C Level Seeing: Seeing the Future of the Future

Happy Boxing Day to everyone.  Today’s the day you’re supposed to hand out presents to people like mail carriers and your in-house servants, so if you have either of those few best get on it.  Since I don’t have either I don’t need to worry too much, though an in-house servant would be nice from time to time.  But I can always dream.

This is probably been one of the busiest Christmas holidays I’ve ever been in.  I started Friday I staying up twenty-three hours straight, then went out Christmas Eve evening for a party.

I even have evidence that I wasn't home.

I even have evidence that I wasn’t home.

What was unusual about the Christmas Eve party was that I appeared to be the one person who wasn’t part of the close gathering of friends, which was kind of cool in a way.  I should also point out that the host of the party–well, the husband of the husband/wife through the party–had one whole room of nothing but Funko! Pop figurines:

The Game of Throne collection.

The Game of Throne collection.


And this one was In My Eyes.

And this one was In My Eyes.

It was quite a time but I had to bail at 11 PM due to exhaustion and anxiety.  Still, a great time was had.

Then yesterday I was out for Christmas, invited over by the manager of one of the restaurants I frequent.  He prepared a small spread for a small group of us and made sure we had wine.

And a nice tree.

And a nice tree.

Oh, plenty of wine.

Third glass here.

Third glass here.

And Ava got dressed up for the occasion wearing a flouncy skirt because it’s not something I can actually wear to work:

All dressed up and with presents!

All dressed up and with presents!

That’s been my weekend.  And I hope yours has been just as good.  But now, how are my kids doing?

It was Saturday that I published the vision Annie and Kerry had, and if you haven’t read it I would do so by clicking on this link before you get into the excerpt below.  I don’t often do that, but in this case I think it’s important.  And it will become obvious once you read the first few lines at the start of this excerpt–

Which begins now:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


He was once more evasive for a few seconds. “I was looking across a room and…” He spent a moment wetting his lips. “There was a mirror.”

Annie touched his hand and gave it a squeeze. “He—”

Let me say it.” He finally looked up and made eye contact with Deanna. “I saw myself, but…” He glanced off to the right before regaining eye contact. “It wasn’t actually me. It was her.”

“Really.” Deanna turned to Annie. “You saw, um, him that way?”

“I saw her that way.” Annie turned to Kerry. “I knew before I even looked at you or heard you speak. It was as if I could feel it in my mind the whole time.”

Deanna knew she couldn’t ask the correct answers if she didn’t know what questions to ask. “Tell me everything that happened: don’t leave out any details.”

Annie and Kerry spent about five minutes describing everything they saw, heard, and felt. Once they had given their observations Deanna knew where to begin with her probing. “Kerry, did anything feel out of the norm for you? Concerning the dreams you were having last year, you said the first few times her and you swapped you felt somewhat disoriented, but that went away.” She gripped her hands together in her lap as she leaned a slight bit forward. “Was there any disorientation, or wasn’t that present?”

Kerry gave his head a slight shake. “Everything felt normal, like I was born in that that body. I didn’t ever notice anything strange about me.”

Annie tilted her head to one side. “So you didn’t even notice it when you brushed your hair back?”

He seemed confused. “I did?”

“Yes, when you pushed back your hood. Right after that the first thing you did was push her hair back so wasn’t creeping into your face.”

“I never noticed it.”

“You wouldn’t have noticed it if it was a reflexive action.” Deanna ran a finger over her right cheek. “Hum. If it didn’t cause you to question what you were doing, that would mean you had been a girl long enough not to notice.” Her eyes shifted from Kerry to Annie. “Do you have any feel for when this may have happened?”


Again it’s another shared vision between Annie and Kerry, but as we discover Kerry wasn’t quite “himself”.  Yes, Kerry’s running around someplace cold and dark as Girl Kerry, and it’s happening at a point in the future where not only doesn’t he feel there’s anything strange about being like her, but Annie seems completely unconcerned about it as well.

Based on some of the actions which occurred, it leads Annie and Deanna to think that Kerry had become acclimated to his female side.  Although this leads to some while guessing about the exact when–


Both children shrugged before Annie answered. “I didn’t feel that old.”

Kerry let out a loud sigh. “I think it was before we were married.”

Both Deanna and Annie was staring at him, with Annie asking the important question. “How can you be certain?”

“When we had a vision last year, we were able to tell we were a bit older than we are now, but this time it didn’t feel like we were a lot older.” He shrugged. “To me it felt like I was just a few years older. Also…” Kerry chuckled as he looked at Annie. “You had a nose piercing.”

What?” Annie’s eyes grew wide with surprise. “I did?”

“Yeah.” He touched the right side of her nose. “Right there.”

Deanna gave an almost imperceptible shrugged. “Just because she had a nose piercing doesn’t mean it happen before your wedding.”

“I know, but…”  Kerry glanced down and sighed. “She had it when I had the vision of our wedding night.”

Annie almost recoiled. “You never mentioned that.”

“I figured it wasn’t important. Besides, I didn’t want to say anything: I was afraid if I did you might not do it.” He glanced at Deanna. “Not every vision comes true, right?”

Deanna nodded. “That’s true.”

Annie was more interested in this new development. “What color was it?”

A faint smile played on Kerry’s face. “It was a sapphire.”

“My birthstone.” Annie glanced on the floor for second then chuckled. “That would explain your nose piercing.”


So now there is a couple of other bits of information.  One, Annie has a sapphire nose piercing–and Kerry reveals for the first time that it was something she had when they got married.  Kerry also seems convinced that the vision happened before they were married, though all that really appears to be is a feeling: Deanna and Annie are still not so sure, and the fact that Annie had gotten her nose piercing before they were married isn’t really compelling evidence that the vision happens before they were married.

And then comes the other news: Girl Kerry obviously has a nose piercing of her own!  Yeah, these kids are full of surprises–

With more of them coming tomorrow.