:

"I am the benevolent Protector and Benefactor of the School of Salem."

“I am the benevolent Protector and Benefactor of the School of Salem.”

When we know she’s a lot more like this:

"Hey, how you doin?  Welcome to Salem!  And in case you were wondering, let me show you whose's in charge of this joint, bitch!"

“Hey, how you doin? Welcome to Salem! And in case you were wondering, let me show you who’s in charge of this joint, bitches!”

If she gave Annie a pass for yelling at her, you gotta wonder what someone did to get The Phoenix to put the boots to them.  Maybe they said they like Nickleback, who knows?  Well, I probably do, that’s who.  But I’m not telling.

Oh, and she put in another appearance in this novel–care to guess where?  I think you already know.

I think for tomorrow I’ll end this scene because by tonight I’ll be three scenes ahead of you and putting my kids through a bit of personal hell–

Man, I sound like The Phoenix.  You’d think we were one and the same person…

3 thoughts on “Good Friends and Bad Girls

  1. I think Phee will appear in both Kerry’s and Annie’s dream realm. They are going to have advanced classes with Deanna, right ?

    By the way, has Kerry’s great, great aunt entirely disappeared from the story ?

    • You mean his dead great, great aunt? 😉 That part of his family was used to explain his money and his lineage. It will come up again in time.

      Let’s hope Phee isn’t a bad girl to my kids. 😉

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