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C Level Seeing: What to Do About the Future?

The big event of this weekend was finishing Chapter Seven last night.  It came quickly and easily even though the last scene of the chapter required quite a bit of research to get right.  In fact, the scene before that also took a bit of research to get right, but it was a different kind of research.

Anyway, Chapter Seven is in the bin and I’ll start on Chapter Eight tonight.

It's right there all nice and neat just waiting for me.

It’s right there all nice and neat just waiting for me.

Given that I ended the chapter, it’s a good time to end the current scene, which means I’m about to dump a big excerpt.  It’s okay, because there are two full scenes remaining in Chapter Seven for me to excerpt before I get to the next chapter which I’ll start working on tonight.  That means you’re going to get to see the entire conclusion of what’s happening with Deanna, Annie, and Kerry.

Yesterday we discovered Annie had, at some point in the future, got her nose pierced–and it seems her partner-in-crime did the same.  Well, at least one part of “him” did…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Now it was Kerry’s turn to be surprised. “Wait, what? I had a nose piercing?”

“Yes, here.” Annie touched the left side of her nose. “I saw it when we were in the bedroom. I don’t know what color was, but it was dark. Given the lighting conditions—” She shrugged. “I’m guessing it was an emerald.”

“So you had your birthstone as well.” Deanna rubbed her chin. “Interesting.”

Annie wasn’t done with what she saw in the vision. “Kerry also had dual piercings in her ears.”

“For real?” Kerry didn’t even question the fact that Annie had referred to him using a feminine pronoun. “You sure they were pierced?”

Annie nodded. “Two small hoops going through your earlobes. There was no possibility they were clip-ons.”

“Wow.” He shook his head. “At least we’re twinsies.”

“In what way?”

“You had twin piercings as well. Only yours were a small hoop in the front and a diamond stud in the back.”



Deanna allowed a few moments of silence to pass between the couple before she spoke. “Whenever this happened, it’s obvious it’s at a time where Kerry has grown accustomed to his female half—” The seer turned toward Annie. “So much so that he doesn’t mind mimicking the same adornments as you.”

“It seems likely.” Annie was still hung up on the time frame of the vision. “But he didn’t have a nose piercing in our wedding night vision. So—”

“It means nothing. Do you seriously believe that in the next five years neither one of you will become confident enough with transformation magic that you couldn’t hide something as simple as a nose piercing? I tend to believe that less than anything else I’m hearing.”

Kerry grunted softly before letting out a low laugh. “I’m still trying to believe I’d actually have pierced ears.”

Annie and Deanna chuckled together with Annie responding to the comment. “Girls usually have their ears pierced by the time they’re teenagers. I had mine done when I was eight. In your case you’re starting a little late.”

Kerry wrapped his arms around his chest. “Probably. That isn’t any stranger than the idea they’d let us wear earrings for something like that.”

Deanna caught the slight nod from Annie and felt it necessary to inquire. “What do you mean, Kerry? Who would let you wear earrings?”


Not only is Kerry out as a girl with this special girl, but by this time she’s comfortable enough to get her ears pierced and mimic Annie with a little nose bob of her own.  Annie’s comments about Kerry catching up to her by getting her ears pierced late due to–let’s say “circumstances”–may give one reason to believe that she’ll likely push to get that done as soon as Kerry becomes used to walking around in the new body.  Or not.  But you have to imagine that Annie will play an important part in getting Kerry acclimated to all the girl stuff she’ll need to know.

Now the question was left hanging as to “who” let them hang on to their jewelry in this vision, and there is an answer:


Once more Annie stepped in and answered the question as she glanced at Kerry. “The Guardians.”

He rocked slightly with his arms still wrapped around him. “Wherever we were, we weren’t there because we wanted to be there.”

Annie looked at Deanna. “We were there on a field operation. I couldn’t tell you where we were or why we were there, but it definitely felt as if we were working for The Guardians.”

Deanna sat quietly as she gathering her thoughts. “You’re positive of this, both of you?”

Both answered in unison. “Yes.”

The instructor squared his shoulders. “It’s always possible—”

“Shouldn’t we tell them?”

Of the two Deanna suspected that Annie would be the one to ask this question. “You can’t do that, Annie.”

Kerry released the hold on his chest but began fidgeting. “You can’t just do nothing about this.”

“That is exactly what you going to do about this.” Deanna responded with a bit of an edge in her voice. “Kerry, you’ve read all these books on sight and vision–and you’re aware of this as well, Annie. You can go send off a message to The Guardians telling them you suspect something’s going to happen in the future that’s going to require your presence. In a sense you’re trying to set up the outcome of the vision—”

“But I feel we should say something.” Though she wasn’t fidgeting like her boyfriend, it wasn’t difficult to mistake the agitation in Annie’s eyes. “We can’t just let this go.”

“And were not going to let it go. In a situation like this I’ll send the information off to the Prognosticators Division and let them figure it out. That standard procedure.” Deanna pointed a warning finger at both children. “But you are to do nothing. You don’t tell Helena about this, you don’t and try contacting San Francisco on your own—and you do not try to analyze this vision in an attempt to somehow prepare yourself for what you think may be coming.”

Kerry finally glanced up at Deanna. “But—”

The seer shook her head. “No but, Kerry.”

Annie’s jaw tightened. “Still, though—”

For the first time in the three years of having these meetings the smile vanished from Deanna space and her voice rose slightly. “And no still, either.” She closed her eyes and calmed herself. “I know you want to do the right thing, but saying and doing nothing is the right thing. This is one of the things were going to learn in class, and it’s one of the hardest lessons we learn, that by trying to affect the outcome of a vision we may make it happen—and it’s possible it could even have more disastrous results.” The smile returned to Deanna’s face. “Please, you have to trust me.”

Annie and Kerry exchanged looks before Annie finally nodded. “You are the expert in this matter, so we will defer to your knowledge and your wishes.”

Deanna immediately picked up on Kerry’s hesitancy to agree with Annie. “Kerry?”

He finally nodded. “I agree with Annie: I defer to your knowledge.” He glanced at Annie once more. “However—”

Deanna fought hard not to sigh. “Yes?”

“Would it hurt if I just kinda do some research on this?”

“We won’t say anything.” Annie brushed a few strands of hair away from her face. “But would we compromise the vision if we were to at least get an idea where we were?”

Deanna glanced back and forth between her soon-to-be students for a couple of seconds before giving her answer. “Astamae li.”

The moment the Arabic phrase was said Annie’s and Kerry’s eyes closed as they both slumped slightly. Deanna waited nearly ten seconds before being certain they weren’t about to come out of their trance. She gripped her hands together in her lap and looked towards the floor, deep in contemplation. I didn’t want to do this, but it was necessary. They would understand if I told them everything I knew, but if I did that would I be invalidating the other visions? I can’t take that chance.

She looked up with cold determination in her eyes. “When the time is right you’ll remember this moment. I hope, when that happens, you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me…”


Okay…  several things here:

The kids have been around long enough to figure out that what they’re “seeing” is a Guardian Field Op, and if it is it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.  All we know is that it seems to be in a somewhat urban area, it’s cold, it’s dark, and there aren’t a lot of people around.  Should be interesting.

Now we know of the Prognosticators Division where all visions go, or at least it’s something of a given that Deanna sends some their way.  Which makes you wonder if those other visions Annie and Kerry have had ended up with them as well.  And where are they located?  Not telling.

There there’s that last thing that Deanna did–and what exactly did she do?  Obviously she put the kids into a trance so she can–what?  Futz with their memories of this vision?  Probably.  Has she done this before?  I’m not telling.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Now that all the seeing is out of the way, it’s time to move on to another instructor the kids are gonna have for the first time–and a bit of technogeek talk.

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