The First Madness: Join Us on the Sofa

Like it or not it feels like spring, and today’s first day going to go and work bare legged.  That means no stockings or hose at all–just those bands at the top of my thighs to keep them from rubbing together, because I got mermaid thighs and one of these days I’ll probably grow a tail and go swimming in the Susquehanna.  Now all I need to clam shell bra.

The writing was pretty good last night.  Eighteen hundred words for the recap and then I turned around and wrote almost seven hundred words for the novel.  The scene I’m in has gone off in a way I didn’t expect, mostly because I wasn’t certain how to start the scene. But not I haven’t started, it makes a whole hell of a lot of sense.  Plus, it allows me to have any interact with someone in a way she normally wouldn’t, as well as giving just a bit more insight into how things sometimes work at school.  It’s actually become a lot of fun to write, and tonight I should be getting in to what would be normally the meat of the scene.

Oh, Annie is going to have so much fun.

Speaking of fun, Annie and Kerry got busted on her sofa last night–well, not really busted but they were interrupted.  Let’s just say, after two years people seen these two canoodling on her sofa and then sometimes around twenty-three hours or so, they lay back and go to sleep.  No one should be surprised by this–not even the two B Levels from their coven standing on the other side of the coffee table watching them.  After all, if by now you don’t know who the Lovey Dovey Couple is, you’re probably in the wrong school.

But why are these two here?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Both girls sat and got comfortable. Kerry glanced back and forth at them. “We’re going to order snacks; you guys like anything in particular?”

Nancy crossed her legs and shook her right foot. “What are you guys getting?”

Annie fielded this question. “Banitsas and apple cider.” The puzzled looks meant she required additional explanation. “Banitsas are a type of Bulgarian pastry that are sweet and flaky: the ones were having tonight are filled with cheese and walnuts.”

Soroushi leaned against the arm of her chair, resting her chin on the knuckles of her hand. “That sounds a lot like baklava.”

“They’re very similar. I think the only differences is in the dough used.”

“Sounds delicious.” Soroushi scooted around on the chair adjusting her abaya. “Have you ever had bastani?”

“No.” Annie leaned forward slightly. “Isn’t that Persian ice cream?”

“Yes, it is. I really love it.” Soroushi was now smiling broadly, for she had found few people with whom she could speak of the foods she knew back home. “There’s a version called havij bastani which is a float using carrot juice.”

Kerry’s eyebrows shot upward when he heard this. “Carrot juice? You make ice cream floats out of carrot juice?”

Soroushi nodded. “Sure, why not?”


Carrot juice ice cream floats are a real thing.  You know they are because I looked it up. Why, I even have photos:

In all their yummy goodness.

In all their yummy goodness.

The interesting thing is that Annie and Soroushi know a lot of the same foods.  That’s because a great deal of the cuisine from what is now the Middle East made its way up into what is now eastern Europe, and countries like Bulgaria and Romania share many of the same delicacies as found in Greece, Turkey, and Iran.  So, as Soroushi says, she can discuss food with Annie.  If Kerry wants to discuss food, he could always talk Penny about their love of fish and chips.  Though it just doesn’t seem to have quite the same ring…

And Kerry’s comment about carrot juice floats brings an immediate response from Annie–


Annie lightly touched Kerry’s hand. “Remember, my love, you were hesitant to try Bulgarian dishes two years ago and look how you are now with them.”

He nodded slowly. “True that.” He turned to Soroushi. “One of the nice things about knowing students from all over the world: you get to hear about all sorts of different food.”  He gave the B Level a reassuring smile. “How about tomorrow night we try those?”

Nancy’s foot bounced up and down as she seemed to grow excited. “I love to try all this stuff.” She shifted her gaze among everyone seated. “Back home in Arviat we eat a lot of fish and meat; it’s a pretty simple diet. Since coming here I’ve got to try things from everywhere.” She looked down as she chuckled. “This place is really going to spoil me.”

Kerry looked at Annie then back at Nancy. “The same thing happened to me; it’s not just you.”

Annie put in the snack and drink order and when she was finished she turned to their guests. “Did Professor Semplen send you to us?”

Soroushi gave a quick nod. “He sent us both an email saying that we should come and see you here tonight. He mentioned that Kerry had something he wanted to tell us.”


Where Nancy is concerned I looked up the diet of the Inuit and found it’s true: they do eat a lot of meat and fish.  So for her to come to Salem, it’s not only a new world completely separated from where she lives, but it’s a smorgasbord of culinary delights for her to sample.  As Kerry says it can spoil you, and they are the only students that discovered this the hard way.

But now we get something else: Kerry has a message for these two B Levels.  And what could it be?  You can either figure it out on your own, or wait until tomorrow to find out.

Both work for me.