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Out On Their First Flight: Going Over the New Team

Friday was something of a milestone for me as this novel finally pushed over one hundred and twenty-five thousand words.  Some of your may think, “Wow!  That’s so good that you’re going so fast,” but I look at it and go, “Man, that took some time.”

See, I keep track of everything and how long it takes me to reach certain milestones is one.  I do that because that’s how I am:  it’s probably a form of OCD or something.  So when I checked the time it took me to go from one hundred thousand to one twenty-five, I was not surprised to discover it was forty-two days.  That works out to five hundred and ninety-five words a day, which considering there’s probably a week full of days where I didn’t write, it seems pretty good.

When you look at it from this point of view, it does seem nice.

When you look at it from this point of view, it does seem nice.

If I consider I did write during thirty-two days during this period, then my average goes up to seven hundred and eighty-one words, which is a whole lot better.  But you can’t have everything, can you?  The only thing to do is try better…

But enough of my emo whining about how little I’m writing when most everyone else things I’m writing a shitload.  It’s time for my kids, yeah?

Kerry has something to tell Emma and while most people won’t give a shit about this discussion, it still happens.  And it brings to light the fact that as things change, they stay the same:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry had put off saying anything to Emma about his quick meeting with Vicky once the Ready Room cleared out. He had told his wingmate that once they were at their first stop he’d tell her what happened—and now that they were at that stop it was time… “Vicky asked me if I wanted to join Air Assault. She told me that being a good flier and a sorceress was the sort of thing they were looking for, and now that they had a few openings they wanted me to be one of the new people. So I said yes.”

Emma seemed surprised by Kerry’s announcement. “Wow. I always figured they’d ask you to join Air Assault; I’m just surprised they waited this long.”

He shrugged. “Getting asked to join Air Assault last year was the farthest thing from my thoughts. I’m just glad she thinks I’m worthy of the team.”

“What you think Annie’s going to say when you tell her?”

“Oh…” Kerry’s face broke into a broad smile. “Vicky told me Ramona and Helena were going to ask Annie to join Rapid Response today. I told her I thought she’d say yes.” He scratched his right cheek. “Looks like we’re both going to have new jobs when it comes to defending the school.”

For a moment Emma looked a bit crestfallen. “Does this mean I’m going to need a new wingmate when I do observation patrol?”

Kerry waived the sides of his flight jacket to cool himself down. “You’re still gonna fly observation patrol if we’re attacked again?”

She nodded. “I’ll have to. I’ll look like some kind of coward I don’t go up the next time we’re needed.”

“Then you got nothing to worry about.” He grinned. “If something were to happen I’d be on observation patrol first, just like everybody else was back during Day of the Dead.”

“So just like last time.”

“Yep. It’s just that if things go sideways you’ll go to ground and I’ll head for my rendezvous point. At least I won’t have to worry about hiding out in the woods.” He chuckled grimly. “And you won’t be outside where you might be attacked by an Abomination.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “I’m fine with that. I never want to see those damn things again.”

Considering that Emma was almost eaten by the Abomination that attacked her, Kerry understood why she was a bit reluctant to encounter another. Her statement gave him the opportunity to change the subject of the conversation. “So, uh, if you don’t mind talking about it, how was your summer holiday?”


Now we have the plan:  if another attack comes Emma and Kerry will do their observation patrol of the outer walls just like during their A Levels.  And if things go to shit Emma goes to ground and Kerry heads off to meet up with others in Air Assault so they can start kicking ass.  And if all goes well Salem will come out victorious and Kerry won’t have to worry about hiding because his broom doesn’t have power, while Emma will be inside nice and safe and away from Star Spawn of Cthulhu that want to dine on her tasty hide.

"Emma, don't go!  I'm gonna make espresso!"

“Emma, don’t go! I’m gonna make espresso!”

Which you’ll drive after you eat her legs, I know…

Emma is right, however:  she set herself up by volunteering for observation patrol and should she be needed again she has no choice but to put her ass on the line once more, least people say she’s a coward.  We do know being attacked by a monster messed her up, as she indicated that she had bad dream and flashbacks for a while, but she seems better now.  Then again, maybe she won’t do so well when the Abominations come knocking:  maybe she’ll lose her shit and run away as fast as she can–

Which is fine with Kerry.  When they get to that point he has a new job and it doesn’t involve making sure Emma doesn’t want to leave a hidey-hole:  he’s got a whole school to help protect now.  And since he doesn’t want to discuss how he might have to leave Emma’s ass should she freak out, he deftly changes the conversation–

And we’ll get to see how someone else’s summer holiday went.

2 thoughts on “Out On Their First Flight: Going Over the New Team

  1. Well, what can I say ?

    I assume most of those in Advanced Flight and of higher level will be asked to join the Air Assault.

    I don’t know which is more dangerous to be a member of, Air Assault or Rapid Response ?

    • You only get asked to these groups if you know magic that can kill. This is why Annie and Kerry were asked: they are the only yellow flagged C Levels, and Helena knows they can kill. Vicky also knows they are yellow flagged, so it makes it easy for her to tag Kerry.

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