Minioning the Dark Way: The Non-Believers

Believe it or not I did get my Grand K of Words down last night even though I was out most of the evening.  First, I had to pick up medication and then I returned home to change, but also to find a gift waiting for me: a Tina Belcher mug.

I'm a smart, strong, sensual woman who puts on her bra one boob at a time.

I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman who puts on her bra one boob at a time.

After that I went out to get my nails repaired and re-polished, thing time going with a pink called “Let Me Bayou a Drink”–

So much pink.

So much pink.

Then I wrote about Vicky telling her students about the Polar Express and getting them to realize how hard it’s gonna be.  But that’s for another excerpt–

Today we’re back in the Witch House, and even though Helena spoke in glowing terms about her minons, someone’s not convinced…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Helena was about the move on another student wearing the bright purple star of Åsgårdsreia raised her hand. She knew the student was right away: Stella Butagira, a girl from Uganda. Erywin mentioned during the Wednesday night dinner that the girl had proven to be a bit difficult and even slightly disruptive during her first Formulistic Magic class, though Erywin had yet to determine if it’d been because she was having difficulty adjusting to her new reality, or if she was just being a difficult person. “Yes, Stella?”

The girl folded her hands upon her desk and spoke in quick, clipped tones. “A girl in my coven said that those two can hurt people and even kill them. She told me I should watch out for them because they’re dangerous.” Stella eyed Annie with a dark stare. “She told a few of us that we should watch out for her, that she’s the most dangerous.”

Helena began running names of troublemakers through her head and focused upon the name almost immediately. “You wouldn’t have received this warning from a girl named Lisa by any chance?”

Stella nodded. “Yes, that was her name.”

Helena ignored the groans coming from her left and concentrated on the girl before her. “Allow me to give you a bit of information, Stella. The sooner you discount anything Lisa tells you, the better. She’s a bit of a troublemaker and an all-around pain in the arse, and what she’s telling your coven mates and you are ridiculous fabrications because she wants you to end up looking like a pain in the arse.” She waved her off. “As usual, Lisa has no fucking idea what she’s saying.”


So, the Bad Girl of Åsgårdsreia Coven is once again talking shit about a certain couple.  Yes, Lisa opened her mouth about the Lovey Doveys, but before you go, “She violated Annie’s judgement,” she didn’t actually say anything bad or untrue about them.  I mean, they can hurt and kill people–it’s just that no one’s seem then do that.  And of the two Annie is the most dangerous, so no lying there.

Don’t worry:  Annie won’t forget this.



Several students flinched when Helena swore, unaccustomed as yet to the fact that several of the instructors usually said whatever was on their mind while in class. Stella, however, recovered quickly from her initial shock and eyed her instructor with renewed vigor. “How do we know that they can do what you claim they can do? How do we know they’re not going to hurt one of us accidentally?” She eyed Annie once more and even pointed at her. “I heard she knew how to kill people before she even came to school.”

Helena was beginning to feel slightly exasperated by not only the questioning, but by the fact that Lisa had probably went out of her way to start spreading rumors among the A Levels about the possible danger presented by two C Level minions. Though she couldn’t take any direct action against Lisa, it wouldn’t be difficult to let her coven leader know that someone in her tower was violating the sanctity of The Fishbowl… “I would not have either of them assisting me with the things we are going to learn in this class if I didn’t think they were capable of controlling their crafting.” She rolled her shoulders to remove the tenseness that was building there. “That’s the end of that story.”

Stella wasn’t ready to let it go. “I want to see them do something.”

“What?” Helena’s eyes narrowed. “What do you think this is, a performance? You think we’re up here to entertain you?” The chuckle that emanated from deep in her throat sounded dark and ominous. “You had better begin reconsidering the words you’re allowing to come out of your mouth, or you’re going to find your proficiencies in trouble.”

“I understand, Professor.” It was obvious, however, that Stella didn’t understand. “I was only trying to make certain that none of us were in danger.”

There was only one way out of this situation short of threatening the student and Helena made the decision quickly. She took two steps back from the front of the classroom.

“Stella, come up here. Now.” As the girl left her seat Helena motioned at her minions. “Annie, I need you.”


There you go, Annie:  you’re needed.

The question is, will it be for something good?