C Level Seeing: Fake Outs and Previews

First things first.  As I said I might do, I broke Chapter Eight pretty much in two and turned the back half of the into a new Chapter Nine.  That meant I needed to go through and adjust all the other chapters, but since there weren’t that many it wasn’t difficult job.

The reason I did this is because I’d already added one scene to Chapter Eight and I needed to add another, so the chapter would’ve ended up being fairly long with all these newly added scenes.  Since last four scenes all take place on the Friday of the first full week of school, I decided to group them together in their own chapter.  It made sense and it looks a lot better this way.  Plus, it means I’m thinking about the novel more and more in that I know how it needs to be structured.

Yeah, that’s me: always thinking about writing.  Speaking of writing–

I really didn’t expect to write a lot last night.  I was to dinner for nearly two hours and ended up having three glasses of wine.  When I returned home I want to take a nap, but I felt like adding that new chapter is far more important.  By the time I actually got around doing some real writing, it was already close to nine o’clock.  So I didn’t actually think I’d end up doing a lot…

I was so wrong.

Not only did I write close to fourteen hundred words but I ended up finishing the penultimate scene of the current chapter.  Now all that remains is to write the hospital visit with Coraline and Chapter Seven is finished.  I also moved within three hundred words of ninety-two thousand total, making that one hundred thousand word goal by the end of the year even more feasible now.

But for now let me finish this.

But for now let me finish this.

As far as excerpts are concerned, however, were not going to visit with Deanna, because it’s time for my kids to go out and have a vision.  It’s a pretty safe bet that I won’t get to the actual vision until this Saturday, Christmas Eve.  Perhaps by that time I’ll have Chapter Seven finished.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, let’s see what these two scamp are up to:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


As soon as they were dismissed by the headmistress so she could speak with the new A Levels, Annie and Kerry hurried out of The Pentagram and through the History and Arts Building on their way to Memory’s End. As expected the temperatures were warming and by the time they made the turn off the main path leading to The Witch House they were already feeling a little warm, causing Annie to remove her light jacket and tie it around her waist.

As they approached the divination center Kerry slowed. “I was wondering…”

Annie eyed him with a slight amount of suspicion. “Yes?”

He pointed down a path to the left leading into a small thicket of woods. “There’s an entrance down there that leads into the tunnels, and the tunnel here leads into the lower level of Memory’s End.”

“And?” She suspected where Kerry was going with his line of reasoning.

“The last two times we went through the front door and she called us back right away, ‘cause she said she saw us coming.” He stopped and looked down the side path. “If we came in through the lower levels would we actually surprise her this time?”

A smile slowly formed upon Annie’s face. “You want to try and surprise Deanna.”

“I was wondering if we could. I mean, if she really has seen us coming, then she’d be waiting on the ground floor landing as we come up the stairs.”

This was something that Annie had considered from time to time as well. As they were starting their third year at school, and in each of the prior two years Memory’s End had always been the first stop, she knew it stood to reason that Deanna would be expecting them to be among her first visitors. Maybe she does see us coming out—that first year it seemed entirely reasonable, while last year she likely was expecting us out early.

Annie smiled shifted downward into a slight grin. “There is something you haven’t considered.”

Kerry crossed his arms. “What’s that?”

“That maybe she’s already had a vision of us having this conversation and rather than meet us on the ground floor landing as we come up from the lower level, she’ll wait in the classroom forced to appear in the doorway.” Annie chuckled. “That way she leaves us guessing as to whether or not we actually surprised her, or if she knew we were going to do that and she wants us to believe that she was surprised.”

He scratched his chin a couple of times. “I’m over-thinking this again, aren’t I?”

“Slightly.” She hooked her right arm around his left. “With all those books divination you’ve read, I would’ve thought you’d know better than to try and out-think a seer. It’s never going to happen.” She pointed down the path toward Memory’s End. “Lead on: she’s probably waiting for us.”

It wasn’t long before they were entering Memory’s End. Just like the previous two years the building was silent in the main entrance close with almost no sound. For a moment they stood looking at each other wondering if they should continue to where they normally met Deanna. Annie was about to say something when the instructor’s voice rang out. “I’m where I always am, you two.”

Kerry leaned close to Annie and whispered. “We are always the first ones here, aren’t we?”

Before Annie could answer Deanna called out again. “You are. And despite what you might think, I wasn’t expecting you to come up from the lower levels.”

Annie chuckled softly as Kerry rolled his eyes. She kissed him on the cheek. “Over-thinking.”

He nodded once. “All the time.


When I was writing this scene–or at least this first part–I kept thinking that one of the things happening here is in making Deanna appear a little scary.  Because it’s a lot of questions being asked.  Did she have a vision either the night before early this morning that the kids were going to have this conversation about coming through the lower levels?  Or, was she in the Vision Zone as the kids were walking out and she was having it then and there either right before or during their conversation?

We don’t know much about how Deanna’s abilities work, other than she is classified as an “Active Seer,” which means she can have a vision at nearly any time.  And I do mean any time.  We’ve never actually seen her zone out for a moment, but since were going to spend more time with her in this novel you will see that happen.  And when it does, she’s actually having a vision.  What is she seeing?  She’ll never tell.

Actually, she can’t tell.  Because word might get back to who she was seeing, and that wouldn’t be right.


They stopped in the doorway of the classroom and found Deanna standing, waiting for them. She wore a lovely embroidered, jade green blouse and loose black slacks over a pair sandals—the first time either of them had ever seen her in anything other than flats or sneakers. She spread her arms wide and smiled brightly. “Please, come in.”

Annie hurried over to the seer and wrapped her arms around her. When they were finished hugging each other, and he stepped back and looked up with a chuckle. “It seems like only yesterday we saw each other.”

“Funny that, isn’t it? Time works differently around here.” She turned to Kerry. “Are you just going to stand there?”

Kerry bowed his head slightly. “As-salamu alaykum.”

“Walaikum salaam.” Deanna motioned Kerry forward. “And now that you’ve greeted me as you always do, you can give me a hug.” After they hugged Annie gave him a warm smile. “You know, you’re the only one I expect that greeting from.”

“I sometimes wonder if it bothers you.” Kerry turned his eyes away as he nearly blushed.

Deanna shook her head. “Nonsense. It’s your way of conveying respect, I appreciate that you do that.” She motioned toward pillows on the floor. “Come, let’s sit.”

Once everyone was sitting on the pillows on the floor and comfortable Deanna decided to push conversation in the right direction. “So, are you excited that were finally going to have a class together?”

Kerry glanced at Annie first. “The way I understood it, we’re going to have two classes with you.”

Deanna give a slight toss of her head from side to side. “The special class the three of us will have together is an informal one: it’s not on any syllabus, much like the time you to spend together teaching each other things you picked up. I was talking about our official class.”

“I’m looking forward to the divination class.” Annie began rocking slightly back and forth, in indication that she was excited. “Even though we already know both of us have some limited sight, it doesn’t hurt to see if this some way of unlocking potential we’re unsure exists.”

Kerry grabbed both of his hands in his lap. “I’m interested to see how everyone else is going to react. As far as we know, nobody else in our level is never had a vision and I want to see who actually has one and how they handle it.”

Deanna chuckled. “I half expect a couple of your levelmates to have some sort of vision, but I won’t say whom. You’re not the only C Levels I suspect are having some form of vision, you’re simply the only ones I know who’ve actually had them.”


It’s important for Deanna to set the ground rules of the early, but it’s also telling that both Annie and Kerry are aware they don’t want to make her lose face in front of the other students by making it appear the receiving favors from her.  As you’ll discover tomorrow, Deanna is well aware that these two are social butterflies with a lot of instructors of Salem, yet they never really put those instructors in positions where they’re forced to show favoritism–and in Kerry’s case, he even told Vicky to do what she needed to do when she detected him using magic during the Mount Katahdin race, cause he knew if she let him slide she was going to call on it.

But you’re going to see some other things tomorrow as well.  I just can’t tell you about them now…