‘Vikings’ Season 4 Part 2: Episode 13 Recap, “Two Journeys”

Lots of set up for next week, methinks!

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History's 'Viking,' Season 4B, Episode 13, Ragnar lying on the beach [Image via History] Here’s what went down in Episode 13 (entitled “Two Journeys”) of Season 4 of History’s Vikings.


Ragnar and Ivar lying on a beach. Phew! Ivar opens his eyes. Fuck, is Ragnar okay? Phew! He’s okay, but he looks dead for a while there. Pretty sure he is wishing he was dead. Ragnar gets up, he can’t see any of their boats. A shout. There are some people, Vikings dragging themselves around the coastline.

It doesn’t take long at all for Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) to discover Ragnar has arrived in England. And, in true TV conspiracy theory fashion, announces that if there isn’t any body then Ragnar must still be alive.

History's 'Viking,' Season 4B, Episode 13, Ragnar gives Ivar the Boneless a piggyback ride meme [Image via History] He is smart though because Ragnar and Ivar do have a plan, and it is a simple one: kill their fellow Vikings and wander into England as an old man and a…

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Time Could Give You Time

I didn’t expect to get anything done last night.  Not only was I drinking a lot of wine, but mentally it wasn’t the best of times.  The depression came on pretty hard yesterday after I got home and just didn’t want to go away.  In fact, it’d been around almost all day, as I have started the morning huge crying jag.

I always get this way around this time of the year.  I don’t like being alone, yet that seems to be my default mode.  And it was bothering me intensely last night, so much so that it seems as if I couldn’t go more than ten or fifteen minutes without bursting into a crying jag.

Yeah, it was pretty dark last night.

The dark is never a fun place, particularly when you're alone . . .

So many times I feel like Kerry without his reason for going on.

Somehow I managed to break out that mood.  It might have been all the wine I was drinking, though this morning it doesn’t feel as if I was drinking that much.  The kids met with Deanna and they talked about class.  My writing session and off with her asking if anyone was interested in tea, and we know what that means.  I’ll write that scene tonight, for right now were back in the kitchen preparing a Bulgarian dish while my kids discuss magic–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Oh.” Leonora looked a bit crestfallen. “So you guys learn everything like a year early?”

Annie had her dough in a ball and was preparing to roll it out. “Sometimes we learn things two years in advance. Our first year in Advanced Spells we were doing C and D Level spells.” She lifted a rolling pin gave the dough ball a good whack.

Kerry leaned against the counter. “It’s one of the reasons why we were doing minion work guys last year, cause Wednesday thought you have an easier time dealing with someone only a level ahead of you then some D or E Levels.”

Since meeting Annie and Kerry Huwey hadn’t spoken. Looking around the room he realized there was a question no one else was asking… “Isn’t this stuff going to take long to prepare?”

Annie was nearly finished flattening the dough. “About twenty minutes for the prep work, another ten minutes to put everything together, and then forty minutes cooking time.” She turned and slapped the rolling pin once against her open palm. “And about five minutes to make certain we didn’t miss anything and seventy-five minutes total time.”

The B Levels glanced among each other for a few seconds. Huwey spoke for everyone. “Wasn’t it like 21:45 when we came in here?”

Kerry glanced at Annie before answering. “Yeah, about that.”

“Well, according to your time table, it’s gonna be close to twenty-three hours by the time we can sit down and enjoy this.”

Annie nodded. “That would be true if this were a Normal kitchen.” She turned to Kerry. “You’re the expert on this.”


Ever wonder how it seems like the kids have a lot of time to do things like cook up snacks and not have it cut into their regular time?  Well, Kerry’s about to unveil one of the little secrets about the School of Salem:


“Only because I haven’t taught you everything I know.” He faced the new students. “There are a lot of rooms at the school that have time enchantments built into them. All the kitchens, including the main kitchen in the Dining Hall, are fitted with time compression spells that activate the moment they are sealed.” He nodded toward the entrance. “When I closed the door, did everyone feel this weird sensation pass through their heads?”

Soroushi and Nancy both nodded before the later spoke. “It felt like a moment of disorientation.”

“That was enchantment activating. This room has a 6 to 1 compression enchantment in place: that means for every six minutes that pass in here, only one minute passes outside at door.” He checked the contents of his pot and turned down the heat. “Since we’ve entered the room only a couple of minutes have passed throughout the rest of the coven.”

Annie begin laying out her dough in a pan. “That means that even though it may take as long as seventy-five minutes to prep and cook, by the time we get back up to the second floor with the food, less than twenty minutes will pass.”

Leonora nodded. “That’s damn handy. You said there are other rooms like this?”

Kerry turned off the heat under the pot so the liquid inside could cool. “Rehearsal and practice rooms in the Auditorium and the History and Arts Building have this enchantment. The majority of those have a 3 to 1 compression, so three hours inside those rooms is only an hour outside. And when we get closer to Ostara we can actually up the compression to either 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 if we need additional time.”  He leaned against the counter and looked at Annie. “You ready?”

Annie stepped to the side and turned toward him. “Yes.”

The fingers of Kerry’s left hand twitched slightly as the pot and its contents levitated maybe a fifth of a meter over the surface. He pointed in Annie’s direction and the pot began to move slowly towards her. “It’s all yours.”

Annie took command of the levitating pot and moved it close to the pan where her dough waited. She tilted it and slowly began pouring the mixture over the dough. “I’ll use a room in the H and A Building for painting and drawing. When I get to where I’m putting in finer detail I usually request to have the enchantment compression increased to 4 to 1 so I can spend more time on my work.” She halted the pouring that she could check on the dish; when she was satisfied all was right she poured the rest of the mixture into the pan. “Kerry’s usually busy with rehearsals by the time we get to within a couple of weeks of Ostara, so working four hours compressed through one real is usually all I need to finish my work.”


So that’s how Kerry finds all the time to rehearse songs and Annie can find time to paint and sketch so they’ll both be ready for Ostara:  they are working in rooms where time isn’t flowing at the same rate as one finds throughout the rest of the school.  When you figure in the time both kids have put into Ostara, it’s likely they actually lived two or three days more than a full year, which means 2012 was probably 368 or 369 days for them.  And when you think about the fact the kitchen staff is probably living through a thirty hour day every day, you now know why there are APs doing all the cooking.

Speaking of time spells, we’re about to get a lesson in them, and who better to give that lesson than the school’s youngest Time Lord…