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Join the Club: Remembering the Romance

Before getting to the writing portion of our program, will start off with the protesting part of our program.  As in, I went to a protest march yesterday in the afternoon.  There was a chance to stand in solidarity against the current immigration policies and in favor of not only refugees, but all people of different ethnicities and faiths.  I was a bit surprised that we were actually able to march without having a permanent, though we didn’t really march far.  Harrisburg is not Washington D.C., so we don’t take over all of Second Street and march for two miles.  We did, however, shut off a couple of the main roads in Harrisburg, and apparently it’s something that happens quite often.

I didn’t get a lot of shots.  I was actually there to engage in conversation and hear what was being said, and I did both.  But I did get a few shots:

Walking down the street.

Walking down the street.


Doing my part.

Doing my part.


Having dinner after.

Having dinner after.

My friend who sent me the hijab said she was so happy to see such a great turnout, as well as me wearing my hijab all day.  Not only that, but one of my other Muslim friends saw pictures of me–because these are all over my Facebook wall and in the group I’m in–and she actually put on one of hers, one that she hasn’t worn in years because of where she lives in the US–she doesn’t wear a hijab for fear that she’ll be assaulted–and offered to send me a few of hers.

See?  Making inroads everywhere.

Now on to the writing part…

I finished last night scene, the penultimate of Chapter Nine.  Right now, that puts me about sixty-seven hundred words up ahead of you, though with today’s excerpt that reduces it to about sixty-two hundred.  Finishing up the scene finishes up Emma’s Summer Story, which is what this scene was all about.  Now on to the Midnight Madness and bringing my Lovey Dovey Couple together for the first Friday night in their pajamas relaxing and enjoying the end of the long week.

Just so you know I'm not lying...

Just so you know I’m not lying…

Oh, and I should point out that Chapter Eleven is the chapter where we get to see Annie and Kerry do their big Kali test.  Yes, they get an entire chapter to themselves for it, because it’s going to be a very big deal.  I like very big deals.  Especially when it’s my kids getting ready to lay the pain on–well, you’ll just have to see.

In the meantime, the next scene to be excerpt is all about Annie, and it starts with her discovering something unusual moments after she said goodbye to Kerry…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After dropping Kerry off at the Flight School she flew back to the Pentagram and was there less than a minute later. It had been her intention to use the bathroom and then go out to the Witch House, but she’d taken only four steps into the Great Hall’s Atrium when Sabrina, the school’s AI, informed her that professors Lovecraft and Chai wanted to see her in Gwydion Manor at eight thirty.

She was surprised that she was being called by Helena, but the inclusion of Ramona Chai and the location of Gwydion Manor peaked Annie’s interest. Though Ramona was aware that she was involved in Guardian training, Annie couldn’t imagine her sitting in on a meeting between Helena and her.

There was only one way to figure out is going on…

Since she had plenty of time Annie walked the paths from the Pentagram to Gwydion Manor because she wanted to be alone with her thoughts. She decided against trying to figure out what this meeting was about and and thought more about the coming year while enjoying the quiet morning.

After the first week of school she’d fallen right back into the habits she developed over the last two years, though some of the things she did hear were no different than what she did back home in Bulgaria. She didn’t know that she was going to love the two new classes, and she felt a slight relief in the fact that Kerry and she were no longer the youngest students in the advanced classes any longer.

What she enjoyed even more, however, was seen the change that came over Kerry once all the prodding and testing of the weekend was over and he was finally able to get back into a normal class schedule. During their last lunch and their week in Paris his anxiety was obvious, but once they began the reintegration into the student structure he more or less reverted back to the boy he’d been during their B Levels.

At night, once they were through with their classes, was when Annie noticed his changed the most. Though their moments in Paris together were filled with love, distress Kerry was under seemed to hold him back from being romantic soul mate she knew. By last Sunday night that had all changed, and the romantic young man whom Annie had known her entire life had not only returned, but did not want her to leave his side for even a second. There was even a moment, when they were spending time alone in the private lab in the lower levels of the coven tower, when Kerry held her in an embrace that was so long and so passionate that she swooned and nearly passed out.

She told Kerry after that kiss, she was going to demand at least one like it a week.

Upon reaching Gwydion Manor Annie entered the building at through the main entrance and proceeded directly to the large open area where they practice their forms on Sunday. Since no one was waiting for her here, she assumed they might be in Professor Chai’s office. She called out just to be certain. “Hello?”


That Kerry:  Making Annie Swoon Since 2011.  It’s not strange that he lost a little of his romantic edge and if we want to get technical, we could say he was suffering from performance anxiety, and now that he’s out of a dark place where he had lots of worry, he can get back to being Soul Mate Special and show Annie all the love she needs and wants.

And if that causes her emotions to build up to the point where she can no longer take it and it makes her light headed, so be it.

But now we need to get into the why of Annie being out to Gwydion Manor, and the answer to that is…

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