Passing Along the Time

This year’s vision is written and it wasn’t even that difficult.  I pretty much knew exactly what was going say, and I said that and nothing more.  And when it was done I ended up with one of the best nights of writing a long time: one thousand seven hundred and sixteen words total.  Good times, yo.

Most of what was written was Annie and Kerry’s pretty-much-annual “Let’s See the Seer First Thing and Have Tea Vision”, and this one was good.  Well, I think it’s good.  In fact, it’s going to raise a lot of questions as well as leave people scratching their heads.  But the last one did the same thing, so there’s no reason why this one shouldn’t as well.

"Now, Annie's going to throw her arms around--is that a cloud outside my window?"

“That’s really nice, Cassie.  As if we don’t have enough questions now.”

You’re welcome.

Meanwhile the B Levels have more questions about time and that means Kerry is once more on the spot–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


It was Menan who came up with the question on everyone’s mind. “Why don’t they do that in all the classrooms?”

“Because it would make for real long day for all of us.” Kerry spoke while cleaning up his prep area. “When I practiced for Ostara during my A Levels, the first couple of Fridays felt really long. I thought it was because we were starting early in the Midnight Madness this up until about midnight. It was only when I got together with Nadine for our third practice—she’s the person I worked with—that she told me about the time enchantments.”

Annie checked her dish a final time. “If we spent four hours of class in an hour of real time, we still have to live through those of the three hours. So if we were doing it twice a day, that’s an extra six hours a day we’d have to experience. Like Kerry said, it can make for a long day.” She walked over to the oven and punched in the information to bring it up to the proper heat.

Huwey rubbed his eyes. “Man, I had no idea any of that stuff work that way.”

Nancy leaned back against the cupboard. “Well, we just got out of The Fishbowl. Given all that we had learned last year, I don’t think they wanted us to know this stuff.”

Annie shook her head. “There wasn’t any need for you to know about the time enchantments: you weren’t using them in class, none of you were preparing anything for Ostara last year, and you are a couple years away from crafting time spells.” She opened the oven door and deftly levitated her baking pan inside. She activated the timer as she closed the oven door, then turned towards the B Levels. “We can wait in the room across the hall.”


Yeah, why not speed up time in all the classrooms?  Well, do you want your eleven year old A Levels to be twenty when they graduate in six years?  No, you don’t, so don’t think about creating time paradoxes, because that’s how you get time paradoxes!

But it is true:  you’d age up the kids after time and most of them would be wiped out by a 30 to 36 hour day five days a week.  So it’s best to keep to a normal schedule and limit all the time compressing.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…


The room directly across from the kitchen was a small lounge designed to hold six to eight students in relative comfort. Kerry sat in one of the large chairs and had Annie sit on his lap, while Leonora and Huwey took up position upon the other two chairs and the other three girls took the sofa. As soon as Nancy was comfortable she turned the conversation back to what they were discussing in the kitchen. “So these time enchantments—they don’t do any of these in the coven dorms, do they?”

Annie squeezed her arm behind Kerry’s neck and rested against him. “Officially the school doesn’t use them in any of the dorms. There are you allowed to use them in the hospital except for when they perform physical therapy: the girl out to work within a 6 to 1 compression enchantment.”

Soroushi picked up on something Annie said. “You said ‘officially’; does that mean they exist unofficially?”

Annie turned to Kerry. “You should tell them.”

He grinned at her. “Really?”

“Of course, my love.”

Kerry held Annie tight as he spoke to the B Levels. “If you know how to throw a time spell around yourself—or around the larger area—then you can do that. Like if you got some homework you need to work on, or that needs reading, you just put up 5 to 1 compression enchantment around yourself and an hour of reading gets done in ten minutes. The only thing is, school doesn’t want individual students doing that unless they really know what they’re doing.”

Huwey seemed confused. “Why is that?”

“Because it’s a lot that can go wrong with time spells. You can get compression ratios wrong and before you know it instead of being in a 5 to 1 compression enchantment you’re in a 50 to 1 field. That can suck if you get Backlash: you could get knocked out and be stuck in a runaway time field that’s going by so quickly you could starve to death in an evening.”

Annie sat up slightly. “We learned this almost the hard way. For a project in our A Levels Kerry did an unauthorized time spell. Wednesday found out and was rather upset.” She rested her head against Kerry’s. “Just about everything Kerry said to you was what she said to us.”

He chuckled. “I remember that like it was yesterday.”


And maybe with time compression it did happen yesterday!  Boom!

Now we have an idea of how Kerry got through all that reading during his A Levels:  he probably did a bit of time compressing at night so he could get an hour or so of reading in.  Of course he didn’t do it every night, but if you squeeze in an hour here, an hour there, pretty soon you have four hours of reading done in an hour of normal time.

Now you’ll have to wonder every time Annie and Kerry are alone together if, perhaps, they’re tripping the time spell fantastic.  Sometimes, but not all the time, because often it’s just a hassle.  And there’s always that fear that they could fall asleep and end up spending eight hours napping over the course of an hour, which really shoots your sleep schedule to hell.

And since we know Kerry can do those sort of spells, what else can he do?  Well…