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Minioning the Dark Way: Dark Honesty

After a couple of days I seem to be at the point where I have recovered from my long walk on Saturday.  I haven’t started on my post yet, mostly because yesterday was busy with work and a heavy nap when I got home.  I also feel as if I’ve finally gotten back to a hundred percent health as well and this helps.  The last couple of nights I’ve felt sore and distracted have only been able to write about six hundred words each night, so it’s all coming back slowly.

This excerpt delete is a continuation of one I started yesterday. It basically finishes up the thoughts that Helena began she first walked in the classroom.  And one of the things that comes up in this short, five hundred and fifty word monologue, is one of the reasons why it teaches a branch of magic that really does little more than help one person kill another.  Of course it doesn’t tell the whole story–none of the A Levels know that they only have two years of mandatory Sorcery–but he gives an insight into where they’re going.

So let us begin:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Helena hooked her thumbs in the belt hoops of her pants and began a slow walk across the front of the classroom. “Sorcery isn’t like that; there are no real ‘beneficial applications’ for the spells you’ll learn in this class. The spells you’ll craft and the formulas you’ll mix are designed to hurt, and possibly even kill, other people.” She stopped and turned only her head toward her class. “That’s it. That’s how all these spells are used. And that means when you come into this classroom to learn how to craft this magic, you damn sure had better be able to find the strength within you to cause some pain.

“Now I know—” Helena waved her right hand in the air. “I sound like twenty different kinds of crazy bitch up here. And you know what? It always sounds like that to the A Levels on the first day in this class. There’s probably even a few you, sitting here watching me, thinking, ‘Why would the school even allow such a thing to happen?’ I mean, in all the fiction out there about witches and magic and sorcery, anyone using magic or sorcery to hurt another person is a bad witch. And to use magic to kill another person—oh, god.” She shook her head. “How could the headmistress, in good conscience, allow me to show you things?”

Helena finally stopped, faced her students, and crossed her hands in front of her waist. “The reason I’m going to teach these things to you because you’re going to discover, rather soon, that we’re the good witches and the truly bad witches out there will kill you without a second thought. Actually more apt to kill you now because you can’t do shit to defend yourselves.” She gave a slight nod. “That’s what I’m going to change.”

She turned to her left and began slowly making her way across the front once more. “Two years ago the bad witches attacked us on what we now call the Day of the Dead. We call it that because that’s the day they attacked: 1 November, the day that people in some countries honor and remember the spirits of deceased infants and children.” Helena chuckled. “These assholes have nothing if not a sick sense of humor.

“We had patrols in the air; we had people on the ground; we had defense screens up along the outer wall and the Pentagram Wall. The bad guys figured out a way of getting in and while they were only inside a short time, they still managed to kill ten people: one instructor and nine students. There were a lot of acts of bravery that day and we had a few close calls with people who almost didn’t make it. I myself was on the ground and I sent a few bad guys on their way beyond the Veil. And I did it using sorcery. Which is exactly what you would use if you should ever find yourself in a similar situation.” She wagged her right finger in the air as so to make her point. “This is why I teach this: because one day you may very well find yourself in a life or death situation, and you’ll want to live.


“One day you’ll be in a life or death situation, and you want to live.”  And it really doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Now course, it takes two years to find out you’ve got the right stuff to be that sort of person who wants to live, but you will pick up a few neat little tricks along the way and maybe that’ll be enough to keep your bacon out of the fire.  Or you’ll know enough to hide behind the people who do know how to deal death.

And speaking of those people, I’ve got two little witches I want to introduce to you…

8 thoughts on “Minioning the Dark Way: Dark Honesty

  1. Whoa ! Cliffhanger!

    I really like Helena. I mean, I like all the teachers, but Helena is # 1 to me. I have a feeling something will happen to Helena, and Annie will take over. I also feel that urgency of Annie knowing all the ropes of Sorcery, because something big will happen in the not so distant future.

    • Helena’s the one witch at school who knows what’s out there: she’s been a real spook and been down in the trenches. Not to say the others haven’t seen their share of shit, but she knows the world.

      • There’s a sense of great urgency on the way Helena focuses on Annie’s skills. Oh, I know Annie is passing this on to Kerry. Kerry should be as skilled as Annie because they know they are partners for life, and I have this nagging feeling the fate of Salem, and maybe the fate of the witching world, at least in America , depends on Annie and Kerry.

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