C Level Seeing: Friends and Instructors

So here I am, already in two and a half hours into the last work day before Christmas.  Why was I up that early, you may ask?  Because, at 3:01 A.M., the Sense8 Christmas Special aired on Netflix and I had to watch it.  That means, now I have all day to think about what I saw so I can write a long ass recap of it tonight.  Because if I was plopping down three thousand words on an hour-long episode in the past, I have a feeling I could get kind of wordy over a two-hour episode today.

But that story about later; this morning, I have visions.

Okay, maybe not visions, but prelude to visions.  Deanna knows why Annie and Kerry are there to see her, and Annie and Kerry know why they’re there to see Deanna.  Sure, their friends, but there’s another connection between them, especially on this first full day after returning to school.  It’s become their tradition, and it’s one that will stay with them until they graduate.

However, it seems there are a few new ground rules to deal with…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie was curious about what might happen to Kerry and her in the class, though she had not brought up the matter to Deanna yet. “So are you going to work us through the several different ways we can have visions?”

Deanna gazed off into a corner as she gave the smallest of shrugs. “Something like that.”

“You aren’t going to tell us.”

“Just like the rest of the C Level students you are members of this class, therefore, I can’t give you an advantage by letting slip about what lay ahead for everyone.” Deanna sat back and said her hands in her lap. “I find myself in the unusual situation of being unable to confide with you about what we are going to do simply because you will be in the class.” She shook her head. “It wouldn’t be right to let you in on what to expect. Otherwise, you might try to prepare for what’s to come.”

Annie and Kerry had already discussed this matter and Annie decided to tell their soon-to-be instructor what they’d agreed upon. “We talked about being in this class everyone should know, were not going to use our friendship to try to find out what you have planned.”

A relaxed look came over Deanna’s face. “I knew you wouldn’t, because it’s not how you act in the other classes. You’re friends with Wednesday, you’re friends with Erywin, you’re friends with Helena, and I see no indication that you use those friendships to gain an advantage over your other levelmates.” She chuckled. “Not that you actually need an advantage.”

Kerry nodded. “We know that there are other students who know we’re close to you.” For a moment he appeared uncomfortable, as if he debated whether he should say that was really on his mind. “We know a lot of the students in our level already have issues with us and we don’t want those issues to come back on you.”

We know that this isn’t the class where you can teach us some advantage on the side, but the other C Levels—” Annie shrugged. “We don’t care what they say about us, but we do care what they say about you.”

For a moment Deanna was speechless and it showed on her face, which presented a conflict of emotions. “Thank you, both of you. I’ve always known you were special: this morning you’ve more than confirmed that belief.”


In the aftermath of the Mount Katahdin Cross Country Race, when Kerry was in his hospital bed with a busted up knee berating the shit out of Emma, he told her he could still fly with her even if they weren’t friends, ’cause he knew how to be a professional: he could put aside personal feelings in order to complete objective or a mission.  It didn’t come to that, but it was an indication that the Lovey Dovey Couple were bigger people than they appeared.

Even though Annie and Kerry have been close to several instructors, they’ve never use their friendship to gain an advantage over other students.  In most cases the point is moot: they’re in all the advanced classes, which means they have very little contact with the rest of their levelmates.  The only class during their B Levels they shared with the other kids in our level was Sorcery, and there it was Helena who actually gave them the advantage by making them in-class minions.  The rest of the time they weren’t close enough to the instructors and the classes that were shared that they could use friendship as an advantage.

Now this is all changing.  Some of the C Levels are probably aware that Annie and Kerry are somewhat close to Professor Arrakis, and since there isn’t any Advance Divinations for them to take, they’ll be in the same room with everyone else.  There will likely be the usual grumbling that Annie and Kerry are somehow deriving a benefit by knowing Deanna, but the truth is when it comes to divinations, you either do or do not: there is no try.  And there is no gaining favors to help get visions.  So anyone who’s going to bitch that these two are somehow getting preferential treatment in Introduction to Divination is doing so just to bitch.

And this is something that Annie and Kerry are by now used to seeing happen.

They are kind of special; they know they might not do as expected, but that’s okay.  Then again, the real class they are expected to do well is the one no one knows about.  And probably won’t for a while, there likely won’t be long before there are rumors that Annie and Kerry are spending an awful lot of free time out at Memory’s End.

Hey, haters gonna hate.  Screw ’em and move on.

Now we have that out of the way, Kerry has a question:


Kerry appeared as if he was about to cry before he smiled. “Does this mean you’re going to take that restriction off of us?”

Deanna and Annie both laughed aloud, for Kerry was referring to the restriction Deanna had placed upon them both during this spring to keep them from researching how to perform a Physical Binding on their own, and therefore allow them to complete the Three Bindings ritual before they got married. “That restriction is in place to prevent you from doing anything stupid. So I’m afraid that even if you are trying to protect my reputation, I can’t lift that restriction.”

Kerry looked down as he laughed. “I was only joking.”

“I know you were. But I had to make certain you both knew I wasn’t joking.” She waited for any awkwardness which may have arisen to pass before moving on to the next subject. “So, who feels like tea?”

Annie appeared excited, as did Kerry. “I believe we’d both love a cup.” She glanced at Kerry. “We saw where last year’s vision takes place.”

Kerry lowered his head slightly and turned his eyes upward towards Deanna. “And where we had that shared dream where we were—au naturel.”

Deanna didn’t need to ask questions. “At the Hotel du Nord.”

Annie nodded. “Yes.”

“Makes sense: it could be the only place where you would’ve seen a hotel room.” Deanna waived the door closed and crafted a locking and privacy spell. “Why didn’t you tell me when we were in Paris?”

“We decided against telling you. We had other things…” She turned her head toward Kerry.

“I asked we not talk about it.” He shrugged. “I had enough stuff on my mind without having to answer questions about that.”

A moment of silence passed between the trio before Deanna said her hands upon her crossed knees and leaned just a little forward. “I understand, Kerry. And you’re right: I probably would’ve wanted to ask you questions. We can go over that at any time now within the next month.” She sat upright and patted her fingers against her thighs. “Now, who’s up for tea?”


There’s that damn restriction in place again, the one that prevents them from trying to figure out how to do a Physical Binding on their own so they can get that out of the way and move on to the, um, Life Binding, AKA getting down to having that sex.  Who knew that there was a magical way of keeping these two from giving into their hormonal desires and rubbing their genitals together?  Well, I did, because I’m writing this mess, so it wasn’t a mystery to me.

Here is also the first time they revealed to Deanna what they learned about their hotel room in Paris.  Given how Kerry felt earlier in the week, it was probably a good idea but they didn’t sit Deanna down and tell her what they knew then: it likely would put a bit more stress on the boy than he needed.  Will she want to know more about this?  Probably, but I haven’t decided if I’ll write about it yet.  After all, the reader already knows what Annie and Kerry know.  To read about them telling Deanna what they know is just reiterating the facts.

But finally, we get to tea time.

Brought to you by that special blend that helps you see shit in your future.

Brought to you by that special blend that helps you see shit in your future.

Which means tomorrow, Christmas Eve, you get to see their vision.

I think you’re going to be surprised.