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Out On Their First Flight: Magical Bonding

Part of last night’s festivities was watching The Neon Demon on Amazon.  That is one strange ass movie, but I think I’m gonna have to give it another viewing because it’s also interesting.  It’s certainly not a movie for everyone, but the damn thing is beautiful as hell.

It’s that sort of thing you need to step back and decompress from time to time.  I needed decompressing bad last night and watching a movie about beautiful young women was the ticket, even if it didn’t make a lot of goddamn sense.  Then again, this is why people watch Transformer movies:  don’t need to think or worry about the plot, just watch giant robots beat the shit out of everything.

You’ll find no giant robots here today, though you may find a beautiful girl–and let’s face it, most of the witches at Salem are beautiful and/or handsome.  And some have equally good-looking sisters–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“So what happened after that?”

“We went inside and had breakfast, and this time my parents and sister were asking all sorts of things about school. They actually spent the better part of that first week asking me stuff about school, particularly Ronnie, who was at home with me all summer. She wanted to know about everything here: about spells, about what we did in class, and all about the people here with me.” Emma tapped her fingers against the metal water bottle before passing it back to Kerry. “I think that’s the first time we ever spent a week together where we didn’t fight.”

Though they’d broached the subject in the past, Kerry felt the need to bring it up again. “Did she ask you if you thought she’d end up coming school with you?”

Emma’s eyes to the slow role. “Oh geez, yeah, she asked if I thought it was possible that she get asked to come to school, ‘cause now that she knows I’m a witch she really wants to be a witch.”

Kerry got up return his drinking bottle to his backpack. “You can’t blame her. I mean, she knows you’re a witch, so why shouldn’t she be one, too?”

“I know, it’s just—” Emma pinched her upper lip as she looked at the ground. “I couldn’t tell her that the odds of us both being witches were real low: I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings.” She glanced up at Kerry. “You know about that, right?”

He ignored the jab as he returned to his rock to sit. Rather than try to dance around Emma’s question, he decided to ask something different. “I asked about flying you said ‘Not this time’. Does that mean you took Ronnie flying?”


In Emma mentioning that she didn’t want to hurt her sister’s feelings she just had to get a little dig in there at Kerry, who famously made the comment to Emma while they were in Queens, New York, that he hadn’t wanted to hurt her feeling when it came to them never being an item.  Does this mean she’s still a little stung by what happened?  Perhaps.  I guess we’ll have to see if she tries taking him out on the race course this year.

Now, about that possible extra flying…


A slight grin appeared on Emma’s face. “Yeah, right near the end of June. Both my folks work at the University of Colorado, Boulder, so Ronnie and I are home all the time by ourselves. She got interested in watching me practice magic and one day asked if we might be able to go someplace. I knew what she meant; she didn’t have to explain herself.

“So one day after my parents go to work, I tell Ronnie to grab a jacket and her swim goggles and I pulled my gear out and got dressed. I had Ronnie bring her backpack, too, so we can throw our stuff in there, then we headed out to the backyard, hopped on the Espinoza, and took off.”

Kerry could only imagine how Emma felt flying with her sister behind her. Kerry had flown with Annie on the back of his broom a few times, but they always stayed within the school walls. He was pretty certain they went further than a few kilometers. “What did you guys go?”

“We flew up to Estes Park. We flew down to Boulder Canyon Drive and hooked up with the Peak to Peak Highway and took it to Colorado 7. After that we took it all away in to the town: it was about sixty kilometers one way.” Emma snickered as she looked down. “I’m sure if you’d been navigating we would’ve taken a more direct route.”

He wasn’t interested in navigating as much is the reason for Emma choosing that location. “You guys went to the Stanley Hotel, didn’t you?”

“We sure did.” Emma’s smile was bright and wide. “We hung out in town for a while and a little shopping before going up to the Stanley for lunch. My parents always talked about going there but it never seemed as if we made it, so soon as I can get around without them, we decided to do it ourselves. After lunch we hung out in the lobby for a while and walk around the grounds, then got back on the broom and headed home. We took U.S. 36 out of the mountains and headed south for Boulder.”

“Did you guys do any other flying over the summer?”

“Oh, sure. We flew down the Golden a couple of times and even flew into Denver once. Once we flew into Rocky Mountain National Park and had a little picnic, then flew all the way up to the Alpine Visitor Center. That was almost like during the Mile High Flight, only the ground was always a few hundred meters below us.” A wistful look appeared on Emma’s face as she stared off to her left. “It was actually a pretty good summer; the first one I can’t remember where I was fighting all the time with my sister.”

As miserable as his summer had been for the most part, Kerry was happy to hear that his wingmate’s summer had not only not been a disaster, but that she actually seemed to bond with someone with whom she’d had issues in the past. “Well, with all the flying you did, you should be up for a nice little high-speed run in the Pennsylvania.”

Emma got to her feet. “How far is it to the Speedway?”

“Just a little over three hundred and fifty kilometers.” Kerry stood and levitated his backpack towards him. Once he had it in the position he slipped his arms through the straps and adjusted them so it sat comfortably on his back. “We can do that in under an hour, I bet.”

Emma did the same levitation spell with her backpack and as she put it on, she looked out upon the bright sunlight glistening off Lake Champlain. “I don’t see why we couldn’t—” She turned toward her wingmate with a huge smile on her face. “It’s a beautiful day for flying.”


So just like Kerry Emma got out of the house, only she had her sister riding on the back of the broom, which meant she couldn’t zip along at a few hundred kilometers an hour–at best she was probably doing about a hundred.  And like she says she likely would have taken a better route if she were a navigator, which she isn’t, and that’s why she didn’t realize she’d flown closer to eighty kilometers instead of sixty.

But when you're flying down canyons and over mountains, who cares, right?

But when you’re flying down canyons and over mountains, who cares, right?

But where she really trumped Kerry in the geek department is that she got to hang out at the Stanley Hotel for lunch.  If this means nothing to you, allow me to mention that this is the hotel where Stephen King stayed and developed a extinction-level anger towards his family that made him feel like taking an ax to the lot of them would be a damn good idea–so good, in fact, that he turned that anger into The Shinning and forever tied The Stanley to The Overlook Hotel in the minds of just about everyone who know this shit.

There are a lot of places that Kerry would love to visit and The Stanley is one of them.  You know if he ever gets out Denver way he’s gonna hop on the broom and rocket off to Estes Park–and since he is a navigator he’ll plot a good course there.  What he’ll do there is hard to say, but walking around muttering “Redrum” and “All work and no play make Kerry a dull boy” are probably high on the list.  And give it a few more years and both Annie and Kerry could be a bit of a problem for the staff…

"Sir, the young couple in Room 217 say if their bill isn't waves they'll turn ghosts loose on everyone."  "That's ridiculous.  What are they?  Witches?"

“Sir, the young couple in Room 217 say if their bill for the week isn’t waved they’ll turn ghosts loose on everyone.” “That’s ridiculous. What do they thing they are? Witches?”

Um, yeah, about that…

So the Wingmate Get Together is over and it’s time to come back to the school.  And talk.  And do…  other things.

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