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Minioning the Dark Way: Dealing With the Old Country

You were probably wondering if I was ever in a do another blog–I was beginning to wonder the same.  Needless to say I’ve spent most of the day recuperating from all the walking I did yesterday, which does incredibly bad things to your legs if you’re not prepared for the event.  Even now, when I get up I have these twinges in my calves that take a few steps before they start this.  I figure I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

Also, it’s going to take me a day or two to put together a post on what actually happened yesterday.  I’ve got a lot of photos, some video, and even video from outside sources that show the true extent of the crowd.  I will, however, if you a picture to prove I actually was in Washington D.C.–

I think that big building in the background proves something.

I think that big building in the background proves something.

I assure you that the post on the walk is coming within the next few days.  I’m still trying to get my mind around everything that happened…

Meanwhile, back at the school, there’s stuff still going on.  The last time we checked in on the kids Annie had some concerns about a certain A Level.  And why would she?  It seems the A Level in question is something of a special person…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Over the past weekend she had noticed a girl from Blodeuwedd looking in their direction while they ate. Because of her striking ginger hair, her light green eyes, and pale complexion spattered with freckles, it was easy to deduce that she was from the same genetic stock from which Kerry had come. Annie asked Wednesday about this during last night’s Advanced Spells and discovered the girl was Róisín MacKenna from Roscommon, Ireland, and that so far she seemed to be taking well to school life, even going so far as to tell people that her grandmother years before had told her she thought young Róisín was a witch—though Wednesday had already confirmed that it was just a story, as The Foundation found no evidence of there being any Aware ancestors in Róisín’s past.

Annie didn’t look in the Irish girl’s direction, but she saw using her peripheral vision that Róisín was once again staring at Kerry. She leaned in and whispered quietly to her soul mate. “I think someone has a crush on you.”

Kerry gave a low snort after glancing in the girl’s direction. “Just when I thought I was through with one ginger chasing me, here comes another.” He half turned towards Annie. “Don’t worry: I only have a thing for older women.”

Annie’s bright smile was punctuated by a soft chuckle. “Good thing your mother’s not here or she’d try marrying you off right now.”

Kerry’s eyebrows snapped upward. “Yeah, Mom’s going to be disappointed if she doesn’t have some ginger haired grandchildren.”

Annie rested her right arm upon Kerry shoulder. “I’m certain we can do something to ensure that will have at least one ginger child.”

Before Kerry could answer a soft Irish brogue rang out. “Excuse me?” Róisín had her hand in the air.

Annie took a step away from Kerry so she could answer the question. “Yes?”

For the tiniest of moments Róisín appeared annoyed before speaking. “I just wanted to ask the boy for his name and where he’s from.”


Here we go with the truth: there’s an Irish girl is just starting school, and she lays eyes on a boy with ginger hair and just wants to know his name and where he’s from.  Because, I never know, it could be possible that he might be from the old country–

"Do you have a name? Are you from Ireland? Have you ever considered an Irish wife?"

“Do you have a name? Are you from Ireland? Have you ever considered an Irish wife?”

The funny thing is, Annie not only recognizes this girl as having us an interest in Kerry, but realizes that if his Irish-American mother were present, she would probably start matchmaking in a moment.  After all, Kerry has said on several occasions that he’s always thought his mother’s dream was for him to find a nice Irish girl and settle down.  Instead, you’ll settle down with some Bulgarian girl with chestnut colored hair, and there goes any possibility of there being ginger grandkids in Louise’s future–though Kerry suggests there is probably something they can do to ensure they have at least one ginger child.

But this new girl, Róisín, wants her question answered.  And Kerry isn’t afraid to answer:


Kerry crossed his arms so his hands were anchored under his armpits. “My name’s Kerry.”

Róisín gave him a strange look. “And do ye have a family name, too?”

“My father’s name is Malibey, but my mother can trace her lineage back to the Emerald Isle. There her family name was Callaghan.”

The Irish girl’s green eyes brightened. “So ye have kin back home?”

Kerry shrugged. “The Foundation would know better than me. Or my grandfather: he’s done all the genealogy in the family.”

“I see.” There was a gleam of mischief in Róisín eyes. “Bhfuil tú ag labhairt Ghaeilge?”

He was ready with his answer. “Beagáinín. Thosaigh mé a mhúineadh mé féin toisc go bhfuil an Bhreatain Bheag ilteangach.”

“Sin chomh deas.” Róisín twirled a strand of hair around her right fingers. “Mar sin, an bhfuil tú cailín?”

Kerry looked down and away for a moment, chuckling, before straightening and giving his answer as he motioned towards Annie. “Is ea. Tá sí an Bulgáire álainn ar dheis anseo, agus labhraíonn sí Gaelic chomh maith.”

Róisín’s cheeks turned a bright red and she suddenly turned her attention to her desktop. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

Kerry stopped closer to Annie, who had a look of disbelief upon her face. He gave her smile once he was certain the class couldn’t see him. “That should take care of that.”

Though Annie had begun to pick up a few bits of Gaelic as well, she hadn’t been able to follow the conversation between Róisín and him. “What was that?”

Kerry took a long, slow breath. “First she asked if I could speak Gaelic, and I told her I was learning because Wales is multilingual—and then she asked me if I had a girlfriend.”

Annie’s head twisted slightly to the left. “And what did you say?”

“I told her yes, and she was the beautiful Bulgarian standing next to me who also spoke Gaelic.”

A huge grin exploded across Annie face. “So that’s why she got so embarrassed.”

He gave a quick nod. “Had to shut that down; the last thing I need is an eleven-year-old lass from the old country with a crush on me.”


Now Kerry more or less tells Annie what it was he said, but you know I have the actual conversation down.  I mean, it would be highly unlikely that I didn’t.  So here’s how that conversation went in English:


“I see.” There was a gleam of mischief in Róisín eyes. “Do you speak Gaelic?”

He was ready with his answer. “Just a little.  I started to teach myself because Wales is multilingual.”

“That’s so nice. ” Róisín twirled a strand of hair around her right fingers. “That’s so nice.  So, do you have a girlfriend?”

Kerry looked down and away for a moment, chuckling, before straightening and giving his answer as he motioned towards Annie. “Yes.  She’s the beautiful Bulgarian right here, and she speaks Gaelic as well.”

Hi, yes, that Beautiful Bulgarian is standing right there and while she didn’t understand most of what was said, it was enough to send Little Miss Irish Girl off to Blushing Meadows.  And given that the new girl in class doesn’t know exactly what Annie and do, it’s probably a good thing that Kerry made mention of the fact that he’s already taken and he’s off the market.

What is interesting is that Kerry does seem to have picked up Gaelic pretty easily.  Back in the a levels he said he spoke a little bit of Welsh Gaelic but he never said much in that language.  He’s also been picking up Bulgarian on the side–been doing so since the summer of his B levels.  But now, we find out he’s teaching himself Gaelic as well.  Is there some sort of enchantment in place that is helping him pick up languages?  After all, we did learn that there some sort of enchantment in place at school which allows the students to understand each other when they don’t speak a common language, so it’s not a great leap to imagine that there is some sort of magic in place that is helping Kerry develop a rudimentary knowledge of other languages.  Or could there be something else in place?

Kerry’s last comment about having the shutdown crush is going to bring out a comment from Annie–and as you might guess, it has something to do with another girl with similarly colored hair…

14 thoughts on “Minioning the Dark Way: Dealing With the Old Country

  1. I have a website saved to my computer for learning Gaelic, as it’s a language I’d love to learn. Started using it at the beginning of 2016 and then just… stopped… because I’m a failure and well… life. Lol

  2. Of course, she will easily be intimidated by the best student witch at Salem who happens to be the girlfriend of her crush. But who knows ? I think you should balance that if there’s a guy from the higher level who is right now admiring Annie, that will later turn into love. So there.

    • The little Irish girl didn’t say she was in love, just wanted to know if Kerry had a girlfriend.

      With Annie the dynamic is different. She’s really sort of intimidating while Kerry is pretty easy going. Annie sort of keeps the boys at bay because she’s let it be known that she only has eyes for one lade and that’s it, and the other guys don’t want to know what will happen if they move on her and she says more than “no”. She kicked the butt of a skilled fighter, so imagine what she’d do to a normal witch boy?

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