The Shampoo Of Justice

Mike the Mad Biologist

Because I needed something bizarre to cheer me up:

Vidal Sassoon, who threw down with British fascists in a series of bloody street fights.

Yes, that Vidal Sassoon. Only one year after World War II ended in Europe, a group of British fascists, led by Oswald Moseley, attempted to rebuild their political movement by spreading fear of “aliens” — code for refugee Jews living in the U.K.

The famous hair stylist, then a teenager, was part of an underground movement of British ex-service members who grabbed knives and razor blades and punched, kicked, and slashed Moseley’s thugs on the streets of East London until they gave up and crawled back down the hole they slithered out of.


That Vidal Sassoon brand shampoo that’s been sitting, half-full, in your downstairs shower? That’s right. That’s the shampoo of justice.

More (boldface mine):

Sassoon was a teenage member of the 43 Group…

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Back in Time For Today

Spa days, teens getting off, and TV press access.  I’m all over the road today–which considering the freezing rain we had here last night is befitting.