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Minioning the Dark Way: The Last Shocking Thoughts

Last night I started on my post for the Women’s March and out about thirteen hundred and fifty words into it before coming to a stopping point.  Tonight I’m going to finish up the rest of it so I can have it ready to post tomorrow, and given that today’s excerpt is the last full of Chapter Eight, the last day of January will be a good point to reminiscent what happened ten days before.

It will also allow me to remain about seven thousand words ahead of you, and given that I’ll be out Tuesday night doing postcard signing to send off to our elected officials, it will be good to get both things done and out of the way.  I’m looking ahead to Chapter Ten, and realize that will be the first chapter where we get to see kids engaging in some rather advanced stuff.  We’ll get to see the super lab; we get see Jessica teaching how to do compression and expansion not just to inanimate objects but the real, live living things; will get to see any learning how to use Blend With Shadows; will get to see how time spells work; and lastly, we get our first taste of what it looks like to move about in the Astral Realm.

It is for sure going to be fun.  Believe me on that.

So lastly, let’s find out what happened after Helena delivered her one last lesson about the worst thing that can happen to you, or to someone else, if you’re a Guardian.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry slowly made his way to his feet. He didn’t appear to have shaken off the full effects of Annie’s shock, but he could at least walk—something he was unable to do two years earlier when Helena had done the same thing to him. “I only speak for myself, but I’m in this to the end.”

Annie nodded. “As am I.”

All she never had any doubts about Annie, Helena was pleasantly surprised to not only see Kerry say he was sticking it out, but that he’d said so before Annie spoke. “So does this mean you’ve both learned something from this lesson?”

“It means I don’t want to hurt Kerry if it isn’t necessary—” Annie reached out for Kerry as he approached. “But I have to accept the fact that as a Guardian he could be hurt or even killed because of an order I give.”

He took Annie’s hand. “And the same thing could happen to you because of me.” He wrapped both hands around hers, raised it to his lips, and kissed the back. “It’s the life we’re choosing to lead and you gotta take the bad with the good.”

Annie wrapped her arm around Kerry’s neck and kissed him on the lips. “Absolutely, my love.”

“Do you think you’re able to walk back to the Pentagram?” Helena crossed her arms, looking pleased. “And can you still craft magic?”

Kerry spent a few moments gauging his abilities. “Yes on the second one; can’t really tell yet on the first.”

“Well, if you can craft, and you can walk—you can walk, can’t you?”


“Then I’m going to want you to go back in there.” Helena nodded toward the classroom. “There’s something I need you to do.”

Annie already knew what Helena was going to say. “You want him shocked me, don’t you?”

Helena shrugged. “Gotta show those doubtful A Levels that you two can handle your spells.” She moved to open the door. “After he’s done you can both head off to the hospital and rest up this evening.” She waved the door open and entered, leaving them behind.

Annie and Kerry exchanged glances for about five seconds before she spoke. “You won’t shock me too bad, will you, my love?”

He gave a low chuckle. “No worse than you did me, my Darling.”

“And you’re going to hate yourself for doing that?”

“All through this night.”

Annie took his hand. “We should get in there, then. The sooner you shocked me, my love, the sooner we can spend time recuperating together.”


There was never any doubt of Annie continuing down this path.  She’s wanted to be a Guardian for a long time and nothing is going to dissuade her at this point–not even the possibility of her soul mate being killed due to something that she might order.  As Helena says, the biggest surprise is Kerry saying he’s going to continue and saying it before Annie has a chance to speak.  He’s always been seen as someone who follows Annie, and Helena has always been somewhat concerned that his only reason for wanting to be a Guardian is because of Annie.  Now Helena knows: the boy is acting on his own.  Or, at least he looks that way.  It’s always difficult to tell with Kerry.

So, Washington Post tomorrow followed Wednesday by the first post the new chapter.  Things are moving right along rather nicely.

It won’t be long before this novel actually starts to make sense!

2 thoughts on “Minioning the Dark Way: The Last Shocking Thoughts

  1. I’m actually glad Annie opened her mouth. I figured Helena would do something like that if the situation came up, and I’m glad Annie was the one to bring it forth rather than Kerry or even just to set an example. I’m also glad that after a little (OK… a lot of) hesitation, Annie did as she was ordered. Of all the things Helena could have had them do though, why shock?

    What I also don’t understand is why the duel between Lisa and Annie was never talked about. I realize Lisa’s always had it out for the two, but I feel like it’s gotten worse since the duel when she realized that Annie could really kill her and not feel an ounce of guilt (and probably bring her back to life so she could do it all over again). Even if such matters aren’t supposed to be talked about afterward, there’s no way that no students don’t talk about it, and the fastest way to squash a trouble-maker listening to another trouble-maker (other than making an example out of them) is to reveal exactly how strong her minions are and confirm the rumors that would flow anyway.

    Sorry I’m posting all this on a single post, but I read all of them in a row as it’s been a few days since I’ve been on…

    • It’s okay. I understand how it gets when you read. 🙂

      Annie has always said she won’t tell Kerry what to do, that he has to learn it all on his own, but we know she has gotten around this rule on a few occasions. The thing with Emma–she had to let him deal with it least she end up looking like a crazy girlfriend. Kerry’s problem is that he’s slow and deliberate with everything, and he really (1) didn’t want to hurt Emma and (2) didn’t want HER getting crazy on him. Which she did at some points throughout the year until Kerry finally put her on blast and told her to knock off the shit.

      The reason the fight between Annie and Lisa wasn’t brought up is because–well, it was in a way, but you know Helena: sometimes she’s just gonna make an example. And the kids just happened to be there so let them be the example. Also think about it: if Annie and Kerry are gonna shock each other, imagine what they’d do to these A Levels if they get out of line? Do you really want Annie standing off to one side of the room staring at you like she’s thinking about what spell to use on you? No. ‘Cause she can be a scary little girl.

      Annie’s also made note of what Lisa did. She won’t forget. It’s not a bad thing to have a girl from Lisa’s coven going on about all the things Lisa’s saying because Annie’s likely to hear each one of those things…

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