‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7, Episode 11: “Hostiles And Calamities”

Not only were their pickles and video games, but some major geekness right at the end.

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 11, Negan and Eugene [Image via Gene Page/AMC] So, get ready for the subtle hints at the fact Eugene is in a pickle in Episode 11 of The Walking Dead 😉

CF:  “In a pickle.”  I see what you did there–just as much as all AMC showed us with this episode. If the symbolism was any goddamn thicker they could have beaten us over the head with the freakin’ pickle.

Here’s what went down in Episode 11 (entitled “Hostiles and Calamities”) of Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Now, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead deals entirely with Negan’s group. Which is good because it’s just too soon to be making eye contact with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and that ridiculous Mad Max group we were introduced to in Episode 10. it also reminds us of a character we haven’t seen in a while: Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). Remember him? Here, let…

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How Super Was My Lab: A Little History

Finally, I catch up to the same chapter I’m currently working in and displaying excerpts from Chapter Ten.  Now I don’t have to feel quite so schizophrenic flipping back and forth from one chapter to the next.

There’s some good news and bad news about this week.  The bad news is I’m busy almost every evening, starting tonight and going through until Saturday night.  That means at best a likely only do a few hundred words every evening on the novel, because that’s about all I’ll have time for before running off and going to sleep.  The good news is, I’m almost seventy-eight hundred words ahead of this first excerpt–well, seventy-three hundred words now, but who’s counting?

I gotta work fast to keep ahead of you guys.

I gotta work fast to keep ahead of you guys.

As I stated before, Chapter Ten is all about a week at school, but it’s a special week.  In fact, this and the next chapter are all about Annie’s and Kerry’s advanced classes.  Now we’ve seen bits and pieces of the work they do, but this is the first time we spent a full week with them and gotten an idea of the sort of things they deal with every week.  In the things they put up with in these classes are far different than what they put up with in the regular classes.

And since it’s the beginning of the week, that means we get to spend time with Erywin, because instead of study hall we get to do magical chemistry of the advanced kind.  Only this time were doing it in a completely different venue…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


In the first two years she attended Salem there’s only been one time Annie needed to go to the Tesla Science Center and that was when Kerry and she were training for their Kansas City Guardians operation: she followed a girl into the center while using the Light Bending spell and observed everything she did before going out the back entrance and meeting up with Kerry.

She had never attended class here until this year for she did not have the leanings of a Mad Scientist, but that changed with the addition of Practical Super Science to the C Level curriculum. She found the class interesting in that it showed her how magic could be applied usefully to science, something her father did most of the year.

Two weeks into the new school year and it was time to come back to the center for her other class.

Many promises had been made in Formulistic Magic during their B Levels that they would have an opportunity to work in the chemistry superlab located in the lower level of the Tesla Center, but none were fulfilled. During the third week in September the Chemical Superscience class, which was taught by Professor Fitzsimon Spratt, had an accident that required the lab being closed for three weeks while equipment was repaired and cleaned. Then, two weeks after that another accident required for the lab be closed for a month while the equipment was not only repaired but the facility was decontaminated.

It wasn’t long after the students return from Yule holiday that another accident occurred which necessitated equipment being repaired and replaced, as well as the facility once more needing a full decontamination. After this last accident two students were put on probation due to negligence and the superlab was closed and refurbished. Erywin and Fitzsimon oversaw the rebuilding of the superlab while drilling into their students the need to not only follow safety protocols when working with large quantities of dangerous chemicals, but that further negligence on the part of any student might result in their expulsion.

After the flip of a coin it was decided that Erywin’s Advanced Formulistic Magic would have the honor of being the first to begin using the refurbished superlab. And that was the reason for the Monday afternoon class gathering in the lobby of the Tesla Science Center instead of their classroom in the Chemistry Building: they were about to follow their instructor into parts hereto unknown.

Annie looked around the students surrounding her. Everyone from last year had made it through to this year: the only exception to that was Nesreen Shalhoub, the Blodeuwedd student who graduated last year and was now attending a Normal University. Annie, as well as Kerry, had begun spending a couple of hours every Sunday tutoring Alex on Formulistic Magic and she was seeing some improvement in the German girl’s processing time and purity of her mixtures. However, she was still not a member of the advanced class, nor had anyone else come up from either the A or B Levels. With this, their second year in class, he and she remained the youngest students.


You gotta wonder:  what the hell were the kids working that contaminated the lab so bad it needed to be shut down for most of a year?  It goes without saying that chemicals aren’t always the best things to be around, but fun and/or dangerous things can happen, which is why there are all sorts of safety enchantments in place in the labs in the Chemical Building.  It’s not completely unbelievable to think that things are being made there that could leave a sizable hole in the ground if the lab exploded like those in the Normal word do sometimes.

The girl we met last year, Nesreen Shalhoub, has moved on to a school in Germany, which is where she had her heart set on going.  That means the class looks like this:


Annie Kirilova  Cernunnos C Bulgaria
Kerry Malibey  Cernunnos C Wales
Carlota Dueñas (F)  Mórrígan E Palau
Amitee Jaramillo (F)  Ceridwen E Chile
Fana Okeke (F)  Ceridwen F Senegal
Itsaso Ocampo (F)  Mórrígan F Mexico
Honza Zelenka (M)  Cernunnos F Czech Republic


It’s interesting that all the students come from three covens–maybe those others aren’t chemically minded?  It’s also interesting that the Cernunnos students all come from Europe, even though Kerry is a transplant American.  But that’s all besides the point:  these kids are about to learn about the business of doing a major cook–

It’s just a question what they’re gonna cook…

Meanwhile me and my dragon gotta keep coming up with new material for the book.

Meanwhile me and my dragon gotta keep coming up with new material for the book.