Minioning the Dark Way: Comes the Dark Witch

So it seems as if I’m not going to be able to walk and worked.  The legs are still slightly paralyzed when I get up in the morning and after been sitting for a few moments, that same feeling returns.  It’s likely that I’m going to have to spend a few days driving back and forth to work before I can work up the energy to actually walk.

I’m also hoping to be able to start eating more today.  Since Thursday my appetite has been somewhat arrested and though I had two bowls of chili yesterday, it gave me considerable heartburn and left me feeling a bit queasy through the evening.  I forgone my morning coffee fearing it was going to upset my stomach and I’m hoping for a decent lunch today.  I know I’ve dropped a couple of pounds given the events of the last few days and while I’m not eager to gain them back, I would like to get back to something approaching a normal appetite.

With that said, it’s time to go back to Sorcery class.

Now last night I showed that there was a certain Irish girl who was showing a certain amount of attention to a certain Irish-American-Welsh boy who used to live in California.  And a certain Bulgarian girl not only picked up on this attention, but we should know it: she decides to inform her one and only soul mate that he tends to attract attention from other redheads…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“How true.” She glanced off to the side. “Though it took you two years to shutdown a crush from a ginger lass living in this country.”

In all the time that Annie was aware of Emma’s interest in Kerry, this was the first time she’d ever made a comment regarding how long it took him to let Emma know she didn’t have a chance. Kerry didn’t panic at the acquisition, however. “It wasn’t two years, it was more like a year. And if you’ll remember, after I did tell her that she didn’t have a chance she spent some time during the racing season trying to make me pay for that push back.”

Annie straightened the lapels of his jacket. “I know, my love. And I also know that you would’ve never have given into her ‘feminine wiles’.” She brushed away imaginary dust. “Tell me: were you worried that while you were out on a flight together that she might try to harm you if you pushed her away too quickly?”

Kerry looked directly into Annie’s eyes as he answered almost immediately. “The thought had not only crossed my mind somewhat, but whenever we had to do a mission alone together, I always kept defensive spells screens up—just in case.” He scratched the tip of his nose. “When I finally told her in New York that I was never going to date her, all the way back I half expected her to react somewhat…”

Annie knew what he was insinuating. “You believed she might attack you?”

“A little. I knew there wasn’t a lot she could throw at me, but that didn’t mean she might not try something stupid like ramming me with her room while we are over Long Island Sound.” There was a slight shake of his head. “At least she decided to work out her frustrations against me out on the race course.”

Annie’s head bobbed with several small nods. “Yes, that was so much better.”


After about a year and a half since it first came to her attention, Annie finally says something to Kerry about why he didn’t go all Negan on Emma and shut that shit down.  And the answer is good:  He was worried Emma might start gunning for him.  Like she did on the race course once he did shut that shit down.

Spurning teen witches:  man, it’s dangerous on both sides.  Anger, hormones, and magic are a dangerous combination, which makes you wonder if a big part of Coraline’s job is handing out “mood stabilizers” to calm stressed-out witches.  Not to mention Coraline, Deanna, and Erywin probably hear a lot of drama…

And speaking of drama, the Big Bad Sorceress is here!


The door to the classroom swung open and slammed into the backstop as an all too familiar voice echoed through the room. “Now this is what I call a well behaved class.” Professor Helena Lovecraft waved the door shut behind her as she strode towards the front of the room looking as intimidating as possible in a dark red V-neck top, black jeans, boots with thick, stacked heels, and her trademark long black leather duster. “I think you’re the first A Level class in the last five years that I’ve walked in on during Week One that wasn’t making a hell of a lot of noise.” She hung up her duster then turned and faced the class, her arms crossed. “I don’t know if I should take this as a good or bad sign.”

Helena waited until she was certain that every student in the room was paying attention to her before starting her opening remarks. “It’s been a pretty eventful week for you, hasn’t it? Got to fly on brooms Monday, learn how to craft your first spell on Tuesday and brew up the first mixture on Wednesday. And this morning you had Jessica showing you how to do transformation magic. Did she change into that blue shape shifter again? Or did she grow wings? Doesn’t matter: no matter what she does, Jessica is a bit intimidating and she loves being that way.  Yeah?

“But even then, Jessica’s rarely scary unless she really wants to be frightening. I’ve seen her do some frightening things: I’ve even heard she’s killed a few people. But she’s not really scary. No—” Helena’s dark eyes narrowed slightly. “You’ve had plenty of time to hear about the real scary instructor.  And now you get to meet her.

“So allow me to introduce myself. I am Professor Helena Lovecraft, the Head Sorceress of the School of Salem. In case anyone’s wondering, I’m a native of New Zealand, as is my mother and my grandmother and all their ancestors before. My father’s family first immigrated from England to Australia before moving on down to New Zealand and settling permanently, and they were in country for a couple of generations before my parents got together. My father has attended school here, as has my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was Head Sorceress here for about five years, and both my mother and she were the first full-blooded Māori to attend school. And, as nearly everyone knows, I’m half-Māori as well as being raised and trained by two rather bad arsed sorceresses, making me as bad arsed as them.

“As I’ve told numerous students on this first day of class, sorcery is magic that is used to hurt another person. Now, normal spells, mixtures, and transformation magic can all be used to hurt someone, but all those disciplines also have beneficial applications, with most crafting used to help rather than hurt.”


And how do they hurt?  That comes later.

You do have to like how Helena is always playing up the “I’m a Bad Witch” mentality with her students.  Like she’s said, the best thing to have is a rep and while at school she wants to be known as the Scary Sorceress, the one woman you don’t want to cross.  Keep the kids a little scared of you and they won’t give you trouble–

Though that’s about to be tested.