Join the Club: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Another day, another writing adventure.  I managed to start the new scene last night, the last one of Chapter Nine, and it required me to actually look up some songs that were popular in 2013.  One reason for this is that one of the songs I discovered actually plays a part in setting the mood to scene.  I’m not telling you which one: you’ll just have to wait until I published the excerpt.

The other one, however… It seems that Annie’s influence on Kerry is beginning to change his taste in music a little here and there, and you’re going to be somewhat surprised to discover that not only was Annie dancing with some girls–it was an impromptu thing, which makes it even more fun–but that Kerry seemed to be jamming right along with the tune.  Like I said, the stories were all about the kids growing and changing and this may be one of those indications that Kerry is able to enjoy things that normally were outside his box.

Or maybe he just likes watching Annie dance.

I also found another song that will set the mood for a later scene, and it’s likely that if this were a Netflix episode, it would play over the montage of scenes that define what is happening.  And while I didn’t discover a fourth song–yes, there are three there–I had an idea for one song that I’ve wanted to include in the novel, and I found the place where can be used.  Which, in turn, allow me to expand upon the scene that will come in the future, one that I wasn’t quite certain about how it should play out.  Now I know how to play out: I just have to figure out the transition from the first part of the scene to the last.

How I go about writing: it’s an adventure in itself.

And speaking of adventures, Annie’s about to go on one of her own.  But see what Ramona and Helena have to say–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


This news was so unexpected that Annie wasn’t sure how to respond. “You’re really considering me for this?”

This time Helena spoke. “You have the necessary Morte skills and you be learning more this year. Normally we would consider a C Level because you don’t know how to jaunt, but your Flight Gift gives you the sort of mobility that we require.” She pressed two fingers from her right hand against her cheek and leaned into them. “And your judgment trial last year shows you how to keep a cool head in combat.”

Ramona nodded. “Given all these facts we both see it was a natural for this role.” She slowly sat back. “There is one thing, however, that we need to address: you’re already on a specialized team in the event of an attack.”

Helena seem to lean towards Annie. “So the question now becomes, you wish to remain with Coraline’s team, or do you wish to join up with us?” She began tapping against her right cheek with a finger. “You really wanted to be on the Triage Team so you could see if something happened Kerry, didn’t you?”

Annie gave a slight shake of her head. “I originally joined the team because I didn’t want to spend all my time in the coven tower alone. Kerry actually suggested and I realized it was a good idea at the time.” She lowered her eyes a bit. “I will admit, however, that sitting around waiting for something to happen wasn’t something I enjoyed.”

“Coraline told me that she actually asked you to use a Morte spell on anyone who might have jaunted into the Rotunda.” Helena shifted around in her seat, getting comfortable. “Essentially you were doing our job even then.”


Yes, Helena, Annie was there in the Rotunda that day doing your job.  And while she got bored sitting around waiting for something to happen–as well as worrying about Kerry, which we know she was–Annie also use sorcery on two people, one a fellow triage student who was being a pain in the ass, and the other a patient who just so happen to almost get Annie’s soul mate killed.  While Annie is being discreet and leaving those points out, it’s highly likely that Coraline did mentioned this to Helena, and while Coraline does like Annie, she probably feels that the girls talent lay out there in the field killing Deconstructors.

And it’s pointed out that Annie’s talents with the Triage Team could be used elsewhere–


“I suppose I was.” Annie gave a slight chuckle. “At least I was there when they did bring Kerry in—”

“And it’s my understanding you did an admirable job in helping patch him up.” Ramona intertwined her fingers and began tapping her thumbs together. “At least you had an opportunity to learn a few medical procedures through that experience.”

“Not a great deal. At best I know how to administer medication patches and I could splinted a fracture—even reset the bone if necessary.”

Helena nodded. “Those are also skills we can use in the field. Most of the people in Rapid Response are either from the flight teams or sorcery class and very few of them have any first-aid knowledge. I wouldn’t be adverse at asking Coraline to give you a little more in depth training this year so that we could have that experience out in the field if and when it’s needed.”

Not only did Annie find nothing wrong with this logic, but she enjoyed the idea that she could use her Morte skills alongside any first aid skills Coraline would be willing to teach her and put them to better use in the field if the time came to defend the school again. She enjoyed being on the Triage Team, but she figured if Deconstructors should come to Salem once again, she wanted to be with Ramona and Helena outside the Pentagram and not waiting for something to happen inside the Rotunda.

She spent a few seconds breathing deeply before turning to Ramona. “You don’t believe Coraline will be angry with me, do you?”


No, Annie, I think we’ve covered the reasons why Coraline won’t be angry with you.  But we won’t know about those reasons until tomorrow, after I done some postcard writing to our local officials then came home and wrote a little of the new scene.

I think were all pretty certain how this is going to turn out…