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The First Madness: Final Requests

It’s’ a nice though cold morning in the Burg and I’ve spent a lot more time playing with my new mic/headset that I needed.  The reason being I thought I’d be able to use it in a noisy environment to “write” while out.  However, while I confirmed that the mic works, the background noise is just too great and nothing but gibberish comes out.  So no go there.  Note: I finally figured out what was wrong and it involved adding the headset mic to my Dragon profile and then muting the laptop mic.  I’ll test this out again next week and see if it works.

However, I do look as if I could work a customer support desk.

However, I do look as if I could work a customer support desk.

So, end of Chapter Nine.  It’s about time we get into that because it’s been around a while and it’s time to move on to Chapter Ten because I’m 6,600 word ahead of your and I’ll be over seven thousand by the time I go to bed tonight.  But we have the newest B Levels getting ask to race for the Coven of the Horned God, and you gotta be wondering what they’re gonna say?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Both B Levels once more stared at each other across the coffee table, but this time it was Nancy who asked the question. “Does this mean you want us to try out for the positions?”

“No.” Annie chuckled lightly, her gaze shifting from left to right. “What Kerry is saying is that the physicians are yours: all you have to say is yes.”

He nodded. “It’s pretty much the same thing that happened to me when I was put on the B Team last year.”

Neither Soroushi and Nancy said anything for nearly ten seconds, though they both appeared deep in thought. Soroushi then spoke in a quiet tone. “I’ll be able to race wearing my hijab?”

Kerry tilted his head to one side. “You fly with it on now, don’t you?”

The Iranian girl nodded. “Sure, of course. I just wrap it tight and put my helmet on over it.”

“Same thing here.” A grin began to slowly spread across his face. “Only when you’re racing you wear a crash helmet instead of a leather flying helmet. But it’s the same concept.” He once again cocked his head to the side but leaned towards her this time. “You’re not the first student who race covered, trust me.”


There have been many Muslim girls who’ve attended Salem and a few of them have flowed wearing a Hijab.  Deanna was one of them, and there’s another Soroushi–Soroushi Amouzegar, a Blodeuwedd E Level also from Iran and who participated in the 2o13 Mount Katahdin Cross Country Race–who races covered.  So this is nothing new:  accommodations are usually met for everyone wherever possible.  And this here reminds me that I’ll need to update the racing rosters soon.  Like maybe today.

Now that everything is squared with Nancy and Soroushi, what’s the word?


“If that’s the case—” She turned to Nancy and shrugged. “I’m in. What about you?”

The Inuit girl laughed. “Yeah, I’m in, too. I mean, gotta keep Team Amazons together, right?”

“Of course we do.” Soroushi turned to Kerry. “What do we do now?”

“Not much, really.” He nodded over his left shoulder. “Professor Semplen is sitting over there, so I’d just tell him that you’ve accepted the offer and you want to be on the B Team. After that—” He shrugged. “You can come back here and enjoy more deserving with us if you want.”

Nancy’s eyes widened in surprise. “You mean it?”

Annie turned toward the girl on her left. “We ordered enough banitsa for us all, so would be a shame to leave it go to waste.”

Kerry nodded. “I’m sure Penny and Alex and their boyfriends are going to come over soon, so if you two may want to come over and hang out with us if you are going to get involved in racing.”

Both the B Level girls look at each other and nodded then got to their feet. Nancy turned towards the sofa. “Thank you, Annie and Kerry. This is some really good news and you guys are really nice to us.”

“That’s so true.” Soroushi did a quick adjustment on her hijab. “We’ll be back in a bit; I really like those banitsa.” She winked at Annie before grabbing Nancy by the arm and heading off to speak with their coven leader.


All the players here are happy and we have more banitsa lovers in the works.  It’s also possible that more people are gonna join Annie and Kerry’s little circle of friends, and maybe


The opening bars of Alex Clare’s Too Close began playing in the background as Annie snuggled against Kerry. “You enjoyed every moment of that.”

“What? Telling them they could be on the B Team?” Kerry’s features twisted around into a bit of a smile before finally breaking into a wide grin. “Yeah, I like telling them. It’s sort of like when Penny told me last year: she said it was kind of crazy to watch my face when I was first told I was going to be on the B Team and then later when I moved up to the A Team.” He closed his eyes and rested his head against Annie. “It was a big deal for me and I suppose it’s a big deal for them.”

“I could tell it’s still important tonight.” She began gently touching Kerry’s thigh. “I suspect one day you’ll be team captain.”

“No, I don’t think so. For one, Penny or Alex would get the position before me and I think either of them are far better at managing a team that me.” His voice dropped down into a near whisper. “For sure a lot better than Manco. And two, I don’t really want the position. I like racing, but there are other things I’d like to command and none of them are here at school.”

Annie didn’t need to ask about what Kerry was interested in command: it was obvious he had his sights set on doing something with the Guardians. But she suspected there was a third option that he wasn’t discussing: Kerry seemed more comfortable working with authority rather than being the authority. He would probably love working with either Penny or Alex if they were team captain, but he would likely hate being in the position of having to make the tough calls. At least that’s true now: it could change in the next few years.

She twisted her body slightly that she can stretch out her legs along the edge of the sofa and rest with her head against Kerry’s shoulder. We’ll leave all those decisions for the future; tonight we relax and enjoy the Madness.”

He turned his head enough to whisper in Annie’s ear. “And maybe do that thing you are talking about later?”

She twisted around and gave his lips soft kiss. “That, my love? I don’t think we should ever have to ask if we are interested in that…”


So you can get into the mood there at the end, this is the song that starts playing as I head into the end of the scene:

So there we have it: Nancy and Soroushi has joined the Salem race team’s, which now makes me wonder if I need to go back and change the name of the other Soroushi who raced last year.  Probably not, because it shouldn’t be that unusual to up with being a school where people are going to have the same names.  I imagine the same thing happens with students were from like India, Japan, Korea, or just about any country.  So having two girls from Iran with the same name shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

It’s interesting to see that any doesn’t believe at this point now that Kerry would make a good team captain. It’s not unusual though, because she teaches him sorcery and knows as much about him as anyone else does.  She has to know his strengths and weaknesses, and right now she imagines that one of his weaknesses is that he’s really not in a position to lead other people.  But as she points out that could all change in a couple of years, so will keep an eye on that.  I mean, the reality is Kerry’s a lot stronger than he appears, but if he doesn’t feel he could be a team captain now, it’s likely he wouldn’t do well if thrown into that position.  Right now he’s content to follow; given another year so and he might be ready to lead.

Now, what did Kerry mean when he said we could do anything you talked about later?  Damn, these kids should get a room–oh wait: that’s what they’re trying to get!  Hormones, people: the gonna take over these kids.

Though they are definitely not going to do it in the next chapter…

12 thoughts on “The First Madness: Final Requests

  1. Ah, the young in love……

    And its nice to know their kind of love is the one that will last forever…. or, is it ? He he he

    Of course we all know they won’t do it….. that will never be a cliffhanger to me, hehe he.

    And I like that they’re getting along well with their covenmates. Go, Cernnunus !

      • I followed it up with Deconstructors , whom I’m actually referring to, he he he. I knew you’d think it ‘d be Annie and Kerry committing the massacre. Anyway, these two will be Guardians, and I can just imagine what danger they will face, and basing it on Kansas , it’s gonna be one hecka fight.

        • Well, we know Annie’s gonna do a mission this year, so we’ll get to see how she handles that. Kerry will likely get one as well–their first time being out there alone.

          I’ve also worked up a couple of BIG things for them–and I know how their eventual trip to Manila will turn out.

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