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Bringing Sexy Back

Saturday, right?  You know what that means, right?  Video time!  And here comes the newest one.


29 thoughts on “Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Here’s the thing….. this being married thing to fulfill the Binding rules is akin to forcing Annies and Kerry’s visions to happen, which is exactly what Deanna has warned about they should not do. Go with flow, Deanna said….. and going with the flow is doing something that comes naturally especially with a couple who are in love. Now , they are prevented from doing that, so that things will happen like what they see in their visions.

    So, that’s a loophole that needs to be patched up.

  2. I’m still wondering why the US government is not aware of that little piece of valuable estate as Salem School of Witchery………. unless of course it had been magically set up before technology, such as Google map, ha ha ha ha

    • The use magic to stay off of Google Maps. Remember in the very first novel Carrie tried finding something on Google Maps and couldn’t see anything? It wasn’t until they actually entered the school and became students that whatever effect was in place was taken away and he could see Salem on Google Maps. They use huge magical effects so that people don’t see it. And which I was up on Google Maps is that it’s a forest preserve. They’ve got it all covered.

      • Yes, I do remember that.

        wait……. if it’s a forest preserve on Google map….. they have to watch over the rise of Republican party in the future. they ‘ve been itching to hand over federal lands to corporations for exploitation. lol Kidding.

        I wonder what Salem will think about you- know -who….. I hope you can incorporate that , even if only in passing. I wonder what Erywin and Helena will say about that buffoon .

        • Given that in there last year the election will take place as well as the inauguration, they will know that this is happening. The question is going to be, is it a deconstructor plan? Sounds like something they would do. Like I said, maybe the last scene in the book will be any and Kerry taking a tour of the White House. We know what that would be for…

          • I speculate… they’re going to eliminate the Deconstructors who are in the White House. I’m sure they know who they are. Do I dare hope you- know- who is one of them ? Eh, you don’t have to go there. It will complicate the plotline. ( Although, hopefully by the time we get to read that, that guy will be gone. Right now, there’s a chance his operatives will be watching you and flag you as dangerous by the Fatherland. Ha ha ha

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