Cleanup in the Rotunda

First off, Happy Winter Solstice.  According to the clock on my computer it will happen exactly 5 minutes from now, so I’m just jumping the gun on it a little.  Tonight will be the longest night of the year and after this the day start getting a bit longer.  Soon it won’t be long before I’m not walking to work in the dark–literally and not figuratively, that is.

So that thing I talked about yesterday happened last night: I passed ninety thousand words.

Proof, yo!

Proof, yo!

I knew it would happen last night; it was just one of those feelings you have that says yes, this will occur.  And I remember when I got to the above part I hadn’t actually checked my word count: I had sort of a, “I should see how close I am to ninety thousand words,” moment and went with it.  Which meant I had to get a picture and post the information on my author’s page.  Because that’s how I roll.

So, eleven days until the end of the year.  Can I hit a hundred thousand?  It all depends on what I do in the next couple of days.  It also depends upon writing at least a thousand words a day.  I think I can, I think I can.  It’s really not that unattainable a goal.

In the meantime, I’ll finish this post with the last part of the scene.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Okay.” Emma hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her jeans and rock back on the heels of her flats. “Um, I got to get running. I’m going to have breakfast with a couple of the girls from the coven.”

Annie moved in closer to Kerry. “We were on our way to breakfast as well, then we going out to reacquaint ourselves with a few instructors.”

Kerry nodded toward Annie. “Just like we’ve done the last couple of years.”

“Cool.” Emma begin to step away then stopped. “Am I going to see you before class on Friday?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Kerry flashed his wingmate a quick smile. “It’s not like we don’t have class all this week.”

“Great. See you then.” Emma turned on her heel and headed off toward the East Hallway.

Annie waited until Emma was out of sight before she stepped in front of her soul mate. “You failed to mention, however, that if we do see her class, we’ll likely be there as minions.”

“Not entirely true. I mean, we do have art, divination, and Practical Super Science with her.” Kerry glanced upward as he smirked. “It’s like three whole classes we get to spend together.”

“Not to mention the minion work.”

“Which I didn’t mention.” Kerry took Annie’s hand. “Breakfast, Darling?”


Annie seems intent on reminding Kerry that most of their interaction with their fellow C Levels will be as minions.  It’s true that they will only have three classes with her fellow levelmates and all of them are new.  Art and divination are easy to figure out: Practical Super Science is basically the introductory course showing you how magic can be integrated with science at an everyday level, and this will be their first class they take at the Tesla Science Center.

But let’s face it: the kids are going to get out of the scene cleanly.  Which means–


“I thought you never ask.” Annie deftly spun so they were heading toward the West Hallway. “We have plenty of time—”

“For a message?”

They both came to a stop as Isis approached them. Based on past experience Kerry didn’t believe this was a social call. “What’s up?”

“I wanted to catch you before we went to breakfast.” Isis closed within a half meter of them and when she spoke it was a soft, hushed tone. “Coraline wanted me to pass along a message: she wants to see you both tomorrow. I think we all know why.”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah, no need to go into it.”

“She said to stop in sometime between eight-thirty and nine. I’m guessing the earlier you start, the earlier you’ll finish.”

Annie met Isis’ gaze. “Let her know will be there on time.”

The Director of Security gave both kids a quick smile. “Will do. See you guys in a little while.” She headed across the Rotunda and headed up the stairs leading to the offices in the East Transept.

Annie let Kerry a way, but rather than head immediately into the Dining Hall she continued walking down the West Hallway towards the Atrium. She stopped after walking about fifteen meters. “What’s wrong, my love?”

Kerry leaned against as he looked up and sighed. “Just when I was feeling really good about everything, I gotta get reminded there’s a lot of crazy stuff still awaiting us.”

Annie gently stroked his shoulder. “That’s tomorrow: this is today.” She she gave him a soft, gentle kiss. “And it is going to be a great day.”


That Isis: always sneaking around.  It’s like she has this way of knowing exactly where everyone’s at.  Then again, the year before she told Annie and Kerry that their movements were predictable and that they should probably do something to prevent that in the future.  The last scene in this chapter will show that medical examination, because Coraline just has to work on Kerry’s anxiety a little bit more.

Also, I just realized two things while writing this excerpt.  One, I actually have another scene I need to include in the next chapter.  And because that’s going to put a lot of scenes in that particular chapter, two, I’m thinking of breaking a series of scenes out and making them their own chapter.  Which means I’ll have to go through and change the chapter numbers for those who follow, but so what?  It’s not that hard to do.

After all, I live for stuff like this.