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Talkin’ About a Whole Lotta Nothing

Saturday, right?  That means a video, right?  Well, that’s what you’re getting.  Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Talkin’ About a Whole Lotta Nothing

  1. In 2 weeks ! Darn it ! * my stomach is churning…… ugh ! * Don’t stop the activism, Cassie.

    If you bring a Trail Mix, be sure to bring 2 water bottles with you. And a big sandwich, already sliced …….

    Indeed , don’t be afraid. And I believe in people being suicidal because of Trump…… That’s not what I feel, but I get it. Sometimes , my Dad teases me and says something about Trump, and I run and scream. It’s really visceral. What will I do, Cassie ?

    If there’s a Target nearby, please patronize it. Even the CEO double downed on putting up ” family ” toilets in all their establishments/ also, Target is now a client of our dairy company. And guess what, I was interviewed by someone from Target. He asked me if I was being treated well, etc. Target wants to be in business with a company that treats its workers well. Target is socially conscious.

    • I always go to Target when I can: they’ve done a lot for the LGBT community. I’m not as scared as I was before, but I am keeping my eyes open. And today I bought undergarments and wool socks for cold weather, new insoles for my mukluks, and a portable phone charger. I’m almost ready to go.

  2. Wow, you really are ready for the battle zone. Good luck, Cassie. I’m rooting for you and your group. * by the way, my dad wants to go to DC….. we tell him he needs to be in a group, ha ha ha …… this is the part of political battle where people have to be organized….. solo flights are not effective .”

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