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Join the Club: Making the Pitch

Let’s admit it: I was a bad girl last night.  I had to go out and get my nails fixed–yes, I had breaks–and once I was done there I went out to get something to eat.  And have a glass of wine.  And another.  And two more after that.  I started walking home after four glasses of wine and got into one of my “moods”.  So after a moped around for about twenty minutes, I finally got home and didn’t feel like doing a damn thing.  I watched TV until about ten-thirty, then read for about forty-five minutes before going to bed.

Why I do this to myself I don’t know. Well I do know: it’s depression.  And I deal with it.  Or at least I do my best.

Tomorrow I’ll do much better because on Tuesday nights I have started doing a weeks worth TV recaps, starting next week.  I don’t wanna find myself getting behind the ball on those.  At least with my writing I’m doing well.  Or I’ve convinced myself I’m doing well, I’m not really sure which.  No, I’m doing well.  I’m sure.

So now that we got this nonsense all the way, let’s figure out why Annie has been called out to Gwydion Manor for a meeting.  The answer is actually quite simple…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Ramona Chai’s voice rang out within the empty building. “We’re back here, Annie.”

Annie headed toward the back of the Manor to the professor’s office, which was the first door on the left in the hallway leading to the locker rooms. Even though the door was open she knocked on the frame to announce the presence and was somewhat surprised to discover that Helena was here as well, sitting in a chair directly across from Professor Chai, who sat behind her large, ornate desk. “You wanted to see me, Professor?”

Ramona motion for Annie to enter. “Please, come in. Take a seat.” She waved the door closed and waited for Annie to get comfortable before continuing. “How are you feeling this morning, Annie?”

“I’m feeling well.” She pressed her shoulders together and smiled. “I’m glad to be back at school.”

“After spending nine months here you get to where you want to come back while you’re on summer holiday.”

“Yes, that’s exactly how it feels.”

Helena cleared her throat. “You see Kerry off to class this morning?”

Annie positioned her chair so she could see both Ramona and Helena without having to turn her head too much. “I walked with him to the Flight School then flew back to the Pentagram. I was going to grab a couple of snacks and head out to the Witch House for a little reading.” She looked down as she smiled. “That was before I got the message that I was needed here.”


During the entirety of their B Levels Annie always walked Kerry to the Flight School so he could attend class.  The only time she couldn’t do this is if it was impossible for her to get away from something, but almost every Friday she made the walk down to the south end of Selena’s Meadow to give him a kiss and wish him well.

And to remind a certain ginger girl from Boulder, Colorado, that is certain ginger boy from Cardiff, Wales, was off-limits.  Yeah, this last one took some time to sink in.

Just as with so many other things that happened to her at school, the instructors are aware that she has this routine that she follows.  The interesting thing is, Isis is actually warned both Annie and Kerry about establishing a routine.  As she pointed out, if someone really wants to get to them at school, it’s a rather easy thing for people to know where they’re at a specific time, as they seem to follow that quite regularly.  Isis is one of the people at school who is likely aware that Annie and Kerry are doing Guardian things, and she’s giving them a friendly warning.  Maybe next time she’ll jump out of the shadow and grab Kerry around the throat and then start lecturing Annie on why having a routine is a bad thing.

‘Cause they usually take something like that to make people realize that the advice are getting is good.

Since everyone knows where everyone is supposed to be, we now start to find out why everyone is here instead:


Both the instructors relaxed and sat back in there chairs, with Ramona speaking for them both. “In case you had some concerns, you haven’t been summoned because of the disciplinary issue: you’re the last person in the school needing disciplinary action. This also isn’t discussion about how you’re doing in class either mine or Helena’s.”

Annie played with her right ear ring. “Well, I didn’t think it was either of those. But that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about why I’m here.”

“They wish to get down to business.” Ramona moved her chair closer to her desk and leaned against the surface. “Helena and I are responsible for the Rapid Response ground team—you are familiar with this?”

“I do.” The Rapid Response ground assault team was comprised of instructors and students who were charged with defending the grounds inside the walls should anyone dangerous breached the defense screens. Their presence was only required one security protocols were advanced due to an attack, or possible attack, on the school, and the last time they were called out was during the Day of the Dead.

“Due to the deaths we suffered a couple of years ago and the graduations of happened since, we find we’re in need of replenishing our ranks.” Ramona rubbed the tip of her nose.

“Your name is at the top of the short list of students we wanted to ask about joining.” She chuckled as a crooked smile formed on her face. “Now you know why you’re here.”


Salem knows how to protect itself, and the teams they have in place to watch the ground in the air do a great job of protecting.  We also know these groups are not playing, as there were deaths in the Day of the Dead attacks, both in the air and on the ground, though the majority of the deaths in the air were not from the Air Assault teams.

But here it is: Annie’s being asked to join one of the teams responsible for defending the school grounds in the instance the bad guys get it.  It’s actually something of an honor to be asked to do this, because Helena and Ramona know that anyone put in this position as a certain amount of bravery, works well in groups, is able to follow orders, and is probably a stone cold killer.  That last one is a necessity, because if you can’t kill the bad guys there’s no point in you being out there with the bad guys.

Well, we know Annie doesn’t have a problem with that last


8 thoughts on “Join the Club: Making the Pitch

  1. Whoa. Definitely a foreshadowing of what’s to come. I wonder if her friends, like Alex et al, are part of the defense group. I’m sure it will be Kerry’s turn next. Air defense with Emma ? Annie should learn that shadow thing asap. Wait, I forget….. who’s the expert again ?

    • Isis is. Helena knows it a little as well, but Isis is the mistress.

      The only person we know for sure in Air Assault is Nadine, who knows the Lightning spell. Though it was not stated, Penny and Alex did not do the observation flight during DotD because Penny was just out of the hospital and not flight ready, and Alex didn’t want to fly without her. Emma can do observation patrol, but she doesn’t know any sorcery she could use against bad guy, so it’s go to ground for her when things get bad.

          • Well, Nadine can do the Lightning spell. How about Penny and Alex ? Even Franky and Lisa ? What can these two do to defend and protect themselves?

          • That’s because we’ve never really seen them in action before. We know Lisa brews crap mixtures. 🙂 For Penny and Alex to go on the Polar Express they would have needed to know Fire, Compress, Expand, maybe Lightening to kill game. For sure Levitation. And Light Bending and maybe even Invisibility.

            Franky and Lisa–maybe they don’t want you to know what they can do.

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